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This piece was done on the road in Minnesota. As a lot of you know, I spend quite a bit of time there. This past time was different. I had just finished visiting with a friend of mine who had just returned from India. He was working with a group of farmers there who had just been victemized by a large corporation named Monsanto. To make a long story short, the farmers (over 400 of them) commited suicide because of the debt that they obtained through using Monsanto Corporation's products on their crops. After learning this, I researched Monsanto further and was alarmed at the information that I found. As GMO masters, they will effectively take corporate control of the world's food supply if they are not stopped.
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IT'S TRUE! People rely on food to live, so Monsanto's trying to control us through it!
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this is ridiculously amazing work!!!
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your welcome man. nice work! what shop are you based out of?
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Many. Ink Spot in Navarre, FL... Cutthroat in Milwaukee, WI... Defiant in Minneapolis, MN... Relic in Garberville, CA... Inkies in Fremont, CA... and I work privately by appointment in Atlanta, GA.
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Very cool. when is the next time you will be in Southern California?
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Not certain. It might be a while.... and I have never worked southern California. I have family there. Not to say that I wouldn't....
Very good secret of NIMH great movie and very symbolic to. Very nice work
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I love that piece. Me and the guys in the shop were staring at it for like 20 minutes....
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I hope that it was insightful. keep the message going. More inspiration, look up videos of the pittsburgh g20 riots.
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that be is wicked
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ur an asshole... that shit is awesome...
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Ooh secret of Mihm (sp?) Love that movie. This is a gorgeous tattoo, I love the bee.
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Its Nihm, but its alright. I am happy that everyone recognizes the charater, but I am hoping that they will understand the interaction between the mouse and the bee.
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is that mouse Mis. Brisbee?
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rock i love that movie
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awesome job

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this is so clean and vibrant. so awesome! i love the leaves.
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hi tim

monsato sucks !!! and you rock ...i love
your job ..
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