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I am back. The three weeks I off were fantastic. I really enjoyed my new job a lot but unfortunately, it was only a temp job. Though I am going to keep my eye out for more temp jobs from them. So I may be going back in the future. (Though don't worry, projects like the Secret Santa won't be affected by this. Though going back could slow down art things like other games or the comics.)

Anyway, I am here to talk about two major things.

First being "Chapter 4" of Moson's Comic. It will be out the end of this month with the first two pages being posted on the last week of October heading into November. There are only 11 pages and I would like to finish it by the end of this year so some weeks may have two pages on it. Chapter 4 is basically a bridge chapter between Chapter 3 and Chapter 5. So Chapter 5 will be longer. (Hopefully not as long as Chapter 3 though, that was a bit too long. Took almost a year to post.)  :) Chapter 5 will be starting hopefully early next year. Depends how much I can get done as fast. (Chapter 4 is almost done now so once that is done I will fully get into Chapter 5.) So yeah, those who have been wondering, you can expect the first page on October 29th and the second page on November 2nd. After that pages will go out MOSTLY on the Friday of each week. (I say mostly as that is the main day that should always have an upload, but some weeks may get two uploads. So just always check the description to see when the next page should be out. If any changes to it have to be made they will be made in the favour of you guys. So maybe instead of Friday, I would post it Thursday or something like that.) 

A second thing I want to say, I have FINALLY posted the video for Chapter 2 of the comic. I was having problems with getting it right and gave up on it a while back. I was bored today so I tried again and found a way around my problems. So if you enjoyed the first video of Chapter 1, maybe you will enjoy Chapter 2. I will try to get Chapter 3 up sometime before Chapter 4 starts. But if not then for sure before Chapter 4 is finished being posted. 

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

If you are newer to my art, possibly came from seeing or playing the game "Levar's Life" that I made, you may be interested in Moson's Comic. It takes place quite a bit after the game. There is another story in-between for you but the updated version to the story is not fully done. So, for now, it is probably best to just move to the comic. It follows Moson, Levar's oldest cub, for the most part. There are some side stories in there too. 
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First let me start with the one question that I have heard, more so from friends on facebook but I have heard it here too. Where is Chapter 4 coming out? And are you going to continue the comic?

Yes, of course, I am continuing the comic. The game is actually just something to help add to the lives of the characters. An experience you can have rather than just a long written story about Levar. Since his story is not told very much. Yes, there are three different endings. I won't say what is the "Correct" ending to the game because the idea of the game was to let you guys decide. The main idea is still there and it will never fully be said in the comic or Nora's story exactly what Levar did. There are rumors about it but are they true or not. That is up to you. (I do this because my friend, who helped in creating his story back when I first created him, had a different idea then I did. That is one big reason it is never officially said anywhere already. When she passed away I could no longer talk to her about what should be the official story for him so I left a lot up to you guys.
So next major question is, WHEN is the chapter 4 coming out? The best answer I have right now is sometime this year. Chapter 4 is completely sketched out. The first 3 pages are inked and two pictures in it I put a bit of extra time into it are done completely. Because Chapter 4 is only 11 pages it won't take that long to get through them. As long as nothing bad happens they should easily be ready to be posted later this year. (I will try to update my journal between October 1st and October 5th to give an exact date. By then I should easily know.) Yes, it is very likely it will start in 2018 and end in 2019.  Chapter 5 should still come out in 2019. I am sketching it at times I am not on the computer.

The game, not a whole lot to say other than that the story is fully finished on DA now. So if you do not want to download the game, but still want to read it and find out about it you can do so. Only it will take you through one pathway through the game. There will be no choices and you get the ending I felt did not give away as much during the final pictures as the other two do when looking at the picture alone. If you are interested in reading it on DA, it is 70 pages and can be read at the link right here:… (If you have not downloaded the game and would like to you can do so here: )

Time for a quick update on life. I have been offered a new temp job of 40 hours a week till October 5th. This means I am a lot busier lately. But it is only temporary. So time to get all those hours in that I can and then go back to my other job. (Which I am currently also working but since it is only one shift a week it is easy to just fit that in.) Anyway, things are REALLY slipping my mind with everything. So if you do not hear from me for a bit, well that is totally normal. But now I guess you will know what I will be doing.

