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Borg Turkey

I did this illustration for work to go with a story on how many times turkeys come into contact with computers until they end up in your home for cooking. Basically things tracking systems etc. So showing a Borg Turkey got the idea across.

I hope I put this in the right category. This was done 95% in Illustrator CS. The last 5% was the texture on the metal done in Photoshop, the laser, and some color adjusting for final touches. It's hard to place this kind of work, as with todays Illustrator (Vector base program), you can end up with something that doesn't look like vectors, but still is scalable to any size (at least if you have the memory).

This was also the first time I used the 3D tool in Illustrator, which was to create the sections of the neck, some rings, feet for examples. But it's basically just revolve and extrude options, very limited. Just to note, the 3D effect is done live, so at anytime you can modify the vector shape it's using. Then if you need to you can expand it's appearance to make it permanent, made up of hundreds of vectors.
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(O_O) good luck killing that.
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Hello :wave:
I have featured this work in my Journal If you dont wish to be featured please do note me and i will remove! Other wise THANK you for allowing me to showcase your work!
Thank You,,, Billie
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Gobble... gobble... resistance is futile... gobble
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The Borg HAVE assimilated birds.

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Awww - i like it! I like turkeys in general but... yeah that's real a special one!
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*stares unbelieving, then bursts out into manic laughter*
Brillie!!! XD
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anybody got a shotgun?
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Hehe, reminds me of Robot Chicken. Love that show! And this is very well done. :)
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you have had your turkry featured at [link]
if this is not ok tell me and i will take it down
many thanks and happy thanksgiving
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Reminds me of an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force:

Cyber Turkey video clip [link]

Picture [link]

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LOL! I'll think twice before turkey hunting. XD Great piece of work.
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This is a great piece of art. I have featured it in my Journal: [link]

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They'd have a hard time cooking him for Thanksgiving. Very funny.
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*LOL* That's hilarious! Fantastic work, the details are amazing!

Resistance is futile... Gobble...
that's really amazing.
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gobble gobble GOBBLE death! XD awesome.
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lol. Hilarious concept and very well done.
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Thanx for your comment. I can't help having a chuckle when ever I look at it. I also keep thinking it could fit in with South Park. I'm also reminded of it when ever I see the intro to Robot Chicken.
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Oh man, I didn't even think of that - Robot Chicken is one of the most hilarious shows on TV. Cheers for the semi-obscure reference, lol.
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You do great work. I think you could get a job with Pixar or Dreamworks. Just keep working at it
Don\'t get stuck in a 9 to 5 job at a newspaper
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Hey, enough with the silly comments :)

With any detective work someone can figure out your my dad just by my general info page under favorite photographer listing.
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