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Bethany rainbow dress

Just something I felt like throwing together. Saw a rainbow-colored dress in a reference folder I had set aside for Beth and figured I'd finally draw her in it. Enjoy.
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excelent work :)
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Thanks! :) You ever thought about getting into fashion design? I know I keep wanting to design neat outfits one way or another...
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Usually i want new design for my OCs, Sofia (Avatar)  i can help you with some ideas in fashion 
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Perhaps you have some advice for me then! I have made a half-dragon girl named Mishann. I just now uploaded her so you can see her for yourself. She's a brawler (monk / fighter hybrid), but has scales that would tear up normal clothes. I want something simple, beautiful, and yet functional. XD Hope you can give me an idea I haven't had yet (I have been working on her outfit for a while)
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Aww :) So this is what you were working on! It looks so cute and colorful... She looks like she's ready to run through a field of flowers or something idyllic like that! Great job with the colors here, Timothius :)
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Thanks! :D Beth hugs for everyone! Now with rainbow flavor!
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Eee!  So colorful!  She looks like she'd be flying around with Tinkerbell.  :)
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O.O ...she does! Heh. Nice. Thanks for comment.
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