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WOLVERINE animated

Animated WOLVERINE character design.

I am not a fan of a lot of american style cartoon art. especially when it comes to the lines. they used to be soft and rounded, (which was a little better) but now all i see is hard angles. and it bugs me. i would love to see a cartoon illustrated with a brush, thick to thin lines, volume... you know?

This design is about as simple as i can get.
It's a practice for myself to try something i generally can't do. i'm generally pretty sloppy, this is to keep things simple and open. stuff like that.

NOTE: the colors change from what i do from my CIntiq to my desktop to web.... so the colors are a little off in my opinion, but they were perfect! i swear!

anyway, enjoy what i wish wolverine would look like animated.
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look, the pic looks very good! it actually reminds me more of MAX or theTHE MAX in reference to body structure, and poor posture, but the pic is quite good. Big strong body, legs of a weakling.