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New identity. New portfolio site.

A special thanks to Andrew ([link]) for helping me with the coding and interactive scripting on the site. He does brilliant stuff. The live version is your evidence: [link]

Computer icon by wefunction: [link] :)

Technically, this is v9.0 of my portfolio, but I will call it v1.0 since it is the beginning of enimac.

Confused? Good. I've got you right where I want you. :P Fine, I'll explain. I went through 8 versions of my portfolio at already. But now I'm starting over.
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manixx's avatar
Really nice work Tim. In my opinion it's just simple but very powerful design. Still it's so informative for me to look at. Simply a masterpiece.
timsilva's avatar
Thanks bud, I appreciate it. :)

Thank you for the +fav too.
manixx's avatar
No Problem mate :)
newclearfuzzy's avatar
cant wait to see where this goes, awesome look, awesome feel.
timsilva's avatar
Same here. Peace! :)
alivepixel's avatar
Great portfolio :)
alighandour's avatar
timsilva's avatar
I appreciate it Ali :)

Btw, when are you gonna break that sexy new profile in my friend?
alighandour's avatar
np :)

what are you talking about? lol
timsilva's avatar
Lol, I meant when are you gonna start posting new designs on your new account?
alighandour's avatar
ohh. soon! when i completely finish them, lol. it's taking awhile because theres so much going on and i like to take breaks sometimes :)
timsilva's avatar
Cool, cool :) Always looking forward to your new stuff.
alighandour's avatar
LiDiL's avatar
looks really pro, nice work.
frode's avatar
Nice & simple! :)
timsilva's avatar
Thanks for the comment & the :+fav:
frode's avatar
No problem! :)
masterhaseeb's avatar
Nice and simple :)
timsilva's avatar
Thank you haseeb. :) That was my goal. ;)
almahdi's avatar
nice work my bro.
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