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Encide Battlebay 2009 Step 01

My submission for the 2009 Encide Interface Battlebay Collaboration. See what it connects to and view more interfaces here: [link]

Oh, and special thanks to =badboythemer (aka enzudesign) for helping me out with new ideas.

View the progression of my interface's development here: [link]
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i like your indeed

my gallery
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Thanks mate, I appreciate the favs too! :)
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u are welcome
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Great interface :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Thanks for the kind words and the feature. :)
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that looks awesome! how long did it take?
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I worked on it on and off for a few weeks. :)

Thanks for the +fav!
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Can you make a huge thing ^^
Please make a simply (simply simply simply) tutorial about how to make that shining blue dots (please)
I'm freaking off about to learn how to do it.

This work is awesome :O
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Thanks for the comment tboy. :)

Unfortunately I don't have time right now. Maybe over summer I could do something.
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When you start a new work of this type you could record and upload it, it´s more easy for you to make it. :)

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If I ever make any more tutorials, I will want to do them the right way and share them with everyone. :)

I just never have enough time with how busy school keeps me. :(
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Already gave me a happy with some prints ^^

But do you know some tutorials to make this things?
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Yes, I actually sell two items for learning interface skills: [link] & [link]

Other than that, there is some decent stuff out there if you look hard enough, but most of the older tutorials are offline now. There are some excellent resources here too: [link]
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I can make those without a tutorial :\ I just don't get it how to make that shining dots. But anyway, thanks for the help, i will try to search some stuff like these.

BTW, this have any specific name or something?
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I suppose you could call them "shines" or "glows." :)
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I appreciate the comment. :)
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np my friend
your work its very good
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Love this tim, pro as always. the materials are nice and clean
timsilva's avatar
Thanks fuzzy, I appreciate it. Glad you contributed too! :)
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Thats pretty darn sexy Tim :D
timsilva's avatar
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smexy ^^
not really liking the "x" and the "-"
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Thanks :)

It is supposed to be minimize and close. ;) What don't ya like tho? Too big, bad placement? Lemme know, maybe I can fix it up.
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