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Welll I'm not on hiatus, still having a quick glance at my messages regularly. But I also have a lot of new stuff going on (living on my own and going to university and working and whatnot), which is a big bunch of awesome so far. And time-consuming.
Sooo, I won't really do anything till things start becoming more of a routine. And then I'll make sure to go through all those messages and deviations and journals and comment and all.

Mmhm, thought I'd leave this here. Not being gone without saying a word, for once. Aside from the fact that I'm not really gone. Important messages will be noticed and replied to. As long as they come as a note or profile-comment, that is.

So, see ya! c:…

I'll love you for any little opinion you leave on this! :heart:

Wow, haven't written a journal in ages.

Uhh, I'm letting all these messages pile up right now, but I promise I'll properly go through them as soon as I'm done with my exams. English is the only one left, apart from the oral History one. ... I sorta fear the latter. But well, gotta manage, somehow.

The reason I'm breaking my self-imposed comment-hiatus is that I'm ... desperate? Or just really annoyed at myself. I have this little commish (see up there, naturally) I've been working on (or rather, trying to work on) for the past ... few weeks? Makes me wonder why I always choose to do the poses I can't do. And don't have refs for. ... wait, that isn't an excuse. But I'd really have to find someone willing to pose for me first. In a place where a tablet and a bowl are easily accessible. Probably will be my last resort if you tell me it's as terrible as I feel it is.

Now, I need help. Badly.
From old to new, I is... almost what I started out with. And I guess it -did- improve. But I stared at it for way too long and can't see anything anymore. Not even by turning it into a silhouette, let alone by flipping it in about every direction possible. I'll be super! grateful for everything, the slightest feeling of "that one is better" or "you should redraw that part" or even telling me I should scrap the entire thing and start over would be wonderful. So, help me out? :<
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10 Facts about me

1. I have a nosebleed right now. And it annoys me. Ok, it wasn't too bad. But still.
2. I am annoyed by the streets too. Or rather by that part between the two bridges. Which really managed to become even more slippery than it was already.
3. I assure you you won't really find anything interesting reading this. Because
4. I don't like being tagged and
5. I don't like talking/writing about myself, either.
6. I am pretty ... horrified by that thing about Nasr right now. He really is an ass. Naturally. But he actually is a consistant ass. Which is rare. Not necessarily bad, though. The writing is good. Captivating. The art is, too. Good, that is. But disturbing. Which I expected both to be. Just maybe not that much. And I actually understood. 15 minutes and about 300 metres later. And you don't have to get that. I'd be quite surprised if you did. And no, I won't explain.
7. I enjoy that kiwi quite a bit. But I enjoy most fruits.
8. I truly believe the Raggs Requiem to be one of the most beautiful things I've heard so far. Very soothing and kinda ethereal.
9. I managed to bring light back into my room on Monday. Which feels odd. In a way. Still, thanks my dear tagger. Or something.
10. I will most likely delete this thing soon. I don't like leaving too much information about me lying around. Or maybe I wont. As 3. indeed is true.

10.2 No tags from me. Do it or don't, your choice.

On another note, I won't promise anything regarding activity anymore. I'll end up not keeping it.
But I might be uploading some kind of dump for a lot of stuff. Maybe.

Hmm... kinda annoyed by school. Or rather by Biology. And History, a bit. And everything. I should just shut up and stop ranting. And I should stop writing like this, too.

Uh, yeah. I hope you'll have a nice new year and all.
Well, yeah. I'm kinda neglecting DA right now. Once again. Sooner or later I'll look through stuff. But I think I'll delete more without commenting on it that I usually do. Probably something like the best out of those in my watch-messages for each artist and then those I just adore in general~
New art... might come some time soon. Or not. Dunno.

Und sonst: Köln. Ich freu mich total auf Samstag <3 Mag seltsam sein, aber ich hab auf solchen Messen selbst dann Spaß, wenn ich nichts mache. Allein schon die Atmosphäre~ '~'

Nja, man sieht/hört/liest/riecht sich <3
Even though it's unheard off, I'll do something like this for once~
If you comment I will try to:

1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal

On a sidenote, I'll turn 18 in two days. And I don't care at all.

And on another sidenote, I need to learn how to feet :'>
Yah, I actually managed to get even less active. I'm tempted to say school's taking all the time, which is kinda true. But at the same time I'm just waisting tons of time, too.
And I'm ill right now. Which shouldn't have happened.

