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Bushiden - Sewer Area

Finally something that's not only a mock up. Bushiden is the game that we're currently developing!

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Big ups Bushiden!
This game is definitely up there on my wantlist.
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i need a very very simple app made. can you recommend someone that can take a look at this for me ?
If this thing won't be on the nintendo switch, i think i may just kill myself! :)
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Amazing sprite work!
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real nice spritework, reminds me alot of symphony of the night
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Dude I hope you succeed this is cool!!! :) 
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It looks very cool. Looking forward to seeing it in action :D
Good luck!
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The fact that retro games still get the audience and respect like they used to really makes me happy.
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Because the novelty of HI-tech 3D graphics is fading away, and now people is not just looking only for something new, as they used to do, they are looking for stimulating designs, they are starting to apreciate the Artistic value. Specially in this last two years that most games are getting really weak on the artistic department. 

And so they have realized that the Artistic value of the graphics is more important than the Tech level, and for now, pixel art and digital drawing manages much more artistic value than 3D modeling.
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Yeah. I think it's become more of a style than a limitation.
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Very true, with today's hardware there's no color palette limit so the only limit is the artist's skill, and some years ago people's prejudices.
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The limitations also make for some interesting design choices.
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Looks great.
Keep it up!
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That's so clean and you tell me it will be playabe?!! o.O

Which platform? PC, Nintendo Switch, SNES? WHICH PLATFORM
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Yes, it's playable. We'll have footage to share next week.

As many modern platforms a possible :)
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looks fun to play

especially since i really like platformers
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Amaxing job on this! This looks incredible :)
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Woah! That looks super detailed! Amazing stuff :)
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Wow! A new game! My one question is: what platform is it going to be released for? I wouldn't be surprised if it came out for the Neo-Geo. Hopefully it will also be on something like Steam, or
Keep it up, dude! :D
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It was initially intended for the Neo-Geo but is now developed for pc and modern consoles :)
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Wow! Modern consoles??? If it made it to the Nintendo Switch, playing this game on the go would practically be a dream come true! My advice is to strike while the iron is hot! The Switch has an enhanced remake of the 8-bit Blaster Master (but it isn't true 16-bit)-THIS could be the TRUE first 16-bit style action game for the platform.
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OMG new game for timjonsson
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