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I feel I should bring a little bit of context here. As you may know, last wednesday, a group of islamic terrorists attacked the Paris office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, murdering famous cartoonists such as Cabu, Wolinski, Tignous and Charb, along with 8 other people. They were targeted for publishing caricatures of the prophet muhammad.
Since then, three of the four suspects were found and ultimately shot by police forces. But in total, 20 people were murdered, including journalists, artists, hostages and policemen.
I can't just shut up about it, this was an attack against our freedom of speech. I'm French, but I'm sure many of you around the world feel the same way : all I want to do is draw whatever I want and say whatever I want, regardless of whether or not everyone is ok with it.
In the end, these are just lines on paper and pixels on a screen. powerful lines and pixels, but lines and pixels nonetheless.
That's all we're doing and that's all these guys from Charlie Hebdo were doing. I actually had the honor to meet one of them, Cabu, a few years ago. He was very friendly, funny, and wise. None of these guys had bad intentions, they were just poking fun at society and exerting their rights.

So there it is, my little hommage to Charlie.
Keep drawing what you want, keep saying what you think, don't be afraid, and vive la liberté !
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thank you.....clea:heartpinkglow: