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Taming the Beast

By Timooon
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Someone told me that my doves look like pigeons.
Is it okay for me to say that doves ARE indeed basically white pigeons ?

Anyway, random drawing from my sketchbook, here's how it went :…

Comments and critics are welcome as usual :)

EDIT : Thank you mamiffer for suggesting this piece for the daily deviation and thank you everyone for all the nice comments and reactions, you guys are great :)
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LeElf's avatar
I love this...The colors are amazing and the line style is fantastic. You've done a marvelous job of capturing dynamic motion in 2d. Very difficult to do...Instant fave!
deebeesknees's avatar
This is like something straight out of Revelation.
dystar's avatar
I always understood doves and pigeons to be the same thing... This is pretty cool! It reminds me of the Zaulia and the Metal Beasts from Brütal Legend. (My favorite underrated Tenacious D video game! Wish they had a sequel...)

Congrats on the DD! It's well deserved!
furious-invertebrate's avatar
trigun666's avatar
i agree with the Sensational comment below..:}
JamminJo's avatar
Sensational work of art :love:

Congratulations on your DD :)
PurpleChaos's avatar
Girl: "I'm going to tame this beast if it Kklls me!"
DawnSentinel's avatar
Oh man, I briefly glanced the thumbnail and thought it was Mowgli trying to tame a rampaging Baloo.
joeltonongkh's avatar
really love the toning and composition...splendid detailing execution you this!
bhora's avatar
You have really good coloring skills.

Ok, I read every comment just to see if anybody already told you this. But nooooo doves are not pigeons! Pigeons are DOVES. Lol. Someone did say this, that pigeons are actually Rock Doves. Some of them just happen to come in the white color. A dove that is not a pigeon looks much less bulky, but suffice to say, if you drew a pigeon... you have indeed drawn a dove.

The cool difference is that in those wedding release things where you can release a bunch of white doves at your wedding, those are actually white racing homer pigeons; they fly right back to their coop whether it's 5 miles away or 300 miles away and get some nice food and water. A regular white dove won't do that. It'll just fly a few yards, maybe poop on your bridesmaid's dress, and then sit on a telephone wire and be lost til it dies because it doesn't know how to find food in the wild. Haha! So that's why I said not all doves are pigeons! Because pigeons are actually pretty cool, and not all doves are pretty cool. Also, did you know they've used pigeons in rescue efforts because pigeons are able to recognize faces? I mean they're just pretty darn awesome.

So next time someone tells you they look like pigeons, just say heck yes. Because pigeons are wayyyy more legit than "doves".
BannerWolf's avatar
WOW not joking but I think I just learned something today!!!!!
Thanks for the cool Info
meganbednarz's avatar
You could always reply "Your pidgeons look like rock doves to me" ;)
Nice pic!
SeaSpryte's avatar
Ooo. It looks like somebody is having a temper tantrum. Nice job.
sahmail2003's avatar
I knew they where doves someone was being way to critical...tell me is the person who told you that able to draw?
supermarioART's avatar
Fantastic!Great characters and coloring!;-)
ImmaculateReprobate's avatar
Something about his underside looks awesome, almost like his blood is glowing and sort of shining through it.
PictureThisDeviant's avatar
Doves are not pigeons! Doves are... ahh who am i kidding? Doves ARE white pigeons. :D

Anyway, cool picture! I want a beast like that! And maybe an army of doves... hmm...
wild,, like it !
worshipthesquid's avatar
Pigeons are technically rock doves, so yup!

awesome work here. and forget the doves, what you said is bascially true anyway.
Vueiy-Visarelli's avatar
Yup. Doves are basically white pigeons.
xcypressriverx's avatar
the look on her face is hilarious
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