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KrazyPlayer for Winamp Modern



Important Notes //

I want to thank all of the judges of the 2008 Winamp Freestyle Skinning contest for taking the time to look through all of the submissions and for choosing KrazyPlayer as the 1st place winner. Be sure to check out the other winners here: [link]

I also want to say thanks separately for the Daily Deviation - It is a huge honor to be famous for a day :) I really hope everyone gets a chance to use the player and enjoy it in action.

Info //

Current version of KrazyPlayer: 1.00 [RC1]

A new version with new features and fixes will be in development shortly. So stay tuned.

KrazyPlayer has been in development for more than 9 months. Our baby is now ready for life! [Pun intended]

Designed by Tim Silva [krazytim] | URL: [link]

Developed by Skin Consortium | URL: [link]

- SLoB
- The Elusive Melon
- martin.deimos
- Quadhelix
- WinstonGFX
- pjn123

define: "Teamwork" - (1 result) - "The Skin Consortium + KrazyTim."

Additional Graphical Assistance:
- xdreamer (Merz Manuel) | URL: [link]

WALLPAPER Version: [link] - (1280x1024)

I hope you enjoy this massive effort we put down, this player is extremely functional and usable, and every little detail was payed attention to closely. There are tons of features included in this skin, and it is beyond fully loaded. Lots of people put hours of work into making this happen, so hopefully our efforts can be respected within the graphical and developmental communities. The skin started out a pure eye candy, but now it is eye candy and a working theme, the best of both worlds.

Promo Picture Information //

The song playing is "Vanishing" by "A Perfect Circle" from the album "Thirteenth Step" - They are one of the greatest bands of all time, with a total cult-like fan base :) If you are bored and want to hear some awesome music, check out some of their music ;) I chose A Perfect Circle for a very personal reason, and I found it interesting how the LCD for KrazyPlayer is not actually a perfect circle, it is skewed. Maybe its worth thinking about... ;)

The visualization chosen is called "Eo. S. - starburst 01" and it is from the "MilkDrop 2.0d" visualizations pack. It is included in all new versions of Winamp, so you probably already have it. Open Winamp's preferences, go down toe "Plug-ins", and select "Visualization". Next, click on "MilkDrop 2.0d" and press "Start". Now, open up the visualizations box, press "L" on your keyboard, and scroll down to "Eo. S. - starburst 01". They are listed alphabetically, so just press "F", and then press up on your keyboard once to select ""Eo. S. - starburst 01". Now, just press Enter and then press Esc. ENJOY!

Design //
This is my most advanced project to date. I made so many different versions of this player, that I cannot even remember making most of them. It started out as a personal growth experiment with advanced layering and lighting techniques, but after a few hours, I felt like I was onto something.

Development //
People started to suggest that I have it skinned for use, and I said "Ok, I'll look into it" or something along those lines... but I actually did. And several weeks later, it was starting to develop. There was a major period of time when the player wasn't be made, but several events inspired it to get started again. I want to properly thank the developers for here for making something incredible out of my idea. It is even better than I imagined it, and I have The Skin Consortium to thank for that. So, here is a huge block of links to their website:

[link] [link] [link] [link]
[link] [link] [link] [link]
[link] [link] [link] [link]
[link] [link] [link] [link]
[link] [link] [link] [link]

^ Hopefully people will click on one and check out their site. Spamming methods prove to be the most effective in my experience. :) But seriously, be sure to check out their forums, maybe even make a few posts ;)


+Favs & comments are greatly appreciated.


Original Submission (under my old deviantART account): [link]
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very good!!! even if it was "a real" mp3/4 player, (small, in rubber skin, good hands feel, in pocket, i think it will be a sales sucess;)