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JLA movie designs

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I like the realism in the Batman Begins & Dark Knight movie costumes; Bruce would HAVE to wear some sort of paramilitary / tactical gear to do the feats we want to se him do, and survive. Gliding above Gotham City on a pair of fabric wings while wearing nothing but cloth tights is just not responsible bhavoir for a man trying to be a symbol to strike fear into criminals' hearts...

Likewise, a man who can run at near-light speed but can be hurt by a simple punch needs some tactical armor, or he'll be far to easy to take out. Superman and Wonder Woman have quasi-magical / pseudo science "metahuman" toughness, so the armor is minimal; instead, they'd need clothing that itself can withstand the rough battlefield - Superman has thick fabric tights from Kryptonian weave and Diana has an Amazon crafted military suit modified with American symbols... GL is the movie costume
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Very nice rendering of the JLA and WW especially.