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Agent Smith Final

By timshinn73
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First, I'd like to thank everyone who commented and faved my sketchof Agent Smith. I am new here at DA and I was very shocked by the response. I did my best to thank each of you and check out your work too. There are alot of very talented artists that I have faved and am watching for inspiration. I am enjoying my time here in spite of my very busy schedule. I'll try to fit in new pieces inbetween jobs. Thanks again to everyone for the very warm welcome!

This is the finished color version of Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith from the Matrix. Pencil caricature sketch with Photoshop colors. Hope you like! Of course, comments and crits are always welcome.
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© 2003 - 2021 timshinn73
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Amazing o.o His glasses transparency is smth i'd like to comment, perfectly done! O:
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I don't know what's funnier - the picture or the fact that there are 666 comments (not including my own). :)
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this deserves a quote from the movie
Neo: Yeah. That sounds like a really good deal. But I got a better one. How about... I give you the finger... and you give me my phone call?
Agent Smith : Mr. Anderson... you disappoint me.
Neo: You can't scare me with this Gestapo crap. I know my rights. I want my phone call.
Agent Smith: Tell me, Mr. Anderson... what good is a phone call... if you're unable to speak?
And thank you for the image its great
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Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo, or looking at the woman in the red dress?
Neo: Ah..
Morpheus: Look again.
Neo: (ducking a black .45 semi-auto)
Morpheus: Freeze program.
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this is adorable, i cant possibly fathom why i think so but i do.
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This is gorgeous. ;)
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Great drawing ! I really love the face shape (matches amazingly well Mr. Weaving's face - in caricature proportions of course), the colours and the catchphrase.
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Sympathique le dessin ;)
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Heh heh! That's awesome! That guy without his sunglasses is not scary but when he puts them on....
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That's awesome and a great likeness to Hugo/Agent Smith :D
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hi looks like my priminister ;) Donald Tusk

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superb.. nice work..!!
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ur most welcome...!
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thats a really good pic
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it is very funny :D
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dude, your matrix ones are awsome!!!
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