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My Little Decal - Susie (Delta Rune)
A little something for :iconfeurdelis: and his birthday today!  Got a touch sidetracked with some issues at home but hope you enjoy the work and the game in the mail my dear friend.  Happy Birthday to you and may the power of mean girls continue to fuel your awesome self. *tips hat*


Susie (DeltaRune) © Toby Fox
Sexy Sketch - Lick

So, got a terrible idea of Yooka (the lizard getting licked) and Laylee (the tiny bat doing all the lickerooooooo) from the Yooka Laylee game and a thought of what it was like the first time they met.

Given Laylee is a massive pest, can’t help but think she would bug the hell out of someone like Yooka first time meeting him and Yooka just sit in stun-lock at this first encounter.

Completely pulling this out of nowhere, but all the same season wanted to show Laylee messing around with the poor lizard, not sorry. ^O^


Viva La Whyte

This goes to all the deviants who drew Whyte for many years on the DA and here's to her glorious and official return!  Whyte has turned over 10 years old and that little moth lovely extra you spot around her is all based around the GENIUS work of :iconfeurdelis: and his sensational fan writing on a story about these two.  This is just a little something I wanted to cook up because WE NEEDED TO GET WHYTE BACK! o_0

Expect more of this, that I can only guarantee. *tips hat*

Oh, and extra thanks ESPECIALLY to these deviants that kept Whyte going for so long over the years.  You lot are some sensational artist and very gifted people, no doubt on that. *applauses and whistles*

:iconfeurdelis::iconamateurunleaded::iconflajingman::iconchasgallagher::icondamianvertigo::icongeisking1::iconbig--cee::iconpurplepeterpan: (and sorry if I forgot any others!!!!)


Whyte © Timmy_22222001
Artace © Feurdelis
My Little Decal - Phantasma
Time to get a bit spooky here folks, watch yourselves!

So this lovely lady spook we got here is Phantasma from the Scooby Doo Ghoul School movie.  Had a bit of extra fun with rendering the decal, but hope you all enjoy it! *tips hat*


Scooby Doo © Hana-Barbera 


Mon Aug 21, 2017, 4:23 PM
Happy Bioshock Day everybody!  Its been 10 years since this game first surfaced from the depths and I really am aching to talk about it.  So strap in splicers, it gets bumpier from here. *revs drill*

So due to some personal troubles at home, I wasn't able to get a Bioshock themed picture ready for the 10 year anniversary.  A damn shame to be honest.  But, hopefully this crab can shed some light on this franchise as a whole.

Overall the Bioshock game itself has been a very close and dear experience to myself.  Having gotten this game when it first came out, its graphics, story, environment and undersea world was just too amazing to put into words.  For every person I try and recommend this game too, there's always something that somebody will come back and love and adore about it.

As silly as it might sound, I don't dare to try and get more into the game.  I dare not spoil it or ruin any moment in how its orchestrated (I won't be a white rabbit for you, Sander Cohen).  As an experience, its blend of music, color, art, horror, charm and atmosphere is something I've yet to experience in any other title (even Undertale).

Now as the rest of the series have done, each Bioshock game feels unique in its own way.  Bioshock 2 has that return to Rapture but in a way you never would expect.  And Bioshock Infinite has you almost in what you would expect from another shooter in a sparkly city but not exactly just that.  

Actually, expecting the unexpected is what I would best refer to what you see in Bioshock.  Each game plays to their own strange tune but also each title in the series always focuses itself with the heart of emotion.  That itself is a hard thing to do to make you care about a video game character and something like Bioshock (especially its first game) pulls it off flawlessly.

As of 2007, I've probably played each Bioshock game over 5 times and Bioshock 1 being played over 20 times and still counting.  It never feels old and it continues to leave a strong and personal message to myself.  Its one reason why I got myself branded with the chains of the main character from the game. 

While I do apologize in some ways this journal being so long, I really needed to express these strong moments of a game series I continue to love.  Try out the game youself if you ever might get your chance.  As Andrew Ryan would say, "Choose the impossible."


  • Listening to: Beyond The Sea - Bobby Darin
  • Reading: Rapture by John Shirley
  • Watching: New Year's 1959 Celebration
  • Playing: Bioshock
  • Eating: Pep Bar
  • Drinking: Arcadia Merlot


Keep Calm And Comment On
A little junk artist trying to learn the ways of the digital media (and just drawing decently in general). An obvious fan of drawing the ladies but rest assure you'll find quite the variety of females to see here.

Love to support/cheering on deviants for their hard work and I think everyone out there deserves the applause (not just the famous ones you know, lol).

Been at the digital media for a few years now and trying my best to learn the ropes like everyone else has. Friendly, kind and a maybe a few other things but don't ever hesitate to say hello, appreciate you coming by here!


Current Residence: Canada (Come And Get Me!)
Favourite genre of music: Anything except country and heavy death metal
Favourite style of art: Work In Progress (Junk Artist)
Operating System: Heart, Lungs, Brain, etc
MP3 player of choice: Winamp/Ipod
Shell of choice: Crab Shell
Wallpaper of choice: Metal Slug/Bioshock
Skin of choice: Bah! All people are equal and kick ass!
Favourite cartoon character: Medic (Team Fortress 2), Tarma (Metal Slug), Jack (Bioshock)
Personal Quote: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.


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Feurdelis Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018
Hey dude you doing alright?
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018
Hey there dude, thanks for checking in on me.  Been having a few rough weeks and I needed some time to get my head back together.  Feeling a little bit better right now, but still not 100%.  Appreciate the thought though lad, it means alot. *tips hat*

Feurdelis Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018
Did you get the job man? I really hope so, I'm so damn nervous about it!
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018
We'll discuss this a bit later dude.  I didn't get the job and along with some other things at home, really messed me up. >_<

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azerazura Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you, kindly, for the favorite!
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018
No problem at all Azera!  Keep up the skilled work on your end!

WillowRustle64 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, I came back and saw your comment on that one post of mine, and thought "I wonder what he has in his gallery".
Well I'll continue wondering since every since one of your pieces is apparently too mature for DA to let me see it xD
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2018
AHAHAHAHAHAHA, don't worry at all about the whole Mature Thing with the gallery here.  Get quite the bit of confusion and different behavior from others when they see things outside of my usual comments, lol.

Don't judge a soul if anything here isn't your cup of tea, lol.  But thank you kindly for coming by to try and check things out on this side here.  Whilst some pictures aren't really needing the MATURE TAG, learned from many removed pieces of art (and abuse) that it helps filter out some of the troublesome people who visit the DA.

Its a pleasure to see you again Willow and all the best towards you and your work.  That as well with the Little Nightmares variety. *nods*

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