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Furc Port - Eden Valentino

The X-Scout Javelin from the Darien City: Mutant Exodus Continuity. She's a speedster don'tyaknow. ZOOM!

(You see Eden Valentíno.)
> Deep coal hair was hacked off, an inch or more off her head and spiked wildly due to wind that always followed her; natural highlights of lighter ebony and unnatural streaks of silver mixed in. Eyes were a peculiar metallic silver. Skin was firm, sweet like caramel, toned deep brown, hinting at Hispanic roots. Lean, muscular body stood at 5'8", proudly displaying lean body and tightened muscles; four-pack seen as she wore a partial high-polymer top in black, thick silver streaks going up the sides and leaving the top sleeveless. Matching shorts barely reached thighs, constricting said muscles. Chrome and slate shoes finish it off with a supportive arch that boosted her height just a tad.

Commissioned piece. I played around. I know the perspective is wonky, but it looks comic-booky and actiony. So. I'm happy. It's less static than other stuff I've done.

Quickest custom background I've done yet, which was a breath of fresh air.

Eden is (c) ~scullyist90
Art by me. Not for free use. Not rainbow'd because I expect people to have integrity.

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Nice job Bryn. The Keiko approves.
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+1 internet points for you for creative pose.
I don't think I've ever seen a running one coming at the audience.
and lovely shading, as usual. :3