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(Closed Species)

What are they and how to acquire them?

Armored Soul (or ArmS) basically are powerful spirits of unknown realm, sealed within the darkness that they refer as "the cage". Having no memories of their past before sealed, they spent aeon of time searching the purpose of their existence.

For some reason the cage itself could only be breached from outside through the dream state of people that having strong desire of power whether the reasons are noble or evil. From there depends on the ArmS personality, the test would be started which could take form of those people worst nightmare to something too good to be true illusions. Only if the person proved to have an unwavering will that the ArmS will swore their allegiance and gave their true name.

The pact is made when the Arms give their true name to the user. Starting there his or her body officially become the new cage for the acquired ArmS, which proven by the appearance of the summoning seal on their skin.

(CUSTOM) - Armored Soul #006 - Forest Guardian by Timothy-Henri  (CLOSED) - Armored Soul #005 - Nebula Seer by Timothy-Henri  (CUSTOM) - Armored Soul #004 - Flame Reaper by Timothy-Henri

Physical Traits

Their actual spirit form mostly seems translucent or even invincible, it's their armor that we could see clearly when summoned.

What kind of power that ArmS user have?

That depends mostly on the ArmS type and how the user personal preference to fight. However each ArmS users have potential to unlock 4 level of ability class as described shortly below:

Lv.0. ArmS Affinity - Energy Consumption: Low
The user will automatically granted the ArmS special affinity after the pact was made. Depend on what kind of spirit he/she had, she might have an enhanced psychic sensory, healing rate, special resistance towards elements, etc. This special affinity will gradually become stronger with time and practices.

Lv.I. ArmS Artifact - Energy Consumption: Low - Med
The user materialized a highly crystalized form of the ArmS that takes form as an object. The object itself isn't necessarily takes form of a weapon.

Lv.II. ArmS Summoning - Energy Consumption: Med - High
The user summoned the actual form of the ArmS. While powerful this kind of summoning may consumes a huge amount of user energy.

Lv.III. ArmS Synthesize - Energy Consumption: Low - High
The user synthesize with the spirit and transformed themselves. Depends on bonds and user level it is possible to do full body synthesize or only part of it to suppressed energy consumption.

More about Synthesize

Synthesize change the appearance of the users by equipping their ArmS. While so, it doesn't have to be 100% matched visually since the idea for this stage is well blended transformation between the users and their ArmS. So it's possible for male users to have female ArmS and vice versa and still looks fit when performed synthesize. Synthesize will not change user's gender and species, only the looks and power XD.

(CLOSED :3) - Armored Soul #001 - Garuda Magus by Timothy-Henri  (CLOSED :3) - Armored Soul #002 - Prime Defender by Timothy-Henri  (CLOSED) - Armored Soul #003 - Spectrum Messenger by Timothy-Henri

Additional Info
  • Being a closed species means you can't make one of your own without my permission. Despite that I'm not forbid you to make weapon or armor based adoptable or species of your own, just make sure that they're different enough.
  • Owner of ArmS may or may not follow the species canon provided. This guide only act as basic outline from me.
  • Feel free to ask questions about them, I'll try my best to answer them.
  • More info will be added in future XD

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Got my eye on a bunch of your open weapon adoptables. Now just gotta save enough to get it and the Armored Soul upgrade