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Under The Bridge

New Mr Unpronounceable! Join everyone's favourite homeless Necromancer as he encounters a Bridge Troll, Demonic inter-dimensional entities and some very questionable reading material!
Grim Hilarity Ensues...
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Babymordred121's avatar
This is just about the most awesome thing ever!
yowassup's avatar
pure genius, fuel for introspection, and good times all wrapped in a fancy and entertaining shell, just like always!

sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night with Mr Unpronounceable on my mind...
timmolloy's avatar
Really! :D That's a worry ;)
nicktheartisticfreak's avatar
that, was an amazing read.
timmolloy's avatar
glad you like!
MichaelCleaves's avatar
This is simultaneously the most disturbing and greatest thing I have read in months. Well done!
timmolloy's avatar
Why Thank you!
scottkaiser's avatar
Zounds! This is awesome.
sevenofeleven's avatar
This explains why I do not understand the Red Hot Chili Peppers song.

Well done.
SmoothPorcupine's avatar
It's not that I'm speechless, it's that it's Unpronouncable!

Now there's a world I haven't seen in a long time...
OzakArt's avatar
this is an awesome comic! make more please id buy them! and hoard them in my bedroom!
timmolloy's avatar
footinadream's avatar
visually cute and creepy, its like, sublime-lite. Homunculus is my favorite :heart:
Huwman's avatar
Man, I wish I had a nickel for every time THAT'S happened.
timmolloy's avatar
I know, right?
BoKaier's avatar
Highly enjoyable, as always, keep em coming!
timmolloy's avatar
Thank you! Will do!
humawinghangin's avatar
just WOW. awesome ma man! :)
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