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Picnik is being CLOSED DOWN

By TimmyTa
'Take heed! The ants have invaded!
All good things must come to an end!
Picnik is no exception. Picnik will be closing on April 19th, 2012.'

Picnik, the ultimate photo editing site that is adored all over this globe is shutting down on April 19th. Unless we do something about it. Please, whether you've ever used it or not, or whether you're an avid photographer, or just stumbled onto this deviation by accident. Please just take the time to re-post this image or even to only comment or favourite because even every little thing counts. We need to spread the word! We WILL stop Picnik from shutting down!

Image details
Image size
2640x1980px 2.05 MB
FinePix F480
Shutter Speed
1/64 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 3, 2010, 10:48:02 AM
Sensor Size
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:nods: I only heard about Picnik a month before it closed down - I liked that one for cropping and doing my watermarks and frames.

It is now on Google+, but not sure if it's only for fb and other social network sites though and android phones, I think it mentioned - if it is, then that's me done for Picnik in that case.

The thing is, Picnik didn't have to go google+, am sure, but I doubt Google is going bankrupt either. does similar - no collages though as yet though.

TheNerdWithASmile's avatar
It's already gone...
MorningIrbis's avatar
You'd think Google had enough stuff but now they want to take Picnik...
TimmyTa's avatar
I know, I think google might be going bankrupt or something...:L If they are, its bad news for everything google related...T.T
MorningIrbis's avatar
Thats so serious bad news if Google is going bankrupt!
TimmyTa's avatar
Ik. Damn it google! Sort yourself out!
MorningIrbis's avatar
I love Picnik :( This sucks...
TimmyTa's avatar
:'( I know....
*crys in the crazy corner*
MorningIrbis's avatar
*pats back* Things will turn out alright! I hope...
lilyheart16's avatar
i am reposting this, i am soooo upset that google is doing this to us! i love picnik!! :(
TimmyTa's avatar
:'( I know!!
CURSE YOU GOOGLE!!!! *shakes fist angrly* (is angrly a word??)
lilyheart16's avatar
it is now! XD
it is sooo stupid of google to do this, do they not know how many people LOVE picnik?!
TimmyTa's avatar
Obviously not! :'(
Juandii's avatar
Picnik noooo T-T
TimmyTa's avatar
Waurie's avatar
poor thing, what does picnik do for you?
TimmyTa's avatar
Puts effects on my photos, and makes my drawings look much better... :L
JellybeanGymnast's avatar
Noooo!!! Google cannot do that!!!! D:
TimmyTa's avatar
I know! :'( They're not just moving it, they're taking away lots of effects that they don't like. Including my fave effect Neon... T.T Whhhy!??!?!!?!?!??! It also isn't compatable with high megapixal images and I still havn't figured out how to save the finished edited version... >.<
JellybeanGymnast's avatar
It's really frustrating. Stupid Google. D:<
TimmyTa's avatar
T.T Innit!!! I also use it to touch up my drawings and Idk a place to do that now! :L I hate google!!! >.<
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