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Wow, where do I start with this one?

After I was kindly asked to design a poster, I wrote a list of dot points of elements the poster had to have.

My objectives were:
- A cinematic-style movie poster
- Text must read "BroNYCon - September 24, 2011", and "Starring Jayson Thiessen & Sethisto"
- Guests must be drawn as ponies
- No humans are to be in the design
- Dimentions: 2 x 3 foot (Also 3 x 4 foot)
- No logos required

I opened up another wordpad document and started writing down ideas that I could use.
I ended up with a few good ideas, but the one that stuck with me the most was the one I ended up using; It had all the themes I needed it to have.

I was given some concept art of Jayson Thiessen & Sethisto as ponies to help with my design - which did help give better direction to their designs.

I started sketching concept art for the guest ponies & the logo.
I also started many thumbnails - quickly sketching ideas down as thought of them.
I was going to base one of my designs on Pixar's "UP", but that didn't have much of an impact, so the design was discarded.

After coming up with a design I liked, I spent the next few days detailing the lineart in Paint Tool Sai. Google Sketchup helped with the building; something I've never tried before.

After many hours of vectorizing, I exported the artwork, layer by layer, into Illustrator for high resolution exporting.
Many ram exhausting minutes later, I put all the layers together in photoshop - In one giant 4 x 3 foot, 300dpi PSD file.

By this point, the project folder reached 2.20gb, and I had several files on my desktop too.

I finalized the design, did a number of quality checks, and then exported it as a maximum quality PNG file, ready for print!

So that's an outline of the project. There's some small easter eggs in the design too, if you can spot them!

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic is Copyright to Hasbro & Lauren Faust *fyre-flye.
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Wow, how you like draw the ponies.... it looked so OFFICIAL