Random side note: I am really looking forward to getting back into the Secret Santa this year! Anyone else excited? Or is it just me? I know I have been distant the past year but the Secret Santa is still a go. Even if I am busy I have help on the side to run things if I end up getting a permanent spot on my new job. Just a little friendly reminder in case I forget in October. If you are taking part and your character sheets need updating, you may want to start planning it so you are not rushed at the last minute. Sign-ups should open around the end of October. :) And yes I will let the facebook group know a day or two before as well as the day the sign-ups open.
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Spoilers will be coming as I will be posting for a neutral run of the game. If you are not able to download the game but would like to read the story of it you will soon be able to. Now there is about 60 pages by the looks of it so far. (Still working it out so do not fully know all the pages and how it will be set up.) So I do not want to suddenly post 60 pictures in here. So I will do about 10 a day. (Minus maybe this weekend as Saturday August 18th I will have no internet and Sunday I will be working/moving for two weeks away from my place... but I am bringing my computer so I will continue on Monday.)

Only the special images will go in my main folder over the next few days. The rest will go into scraps. If you do not follow my scraps you can see all the pages posted HERE. Note, there WILL be spoilers to the game as the whole game will be posted. (Minus a few scenes outside the choices that are made in this story. I would do a "choose your own adventure" style like the game is but the problem with that is there is programing in the game that allows your choices to effect the ending. Something I can't really do on DA. Special pictures not shown here be posted at some point, maybe before the end of the year.) I will post the special pictures to the groups I am a part of. But only ones I have never shared anything like that before.

Also there is a new update for the game just to fix some wording issues, spelling and such. Nothing too major. If you downloaded it and played it and enjoyed it you do not need to re-download it if you do not wish. But if you have not downloaded it or downloaded it but have not played it yet you can get the updated version here. (The story will be written out the way this version is.) The place to download the game is here: Levar's Life. But you will also see a link on every page from the game.
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I took a random time off from a lot of online stuff for the past few weeks after the game came out. I truly needed it. I got several games with the steam sale that I wanted to play, plus work has been giving me extra hours (ooooo a whole extra day... still not enough to survive but better than nothing.) My classes and job hunting have taken up a lot of time and I was feeling super drained by the time the game came out. So I took a bit of time for just me and whatever I felt like doing. You have no idea how good that has felt. No deadlines to worry about or anything.

August will be very much the same for me I think. I am actually going away for the last two weeks of August. Not super far, but I won't be at my apartment. I am just super excited to get out of the apartment. And where I am going they have 4 dogs I can love and just be around. (I am a dog person to if I can pet dogs for days on end I am going to be happy about that.) The first two weeks in August I may be around. I would like to do some art if I have some time. I took off my time at class for three weeks. That will help a lot. They still want me to job hunt which I feel may be silly since I won't be home for two weeks to get any calls and I am not sure how well my cell will work where I am going as it will be my first time there. But I do understand, no time like right now to find a job since the college and high school kids go back to school. We will see what comes up.

Anyway that is all for now I think. I have been thinking about art trades... But let's wait to open them till I am either gone away and know how much free time I will have there, or after I fully am back in Mid September. But I would like to take a few before this year is over because I haven't this year.

Before I end this journal... if you are interested in getting my game, check out my previous journal for more information linked here: Levar's Life Available NowWell the day has finally come. The full version of the game up and ready for download for anyone interested in downloading it. Once downloaded unzip it and play, it is that simple. It is a pretty basic story. I do feel I could really expand on it much more and I might in the future. If there is no major bugs than I may expand on this game a bit more just to fill it out. Feedback is welcome, even if you didn't enjoy it. (Though I would like to know why you didn't. :) ) The game is free to download. So if you enjoy my characters you will probably enjoy it to some extent. (Also if/when you play till the end, let me know what ending you got. It will be interesting to see. :) )
Download the game here: UPDATE: PC and Mac version are back up. 
(Just make sure if you want the full game you do not download the Demo as it is still available in case people want it. ;) )

