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This Year's Resolution

I did, in fact, make a resolution last New Year's. I wanted to at *least* double the number of portraits that I made last year. I made 29 portraits in 2008.

There is room for 60 portraits in this space. I am serious about meeting this goal, and I am cranking out portraits as fast as I can to achieve it.

Also of note, in this attempt, I am trying to push myself toward improvement. I like to think that I am meeting that secondary goal decently. Practice makes perfect.


Time to double this in 2010!
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You've improved by leaps and bounds over the years, I have to say!

- Remus/Tige/Matt.
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Thank you very much! It's hard to believe it's been so long. I mean, the first ports I ever made were done back when I was in TRC. I couldn't even afford a portspace, so I used the Furnarchy cheat. Haha.
How much do you charge for ports?
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Your ports are BEAUTIFUL. <333 Oh' god.
Astell's avatar
You are amazing! O_O The sheer amount of these plus the fact that all of them look great is just.. wow! You improved and all of these look fantastic. Good luck for next year! <3
timmydoomsqueaks's avatar
Thank you! That's so sweet of you to say. x3
CelestinaGrey's avatar
Keep going, you're almost there!!! I'm rooting for you!! (I've also realized something; I've seen your art EVERYWHERE! Yay you're popular and awesomely talented!!)
timmydoomsqueaks's avatar
You have? XD Like... where? Ahaha. Apparently lots of people know me, but I don't get out much on Furcadia.
CelestinaGrey's avatar
Hahahha I couldn't specifically name all the places, but I have definitely seen your art around!
Riverthorne's avatar
You are a MACHINE
Trevor-Crowe's avatar
Wish I had paypal lol. Oh well. :> good luck since you have like...a day left LOL. <3
timmydoomsqueaks's avatar
I accept GD too, now. I really just needed money for my move. Haha. I only have five left, and I should be able to get at least another one or two done tonight... and then I don't have work until 6pm. I got this. xD
Trevor-Crowe's avatar
You're so close now! Only 3 more! :3

And I would pay with GD too, but like..I'm banned at the moment, so...yeah :/ There's a problem there.
timmydoomsqueaks's avatar
Oh... well... that would kind of be a bit of a hinderence.
Trevor-Crowe's avatar
Yeah just a bit :/
Fuhnora's avatar
Are you still open for commissions? c:
I have 2 unported characters that could use your masterful skills.
timmydoomsqueaks's avatar
Once I clear out this round, I will be. And don't worry - I know I still owe you a gift. :D

(If you'd prefer, you can use the free portrait spot for one of your unported alts, otherwise I'll do the pirate as promised.)
Fuhnora's avatar
I'll let you decide which you'd prefer c:
Unported alts: [link] and [link]
timmydoomsqueaks's avatar
Majora intrigues me. If you fill out the form for her, I'll switch your gift to that.
Fuhnora's avatar
Awesome :D will do.
Paine's avatar
I so want to commission for my Aurora! D: And for Alistair, but I think most my money is going for christmas gifts...hopefully/maybe I can get a slot later on in the month. -crosses fingers-
timmydoomsqueaks's avatar
I'll be opening the slots as I complete portraits in an effort to meet my goal. Additionally, as I previously stated, I will be accepting GD again in January. :)

I look forward to possibly drawing your character! :D
Fuhnora's avatar
Do I still get a port from that kiriban from ages ago? c:
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