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Encide's 2009 Battlebay

By timsilva

This is the official, final version of the 2009 Encide Interface Battlebay Collaboration.
It was an effort to both bring the interface community together, and to create something
to display what we are capable of with an often neglected genre in art and design.

Click DOWNLOAD for full view. Or, view the live battlebay page here: [link]

//. Note: is a small community of talented people; each member is considered family.
In that sense, we keep our community small for a reason, and we like it just the way it is. If you
feel inclined to request an invitation to our small community, please know and understand that
you may be respectfully declined. It's not that we discriminate or turn our backs towards anyone
pursuing interests similar to our own, it's that we've worked very hard for many years to build a
community within which all of us can just relax. If it grows in population, our hard work would
without a doubt be destroyed. So please, enjoy this submission and leave us alone.

The People of Encide
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© 2010 - 2021 timsilva
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Is there any way to buy these files (PSD) has a website that you sell them?
Thank you.

Existe alguma forma de comprar esses arquivos (PSD) tem algum site que você venda eles?

timsilva's avatar
Hi there! Given that it was a free project back in 2009, we (as 'encide') never collected any source files for these designs from the people who participated it in. I have the source file for my own step of course. This might be an idea we use in future projects though, but I'd have to get everyone's permissions and sort out how the money is distributed amongst everyone.

Anyways, glad you like it! :)
Meophotographie's avatar
vivement ceux de cette année
zoef's avatar
I like this alot.
Kimera-Kimera's avatar
Where can i download those icons? :D
Estornino's avatar
All of them are amazing!!!!!!! Congratulations for all!!!!!
colin0415's avatar
Inline-CODER's avatar
oh god. almost all works are AMAZING! MEGA-AMAZING!!11!!
dst5216's avatar
well I think I've just made some new goals and idols:D
timsilva's avatar
The same thing applies to me. :)

The 2010 bbay is gonna be insane too... ;)
dst5216's avatar
can people who aren't from encide participate? I'm aching to learn new stuff:D
timsilva's avatar
Unfortunately no, it requires that you create a thread and go through a peer-review process.
But hang in there and keep experimenting until you can get on the forums. ;)
dst5216's avatar
i will:D allthough i do wish more people amde some advanced tutorails for interface design.
I've really started to get an intrest for it:D
timsilva's avatar
Yeah, I wish there were more tutorials too... Have you seen the "Realistic Interfaces" tutorial I wrote for PSDTuts? [link]
dst5216's avatar
ah you made some new tutorail's?! I didn't even know

awesome tut's:D I'm gonna try make time for them and try em out:D
looks neat:D
timsilva's avatar
Yeah, I would like to do some more too.

Cool, I hope they prove to be useful! Enjoy. :)
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Best Designs In world :d
Neijman's avatar
thats a lot of work! o.o very nice done!
lentii's avatar
great work guys FAV + :P
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