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Wooo! Finally, I have pictures of some new cosplays to show 'yall. 

These ones are from a gorgeous webcomic I started reading this summer, Prophecy of the Circle. Not only is the story brilliant and the art mindblowingly fantastic, but the author (talon-serena) is actually really nice and friendly! She even drew references for my use in making these. I highly suggest you check it out if you want something new to read~

These cosplays are actually gijinkas of characters from the distant past: Eika and Koro. The poses we are doing here are an attempt at replicating their introduction art. The only major things we got wrong are that you can't see my bag behind my back, and Kally's hair isn't supposed to be over her shoulder. Oh well. I shall not link the page to you for fear of spoilers. So yes! Please enjoy my latest costumes. More pictures to come in the following days. 

Koro and  cosplays: TimmCosplay
Photo and edit: 9broken4tears0

Main reference: ProtC Chapter Two: Page 75 by talon-serena
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ahh  I miss my long hair