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*Updated - Added new logo, even though it's only text. Made the background smoother too. :)

Title: "Luscious" - Because of the lively green atmosphere.

Inspiration & Credits: Avatar [2009], ECP-Pro, Cade Embery, South Park (It's an encide joke :P).

Photo & Logo Credits: These are original photos taken by myself at Point Reyes Nation Park in June, 2009. I designed the logo as well.

Details: I wanted to make something overwhelmingly green, since most of my gallery is blue. This is purely a concept layout, and I don't have any plans to code it for personal use. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Favs & comments are greatly appreciated. ;)
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Simply awesome, im not an artist but i would like to be and do something like this, im just a web developer (codes)

I got a sidebar like that one, but is really big, little one (your's) looks better
[link] <---- here is my menu (in case you wanna see it)
timsilva's avatar
Thanks for the kind words. :)
hafoot's avatar
Nice simple layout, very clean :+fav:
timsilva's avatar
Glad you think so. :)
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This is a very good design.

Like someone said, the contact form is too dark, almost as if you don't want to be contacted. Apart from that it's very effective! And pretty simple - that's great!

I also love the humour in it, "human cloning" and "world domination" as services :D very clever!
gotta :+fav:
timsilva's avatar
Very valid point about the contact form, I agree. ;)

Thanks man, I appreciate it. Yeah, I have been wanting to market work domination as a service for year now, haha. :D
Helgon2000's avatar
great work man, i like the colors u use... and the menu points xD

world domination haha :D
awellis's avatar
Very nice work man.

The only con I have on this piece is the contact form. It's very very hard to see :(
timsilva's avatar
That's a very fair criticism. It's really more of a fantasy design than a real, live one.
If I were to code or use this on a live website, I would be way less dark overall.

Thanks Andrew! :)
D-aRiuS's avatar
sweat, lots of round corners. I like it very much
timsilva's avatar
I appreciate the comment. :)
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
really nice colors and content, and the bg really is silky smooth now :)
timsilva's avatar
Thanks nigel, the smoothed background is the main update here. :)
blottah's avatar
i like the colors :d great work :D plus my fav ;)
timsilva's avatar
Thanks blottah! :)
blottah's avatar
hehee :D No Problem :D ;)
Plexum's avatar
Nice design :)
timsilva's avatar
Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. :)
greatdiane's avatar
wow, it´s great, do you code the web too?
timsilva's avatar
Thanks! :)

I haven't coded this design, no.
greatdiane's avatar
oh, ok, thanks :)
vmelnik's avatar
Simple, clean...its great!
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