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It's :iconmutatingraven:'s birthday, so here's something funny! Happy birthday, Raven!

Forgive me for the lack of description/explanation, I'm ill/tired/something so I can't words right now.
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Oh man, have I described to you how much I love this? I thought I had left a comment. But its amazing and thank you. Sooooo funny!!
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Glad you like it! :D
W0nderbolts's avatar
i smell changelings X3
W0nderbolts's avatar
if so, shes an instant favorite X3
DarkStormOC's avatar
I've been asked this many times. Or close to it... XD
schneelocke's avatar
I'm not really getting it, I must admit, but the dead-panned "sometimes" cracks me up every time I look at this again.
DiscordArts's avatar
"so I can't words right now"
omg I love you lol
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Haha, I thought she turned into an Adventure Time character. :XD:
timsplosion's avatar
That's why her response was "sometimes".
TheMAM's avatar
Oh okay that makes sense. :XD:
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Oddly, I think I've been in a similar situation. XD
timsplosion's avatar
Yeh, tends to happen when people who aren't bronies encounter people who are. :)
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Oh god this is yes.
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Best answer ever
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Well Happy Birthday Raven! By golly! :cake:
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It's kinda funny that we both have the same birthday.
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