What is Levar's Life:
It is a visual novel game. Much like a "cho

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Well the day has finally come. The full version of the game up and ready for download for anyone interested in downloading it. Once downloaded unzip it and play, it is that simple. It is a pretty basic story. I do feel I could really expand on it much more and I might in the future. If there is no major bugs than I may expand on this game a bit more just to fill it out. Feedback is welcome, even if you didn't enjoy it. (Though I would like to know why you didn't. :) ) The game is free to download. So if you enjoy my characters you will probably enjoy it to some extent. (Also if/when you play till the end, let me know what ending you got. It will be interesting to see. :) )

Download the game here: UPDATE: PC and Mac version are back up. 
(Just make sure if you want the full game you do not download the Demo as it is still available in case people want it. ;) )

What is Levar's Life:
It is a visual novel game. Much like a "choose your own adventure" novel you get choices throughout the game. No choice will send you off on a totally different route. Because Levar's life HAS to follow some sort of story no matter what choices you make main events happen either way. There is 3 different versions of the ending. Good, Neutral and Evil. A good chunk of choices will effect that ending. (But not all choices have an impact on the ending.) Those who try for a strong good or a strong evil will notice some things different than a neutral play though though. Some lines will be different. Some choices just branch off for a quick part to the story, others will give you a different scene and sometimes even a different special scene. I recommend you play it however you like first rather than worrying about the endings.

Found a bug:
I actually only have two testers on older (crappier) Pcs. Mac it has not been tested for though I have had no complaints for the demo so hopefully that goes though into this game as well. If you do find a bug let me know. On here or on the website. I am going to keep watch and try to fix things as soon as I can.

I do plan to do more games. This game is really a first game for me and I feel it shows. The more I have grown in learning about it the more I feel I could do that I didn't when I first started. And without really scrapping it and starting over. As I said above the story is pretty basic. Partly because of the way it was written, and partly because I wanted choices to help effect the ending but at the same time needed it to stay on somewhat of a linear path seeing as Levar already has a full future after this game in Nora's Story and Moson's comic.
I do plan to redo Nora's Story in something like this but it won't have choices I don't think. Making it less of a game and more of a new way to read and enjoy Nora's story. Moson's comic will not get this at all till at least all the comic chapters are done. When either of these is happening is unknown.

Moson's Comic:
Fans of the comic rejoice. Other than a bit of a break I am going to take now that this is finally done, Chapter 4 will start getting worked on and will start being posted before the end of this year. So if you are not a fan of the game and have been missing the comic it is coming back. I have most of the next chapter sketched out.

Anyway that is all from me for a little bit. I am going to take a few days off from stuff unless there is a major concern I need to deal with, and come back next week more refreshed, maybe with some new art, maybe not. But I will go and catch myself up on replying to comments. (Past few weeks have been hard core game stuff. FINALLY I can play a game that is not my game and I got a ton of games on the summer sale so other than working the next three days as well that is where I want to lose myself for a little bit. :) )
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If anyone got the notice that the game is coming out early next week. I am sorry about this new information. But July 12th will be the official release date. As you can see below I am ALMOST done. Only two things stand in my way. My main editor was going to come over yesterday or today to get some editing done on the last part of the game (when things start to go down two or three different paths.) Yesterday we canceled because my parking lot was getting work done on it and it is shaking my building. Not really a good environment to read and edit. The workers also got held up because of a Thunderstorm we got last night meaning they are back at it again today. In a few hours I am leaving for a couple of day, a trip I was hoping would be my "relaxing because the game is done trip." I do not want any rushed stuff for the game so I decided to make the release date July 12th. Since it is just a couple of sound clips missing and some editing I may save a "finished" copy of the game now so it can be tested while I am gone so I do not waste too much time. I rather have extra time to test the game than not enough time. I do not have THAT many people testing.

