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The Bell Crow

first concept for my personal project
inspired by bloodborne and dark souls
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This is nothing less than phenomenal... OMG this is so awesome! And I love your art style!
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This is a very cool style, I like it :)
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Awesome Pages! Love those folklore-ish type of look! :D
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I can totally see the Dark Soul influence (I'm steadily making progress in DS3), but I like the way you've put this story together. Well drawn and a clear simple layout make this an inspiration itself! 
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No lie, this gave me a "soul sacrifice" vibe with the whole book page look, an illustration, the sad backstoey to the creature, etc, all that's missing is the "a glowinhg white chalice appeared before the man floating in divinity saying if he can pay the sacrifice i can grant your wish" or something, and this could be a good addition to the game. This is really well done.
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I can imagine the haunting sound of bells and heavy steps. Masterful work!
This concept is totally amazing, I love your work ;)
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This is gorgeous! Great job 
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Completely agree with the Lorkar below, this is such a well thought out and inspiring concept. Amazing work.
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WOW, I would love to see a book like that.
Reminds me of the old Dark Crystal artbook.
Stunning work.
This is amazing work, great job. I imagine this in a big book of creatures with other creatures too as a kind of lexikon of beasts of the world of magic :)
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I saw you post this to the One Fantastic Week facebook!!!!! you should have shared your DA then I would have watched you sooner XD
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Классная атмосфера! Если японцы будут мутить книгу по дарксолсу, им определённо понадобятся твои иллюстрации. 
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This is one of the most beautiful and creative things i've seen for a while in this webpage. You should make a poem book with art like this.
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