Oh well. I guess the promised "reports" on my trips aren't going to come anymore. I'm really sorry :< But it's not like anything interesting happened. All I could show you is tons of boring landscapes.

But just to give you some proof I haven't been 100% absent from drawing:…
I still fail horribly at everything human, but I guess there is some improvement showing. Nothing worth being uploaded here, but I thought I'd still show you~

And after all school is bothersome right now. Neither do I want to do some stupid ... umm, presentation about 'A Star Called Henry' (Everyone here has to read it if they're in my year and take ... advanced English. That doesn't really fit, but I can't think of a better way to paraphraze it.) nor do I have any motivation to write the 'Hausarbeit' I have to get done. It's just... unnecessary >:C
Yep, I'll be gone for the next week~ I'll visit the North Sea, to be exact. It's such a weird feeling the first quarter of my last two years of school is already over :<
Umm, thought I'd tell you. Not like anyone would have noticed. Considering how inactive I was recently. School's been a lot more work than usually (especially Biology, but.... most of you heard that already, I think |D ) and I just didn't have much time to comment.
And as I'm pretty sure the amount of work isn't going to decrease, I'll have to be a bit more selective about where I comment and all.
I'm kinda sorry, as I always liked giving most of your pictures comments. But I just have to restrict myself a bit. Therefore from now on I'll only comment on the great pictures in my inbox and these I actually have something to say about. Something else than some kind of paraphrase for "Cute :>". So, please don't take it personally. I'll still be looking at everything. Just not commenting. That doesn't mean I appreciate your work less though <3

Umm, I'll try to upload something a little more often. My gallery is kinda dead. Which isn't what it should be. I'll start with an older picture I still like. Kinda.
I'm still working on my gift for Thorin and I'm slowly getting it done (even though I'm not really happy with the outvome, but it wouldn't be fair to delete it :< ). I wanted to finish it today, but it seems it took me too long to find all the stuff I have to/will take with me the next week. It is a lot of work for school (Guess what, a part of it is Biology! 8D) and my sketchbooks and a bunch of different pencils and charcoal and a bunch of references and all that stuff. I hope I'll be able to use them C:
And yah, I'm taking references with me. Actually I'm focusing on studying anatomy and lighting and composition and everything else right now. Not really much imagination/fiction in there right now. But I really need to do it. And I'm sure it'll actually make me improve again. It's really a shame I about stopped doing so already a year ago :< It's time to change that~

See you in a week! <3
Hey Guys! C:
Apparently I'm back from France. Healthy and happy. How were things for you? Is everything alright?

Anyway, I'm sorry I'm not replying to a lot of stuff, but if I -do- comment I usually think about it and don't just write "Cute!". Which is something you probably noticed by now, anyway xD
That way it takes quite a bit more time though. And it's just so much stuff I got in my inbox (Well, not -that- much compared to what most of you get after 2 weeks, but still a lot for me) that I'll only comment the things that really catch my eye. But I look at everything, promise! So don't feel left out or something <3

Err, I'll tell you about my time in France soon. With lots of images and stuff.
Even though I wanted to draw a lot there, I didn't actually do :< We were visiting different places almost every day and always were moving in some way. And if we didn't visit anything it rained x'D I still have a page of shells for you though. And probably a sketchdump. But don't expect anything special. I'll upload it as soon as I've taken the photos.

Oh well, till next journal then! :>
Yepyep~ As some of you know by now, I'll be gone for two weeks from Saturday on.

The last while I've been -super- inactive and stuff. And my excuse is the worst to ever exist: I was busy playing yooyuball 8'D At least I hope the -days- of playing I invested will pay off. I finally want to get that freaking paintbrush. Oh well~
I'll try to buy a neat sketchbook tomorrow. If I get one you may get some sketches after I'm back. And then there are 2 more pieces I could upload. But these'll come after I've managed to get someone to commission me for a shiny new subscription.
Which may take a while. In the next time I'll be spending more than enough time on figuring out how to sew the stuff I need for a somewhat acceptable cosplay. Because I've been a fool and now have to get myself one. Oh well, hopefully it'll be fun anyway~

Well then, bye guys! C:
Err, yeah. I didn't plan to post this, but I turned 17 last week. Birthdays don't really feel too special anymore, so yah. Getting the gifts is nice of course, but I never can enjoy parties. Dunno.

