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Encide Battlebay 2010 Step 01

View the Encide Interface Battlebay 2010: [link]

View last year's 2009 Battlebay: [link]

Last years interface battlebay exploded into a massively successful collaborative project with the design community. It was featured on some of the most prestigious design & art blogs, and between the posts on DeviantArt, the official Deviation and the online website these interfaces have been viewed well over 100,000 times in this first year.

With that said, its time again. The 2010 interface battlebay started in early November and will be finishing up by the end of the year.

This step is my submission for the #1 slot this year. It is a highly revamped version of eros which I released months ago. I have gone through many versions, colors, and variations and ended up with this shiny piece of eye candy. Enjoy drooling over the details of my latest fantasy interface! :)
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love your style!😎

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please my friend how avoire this player?????????????????????
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This is definitely inspirational and is stringing more to get into interface designs, have any suggestions for good source material to observe from?
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If I never told you this is sick. I need to get back to interfacing, my strong suit.
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Thanks Sean! I hope you get back into it soon. :)
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Thanks a ton! And yeah, the community really nailed it that year. :)
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Light effects are really well done ! Just awesome.
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Awesome work! Very sexy!
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Wow. I forgot how sterling that orb was.

Looking forward to the next bbay ^__^ Been a while since I drew some buttons on a shape.
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Thanks, I definitely wouldn't have taken the orb that far if everyone else didn't help push me forward. :)

And yup, it finally begins my friend!
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its one of ur most beautiful works ;D
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great one bro!
keep up the good work
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Thanks, I appreciate it. :)
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Whoa man, this is sooooo effin nice!!! :wow:
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Thanks Dan, glad you approve. :)

Hopefully you can join in on the project next year. ;)
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