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Sylvester the Cat's Mother and Father

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Ever wondered who was Sylvester's parent's?

I normally do not find housecat characters interesting, but Sylvester is a big exception.  Watching cartoons with him I realized that a lot about how he looks really is not much at all like a cat.  He has the color patterns and the pointy ears of a cat, but really the rest of him is not much like a cat.  Cats have tiny noses and long legs and very trim petite bodies.  But Sylvester has a big nose and short legs and a looooong dumpy body.  In fact, he really looks a lot more like a river otter!

So maybe hes not entirely a cat.  Maybe he is actually half cat, half otter!

So I drew up this picture to show a cat couple and how they dont look like him, and another couple whom are his REAL parents!  A cat dad and an otter mom.  

When I drew this I really experimented with trying to nail down the Looney Tunes style while drawing more feline-looking characters.   And also drawing an otter in the Looney Tunes style.  And I am so happy with the results.  Even though I am not fond of hosecat characters, I am really happy with how this came out!  Mrs. Cat looks like Chuck Jones drew her and Mr. Kat looks soooo cool and laid back!  And Sylvester's mom is my most fav!  Shes kind of the ditzy dopey old hippie lady type.  

I think story-whise Miss Otter is a single mom.  She had Sylvester with Mr. Kat by accident and he sadly at first took no responsibility for him being a rouge and a wanderer.  She raised Sylvester herself.  As he got older and a teen and then an adult, his dad Mr. Kat began to reappear and take some responsibility in helping out Sylvester and his mom.  As an adult, Sylvester is quite the mama's boy and lives at home helping her out and working.  His dad also helps too, hes more concerned about the family he helped create, though he still remains a very laid back and roguish personality ^^

I plan to use Mr. Kat and Miss Otter again sometime, they make a great pair for Sylvester's parents
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Actually, Freleng designed Sylvester a clown-like cat with a big red nose, and a low crotch.
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I know the idea was to make a very dopey goofy looking cat.

But when I see him I totally think he looks that way because he is half otter :)
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ZiblinkHobbyist Photographer
This should be a canon backstory, it just fits too well.
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lol thanks!

You know I think this is the first time I can recall you commenting on my artwork instead of my journals.
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Wonderful! This is clever and funny! 😄
Kat + Otter = welcome back Kotter. ^!^
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Intriguing theory. Thanks for the info. And the fanart is great too. :-D
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hah! so he's half otter.hmm 
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Heh, good one.
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Pretty interesting how you consider Sylvester to be a hybrid of a cat and an otter. I never took that much into thought, as I just thought he was a cat with a cartoony design. He's such a misunderstood cutie. :3
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Sylvester is like my favorite kitty :3

He's always so happy!!
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When is he ever happy? :0  hes always hard on his luck in every cartoon 
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Well, in my mind he is XP
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