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Giant Disney Plush Mushu by Douglas

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Published: February 13, 2019
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OK first i want to make this clear so people dont take this the wrong way.  The opening in the tail of the plush you can see here, was NOT made by me, this is how the plushie was ORIGINALLY made by Douglas Cuddle Toys.  It was designed to fit on a long pole and stand so that the plush could stand up on its own since it is so tall and thin.  Im just showing that feature for a giggle ^^

<3  Lots of saving up helped me to get this guy!  hes over 50 inches and covers my whole couch.

Anyways like i said, this is how the plush came including the hole in the rear for a pole stand. I think its pretty cute hehe.  The feet are also cute with the pink soles, though i wish it had 3 or more toes than just two (not a two toe fan)  It was made as a store display and not for general sale.  

Im indifferent to the movie Mulan and I dont have any major love for the char Mushu or chinese style dragons.  BUT I am a big fan of stuffed animals and this one was made amazingly well and that I can support!  I have to figure out how my Mushu will be in personalty and different from the Mushu in this movie.  (im thinking of maybe a nerdy Dungeons n Dragons / larping personality).  The one thing i can say is hes certainly a sweet and shy gay dragon now ^^

I have to thank friends, commissioners, and kind people for helping me finance getting this plush.  You guys help me make things possible.
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someone else owns one of these Mushuu plushes!

you have the 3rd other one ive seen
Timon-Berkowitz's avatar
Yeah they were an official creation made for store display not sale.  :)
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Starfighter-SuicuneHobbyist Artisan Crafter
"How can we make it perfectly displayable?"
"Oh come on, you know how!"

Nice plush xD
Timon-Berkowitz's avatar
Hehe!  I know :)  Im glad they thought of this idea.  Being gay and all like myself its kind of like a weird way in which I have been able to imagine representation of who I am in the cartoon media.  I can see myself in this big Mushu ^^
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Is the hole important or something?
Timon-Berkowitz's avatar
It was designed by the maker to fit on a long pole that would keep it standing up.  the pole would be inserted through the hole in the rear.  I just found that to be a very amusing feature!
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Oh okay!! Thank you. 😁
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DeadBart207Student Artist
i need something like this
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sonicthehedggieHobbyist Traditional Artist
hes so cute id buy him
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yesss!  cute and very yiffy ^^
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sonicthehedggieHobbyist Traditional Artist
haha true
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CharTeamHobbyist Photographer
such a neat plushie to own
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Izhorian25Hobbyist General Artist
purrfect tailhole :3
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One of my previous roommates had this same Mushu, with the support pole. He offered it to me for $60, but ended up selling it on eBay about fifteen years ago.  I remember it being well made, like many Douglas plushies from the '90s were, but I just didn't have a connection with the movie or the character enough to pay what he wanted.

I did buy three of the giant Douglas Meekos though.  I bought each of them for under $35. I sold one for $115, gave another to a good friend, and kept one that I'll never get rid of.  I paid less for all three of them than I got from selling one.  Your giant Douglas Mushu is a good bit more rare than the giant Douglas Meekos.
Timon-Berkowitz's avatar
You were lucky to get them for under 35$  I almost did once back 15 years ago.  I saw one at a thrift store.  But I was one minute too late and another person in the store had grabbed it up before I could and were standing in checkout with it.  they were going to give it to their kids.

It took 12 more years and over 100$ to finally get one of my own.
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At least you managed to get one.  :)

There are so many times when I wish I could go back to the '80s and '90s, to browse through the thrift stores back then. That's when plush quality and diversity was at it's peak.  Of course, it's also how I ended up accumulating over 3,000 plushies. I sometimes came home with almost more large bags of them than I could carry, while spending only $5 to $10. Now, I'd be lucky to find enough plushies in one thrift store to fill an entire bag, and they're often $5 to $10 per plush.  I know there are certain plushies I'd immediately buy if I could go back. Cute jumbo bunnies with good '90s quality fur come to mind. Those are a rare find now.

Remember when Toys-R-Us used to have an isle that went from the front of the store to the back, with both sides of the isle filled with plush? Then it turned into the much smaller Animal Alley area, then they completely did away with plushies in one area all together.
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and now toys r us is closing down for good.

As for big early 90s bunnies:
Untitled by Timon-Berkowitz
a 1992 Chrishna i found a while back of a big bunny and baby bunny.  :P

I dont know what the future will be for plush as nowadays cheap design and bad quality fur is common.  But last year was a year of jumbo plush.  Walmart and other places had a lot more huge plush this valentines season and also a bigger isle for them.  Maybe people will jump on board with the idea of big plushies again.  
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Big plushies aren't hard to find. I see those huge bears at Walmart all the time. The problem is that they are so low quality that I wouldn't want to spend any money for them.  I bought a large red panda that's about two feet tall. I slept with it one night, and when I woke up, I discovered his entire back seam split apart. When a plush can't even survive help held by a sleeping person for a single night, that's horrible. The entire reason plushies exist is so that people can cuddle with them. Instead, they are now making them to be looked at but never played with. How cheap can they go?
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Theyre cheap because people still buy them regardless.  People have stopped placing a value on stuffed toy quality.  Most people dont even think about them anymore.  I dont think they even care about the fact that they are getting something really cheap for their kids
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It's sad.  The quality of plush dropped sharply in the early 2000's. Then, between 2005 and 2010, almost all of the dedicated plush stores went out of business, and stores that once had full isles of plush for sale, reduced their plush down to just a section of an isle. They probably reduced or went out of business because people started buying a fraction of the plush they used to. Anyone who cares about quality likely shifted their buying to thrift stores or eBay, where there is still a chance of finding older higher quality plush. Those who still buy new plush, almost certainly don't care about quality.  You can't find quality made plush in retail stores any more - at least not in the US.  Maybe there's a small chance in some of the biggest cities like NY, Chicago or LA, but smaller places like Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Erie, etc, seem to have lost all their dedicated plush stores.
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Marquis2007Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's one huge Mushu dragon plush alright and yes those footsie paws are adorable X3

I wont lie that I didnt have a thing for 2 toed paws, though I kinda changed my decision and can only accept toony two toed paws now X3
Timon-Berkowitz's avatar
Two toes just looks to weird to me.  somehow incomplete.  I know that Jerry from Tom and Jerry was always given only two toes for some reason.
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Marquis2007Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will have to agree with you cause there are a few episodes of Jerry having three toes instead of two. I always favored them a lot more the two toed ones cause they look like socks that haven't been slid onto the foot all the way, like they still have room at the toe and it's just there flopping about. Thankfully Jerry's two toes aren't the reason why I like them
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