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Based on a comic I saw on my Facebook like 3 or 4 weeks ago now. Thought it'd be as funny, if not more so, ponified - so I went ahead and did it.
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buzzfeed more like funfeed:D

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Even if untrue,

How would you know for sure...?

*Twilight Zone song plays*

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"Rainbow Dash" :fear: "MY COVER'S BLOWN! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" (shifts to her true form and books it)
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Ha! And to make things even more complicated...

[The real Rainbow Dash walks in] "Hey girls, how's the WHATTHEFEATHER - CHANGELING!" 
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Changeling: "AAHH!" (Scrambles away from Rainbow, to be quickly cornered by the three mares) "G-get away! Please!"

Rainbow: "Begging won't help, you little...wait, Kevin? Is that you?"

Pinkie: "Yup! That's Kevin alright! I'd recognize that pudgy belly anywhere, he ALWAYS buys a bag of brownies on Thrusdays!"

Kevin: "I'm not fat..." (Pokes at his belly)
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Twilight: "You will be if we decide to stuff you with cakes until you talk! Now, tell us, why are you pretending to be Rainbow, and who are you working for, THIS time..."
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Kevin: "I'm not working for anyone! I just thought It'd be funny!"

Rainbow: "Likely story, bub!"

Kevin: "It's the truth!"

Pinkie: "Kevin? If you're lying....I'll only sell you SUGAR FREE brownies. FOREVER."
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*Steven shows up for no reason*
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700th fave, congrats.
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Thus it's proven what we all knew all along: THAT SHE'S ACTUALLY A CHANGELING. I knew it, no pony that awesome could exist

reminds me of a strange story on FimFiction where a changeling replaced Dash JUST after she did her first Sonic Rainboom...

Link or title, please?

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Dashie,what are you hiding?
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It would be a potent weapon to detect changelings!
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Fakebow Dash, you blew your cover!
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That fake rainbow dash, it's changeling
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