Character Pictures - DONE
Backgrounds - DONE
Special Pictures - DONE
Script/Programing 98%

Anyway I am not going to post any new pictures for it. I want to leave SOME surprises. I did post a new one in my gallery of a happy teen Zee. If you are interested and want to check it out. Other than that watch on July 12th for a journal from me where you can get a link to the game if you are interested in playing the finished version. :)

(If you have not already and want to play the little demo you can here: )
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This is my last journal before I announce the finished game. While I am sure I can get the game done for July 1st I am very busy that week with work and need to allow those testing it a chance to really play though it a few times. (July 1st is a holiday here though at my work July 4th is also going to be super busy.)

Most of the game is finished at this point. It is fun looking though it now because a huge chunk of it got finished in the past week. I will try to post a "trailer" for the game around July 1st. But if not I will post it on the day it is released.

Character Pictures 63/90
Backgrounds 18/18
Special Pictures 18/21
Script/Programing 90%

As you can see above it is getting close. Only 3 more special pictures need to be finished. One is half done. The other two have the sketched characters and finished backgrounds. The character pictures are the only things that appear far behind. But It will maybe take two days next week to finished them all up. Than it will just be the final programing stuff.

Below, as usual is three pictures that were recently completed for the game. There was lots to choose from this time around. But I don't want to give away anything too big. I am going to post at least one picture in the next little bit of a fully done scene that you may see in the game. But below is two backgrounds (very different ones I just noticed. One so light and cheery. The other dark and gloomy.) And one character picture, Levar as a teen from the game.
Anyway this is my last journal update for the game till the game is out. I hope everyone celebrating early next month as a safe and fun time.

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FIRST: If you wish to download and play the demo you can at the link below. It was released back on Feb. 8th 2018. With the game coming out soon if you want to play it you can. But if you wish to wait till the finished game too that is fine.


The game is doing well. Below is a rough estimate of "what needs to be done"/"total number of them in game" (Only things FULLY done are marked as done. There is plenty of things that are almost done or started, I won't make them as done if I do not see the image of it in the image folder for the game.)

Character Pictures 56/90
Backgrounds 8/18
Special Pictures 9/21
Script/Programing 80%

Character pictures honestly do not take too long to do. Once the base is set for many characters it is just changing the expressions. Some characters have a large collection of expressions, some only have two, or one even. So often I can use the same base and just change the expression of them. Also there are a few that are close to being done that maybe I just need to shade, or colour the lineart. Backgrounds are not going to be anything too amazing. I am not the best at backgrounds but I will do what I can. But they do rely on me being in an artistic mood. Getting 10 more done by the end of the month wont be too bad. Special Pictures take the most time. Though some included in "All that needs to be done" are almost doubles so that makes it easier. (Special pictures are ones like the one of Danny below. Or Levar and his brother walking together, or Levar in love. They just have a little extra to them that is not the normal game play. Almost like a cut scene.) If the game is held up this is where it may be held up. Everything else is easy to get done by the end of the month. But special pictures are a bit more time and can take up to 4 or 5 hours each. But I have been inking their lineart over the past month so like some of the stuff above it won't take too long to do. The Script, as far as the game itself is concerned it runs from beginning to end. I could release the game now and you could play it with the story and crappy placeholder art. My editor is going to be hard at work over the next few days making sure the spelling and such is correct. Than I have a group of people check that over and make sure things look okay. Other than that, as character pictures are finished it will be me making sure their placements are perfect on the screen for each other. Lions are a bit harder to do this for than people may be, but I do want to make sure it does not get TOO crowded on screen.

Anyway below is a bit of a sneak peek to a few more things. You can see Zane grown up into a teen. I am liking his look for that. In the middle we have Danny, that I posted in the previous journal. I wanted to have a special picture to show for this journal. It is the least spoiler filled of them. I had another one in mind but unfortunately it is not quite done yet. I will work on it today. Maybe a mid month Journal I can show it off or something. :) At the far side we have Zane's older brother. Any ideas for a name for him.