Anyway, I'm pretty much drowning in stuff to do right now and I'm kinda afraid of Tuesday (just hoping I'll survive it, that's all). But I'll comment on your stuff as soon as possible. Having it pile up like that bothers me :<

Nyah, hope you guys are alright~
Yes, you heard right. Go and join :iconsecretnonsanta:~ I think it's a really great thing!

I totally would myself, but I don't have time ;;
Stupid exams/classtests/whatever. And I also need to go and catch myself a new subscription. Hope I'll find a wild one :'>

So I'll just advertise here for now.

Hum, I'm doing some traditional watercolor thing for art class right now. I might upload it. Depends on how it'll come out. I hope I'll do well, I didn't do a real watercolor picture so far. Oh well~
Umm, I'm supposed to do 15 and if you are getting featured you should do it as well. You don't have to though. Just if you want. Yeah, here we go~

1) :icontwistedscissors: Always way too kind and a great person to talk to and always up for some fun conversation. And a great artist, of course~ <3

:thumb105229692: It's just awesome, ok? I always love your anatomy and here it's just about as wonderful as it can get and the amount of detail you've got in it using just that biro is just great~

:thumb89548616: Dynamic! And I really like the style of coloring.

:thumb86374681: I know it's just a ref and all, but I adore that design and the ref-sheet is just so elaborate and executed so perfectly I had to feature it <33

2) :iconshadowfoxpaw: Hum, don't really know you too well, but you seem to be a kind person~

:thumb101855182: I really enjoy the pose here!

:thumb86004993: Obviously a lot of work. And look at those trees, they're pretty rad :>

3) :icontwilight-end: Dat Twaii~ Yep, really awesome person, really awesome artist, basically really awesome? 8D And now I'll have a hard time choosing which pictures to feature.

Eternal Fall by Twilight-End Yeah, well, stunning is all I can say. How can you not love it?

Gorre by Twilight-End I adore this one. The way it's executed, the design, everything.

I love Zwombieeees by Twilight-End No words needed. Really.

4) :iconravenseyetravislacey: Amazing artist, especially with landscapes! Check out his gallery, it's worth it.

Wandering by RavenseyeTravisLacey

New Zealand Range. by RavenseyeTravisLacey

Glorious guilded house. by RavenseyeTravisLacey

5) :icondefcombeta: Found him quite a while ago and am amazed every time I visit his gallery. Just one thing: Why is it impossible to find anything recent from you besides DA-uploads? I mean, you pretty much don't exist on the internet. Not fair :<

Nightblade by defcombeta

Burial mound by defcombeta

Sword in the city by defcombeta

Journey to elysium by defcombeta

I want to feature the entire gallery. So just go and enjoy it. Everything in it.

6) :iconnachtkaetzchen: I know her since quite a while now and she's always been very kind~ If you had more in your gallery I'd feature more, but well. Your fault >:C

Sweets for my heart by NachtKaetzchen I really enjoy this one. Especially the heart there is great <3

Flower Girl by NachtKaetzchen The head (And hair >:C ) is wonderful and the background's details are great~

7) :icontodesfuchs: Hum, I don't know you too well, do I? :< You seem like a great person though~

__Century.Child.__ by Todesfuchs Wonderful composition 'a'

:thumb110127558: Very nice flow. And I like the streched-out arm C:

8) :iconsohilicious: Bakuuu~ C: Just another really awesome person <3

It's mine -rvmp- by Sohilicious I'm sure a ton of work went into this. And it was worth it.

Sleep well Kirby by Sohilicious So. Adorable ;a; And I love these lines~ <3

Pokemon Type Meme by Sohilicious It's just wonderful~ :>

9) :iconzazzypaws: I had ... parts of Zazzy in my 1. SRON-tryout. Which is how we met. It's really been a while C:

The entire comic is really awesome. I really like how clean and ... "straight" it is done.

Adorable ;a;

Great style~ <3
Merry Christmas y'all <3

I have managed to get at least a few of the gifts I planned done. So here we go~… (Fresca, Baku, Lara)… (Kerooo~ <3 )… (Guess who :> )… (Only a WIP due to unmotivated inability, shading wise. Will finish soon |D Also guess who c: [And my goodness, did you draw Gorre even once since you did that sketch-design-thingy? It's hard. I hope I didn't forget something |D ])

Oh, and a little gift for everyone~ <3…