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(CLOSED :3) - Armored Soul #015 - Phoenix Prince



Title: Phoenix Prince

Heavenly Fire - Core ability for this armor to conjure holy fire. Depends on the nature of the target affected, the fire could either purify, heal or destroy the target. Basically the fire will nullify any dark magic effects and curses.
Burning Flight - Extension from his 'Heavenly Fire' affinity, he could also use the holy fire to perform high jump or even fly.
Rain of Flame - By focusing his 'heavenly fire' energy when shooting with his bow, he could shoot a highly destructive single shoot or release rain of flame arrows within single shoot.

Phoenix inspired #ArmoredSoul, tho I decide not to use all red in this one. I also changed the tails into flexible scythe and wings into bow for battle priority XD. This #ArmoredSoul have two slightly different color version (darker like in fullbody image and brighter one like in zoomed ones from above), buyer will get both version.

More info about this species:

# Starting Bid
: $ 30 USD
# Minimum Increment : $ 5 USD
# Auto Buy : $ 125 USD
# Pls bid in chain by reply to the highest bidder :3

# Closing Date : Thursday - Dec 3, 2015 at 6.30 (PST)
(It's 72 Hours from the first bid :3)
# Snipe Guard : 30 minutes :3
(means any bid made on the last 30 minutes from the closing date, will extend the auction for 30 minutes until there is no more bid within 30 minutes from the last bid)

(Plz don't send payment as gift, just a regular payment for goods will do and let me pay the paypal fees :3)


# CLOSED, HB: $55 by Starlightwyvern on FA
# FA Auction Page:…

# Serious bid only, no bid withdrawal please!
# Upon winning, I will note you asking for paypal email so that I could send payment request.
# Payment must be sent within 24 hours from my notification. If I do not receive the payment until the deadline, the adopt may go to the 2nd highest bidder or goes into auction again. Ask me via note regarding payment plan if necessary.
# After payment is done, I will send to you the original, transparent, and unwatermarked PNG file of the adoptable. Pls note that the current image is only 30% from the original quality :3

♥ No reselling/tracing/stealing
♥ Upon purchase the character belongs to you, do whatever you want with them [RP,change gender, design etc.] but pls credit the original design.

# Thanks for all the faves, watches, comments and (of course) bids, he he :D (Big Grin)

# JBU Dears!

Made within Manga Studio 5
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