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sleekBlack is an ongoing collection of fantasy interfaces that I have been designing for the past several years. It is essentially a goal of perfection I am working towards that, in my opinion, can never be reached. I am forever infatuated with these types of interfaces, and making new ones allows me to outlet my ideas in a digital form.

This is more of a piece of art than it is an actual design. Designs have functionality, fantasy interfaces, or what I like to call pseudo designs, create the illusion of having functionality. They are different in that they aren't restricted by the same set of rules that true interface designs have, rather, they are limitless, like format of art.

I would call these cool looking, non interactive pieces; (1) fantasy interfaces, (2) pseudo designs, or (3) art interfaces.


Inspirational Peers: Cade Embery, Jimmy Bjorkman, Jeff Nielsen, DemonDan666, BencY, Xanthic & Axertion.

Tech Brushes by: *z-design - Check them out & +fav if you like them! Brilliant stuff... :)

sleekBlack History:

sleekBlack v1: [link]
sleekBlack v2: [link]
sleekBlack v3: [link]
sleekBlack v1 (r3dux): [link]
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what a beautifull graphics u created man.i love it.....