Along with this update I did post a new picture for the main title screen. If you played the demo and was like "WTF is this title screen" LOL that is a placeholder. The real one is now ready to show. To go with it there is also a speedpaint video on YouTube if you wish to watch it. (Sort of a teaser of what is to come. ;) )

This is all for now. I will try to update in the mid month this month if anyone is interested to hear more. I will update the info above in that journal so you will see how much progress was made in that time. I am getting excited to share the full game with you guys. It has been a lot of fun to create.
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Quick Question before I start the journal: (If you read nothing else below please read this.)
If you read my comics/stories or have followed my artwork. Is there anything about Levar, Danny, Zee, Randin (Levar's older brother) or Kailas that you would like to know more about. Or any story line parts you would like to hear about in the game. Something you are just curious about. While the game is pretty much done in terms of writing, it is not hard to add a little more information to flush out a scene if you would like to know more. It is okay if you don't have anything, but I thought before I finish I should ask. Because it will be too late to ask after it is finished. :) I am doing my best to get some people who have not read my comics to read the script so they can let me know if things need to be explained more or if something seems off.


So this month marks the 1 year of working on the game. I have to say I had no idea it was actually going to work. I am pretty happy with the outcome of it so far and happy that others have been enjoying it too.

First I want to give a huge shout out to :iconmaerafey: for their YouTube stream of the demo of my game. (Their video is linked below, it is in Polish. Hope it is okay to share, maerafey. It just made my day when I found it. I watched a good chunk of it, even though I couldn't understand it. :) It was so much fun to see.) I got a lot of traffic from that stream in March. I didn't notice it to a few days after as I was dealing with the cat and being sick. But wow. Thank you. I appreciate it a lot. Anyone else out there wants to play the demo for YouTube videos you are welcome to do so. If anyone has one they wish to share, give me a link and maybe I will share it in my next Journal. :) If you have not got the demo yet, and would like to, you can check it out at the link here:

Okay how is the game going? Well it is going. April was another rough month. I was sick in March after the cat was put down and that turned into mild pneumonia. So most of April was horrible too for any game related stuff. I still feel I should be able to have is done by the end of the Q2 this year. Unless something else comes up. But I have a plan set up and as long as I can stick to it for the next two months things will be fine. (Of course I do not want to release something that is unfinished. If it does have to go into the Q3 it will be early July. I will, of course, update here and anywhere I can to let everyone know what the hold up is and give a better release date for it. (I probably wont give a release date till I know for sure I can give one. This means I may tell you the release date a week or so before it is released.)

Anyway I just realized that most of the pictures I have been working on lately are major spoiler pictures. (They are just so exciting to work on, especially when I have not been at the computer much in the past two months.) Things like the final scenes. Each ending has 3 special image scenes. Obviously NOT what I want to share with people. I mean how much more of a spoiler is that than to show the final scenes. The one I am currently working on is also a special scene that takes place near the end of the game that has two different versions depending on your last choice you make in the game.

So instead of showing of those, I will instead show you two new characters. Pekee the hyena, and the King. His name is never really mentioned in the game. Those who have read my comic already know who he is supposed to be. ;) I don't know if I will name him. Maybe after the game is done. Finally we have Danny, this is just a part of the finished picture. Even though the picture is not THAT exciting I rather wait to share the finished picture for when you are seeing it in the game.

Just so everyone knows where I am. I will not be active in posting art on here, LKFAA, or on facebook probably (after this) till next month. I will try to update on June 1st to let you guys know how things are going and a much better idea on if it will be the end of June or early July for when you can expect to play the finished game. (Once the game is out I will be back around more and of course catch up on things I may have missed a bit more. So don't be surprised if I reply to a comment you left months ago after the game comes out. I get distracted very easily, so if I start replying to comments I end up at your art page, and after checking out your art I check out your favourites and one thing leads to another and 5 hours later nothing is done and I am looking at puppy pictures on someones page.)

(Oh speaking of puppy.... FINALLY there may be some dog pictures coming to my page once again. IF I do post anything this month it will be to introduce a new little someone to take over my dog photos after a certain dog passed suddenly last year. But that is all I got for life news. Keep your eye out if you are interested. Perhaps... a little after Mother's Day Weekend. ;) )

Anyway that is all for now. I will be hard at work on finishing up this game so I will have a more fun update for you guys early June. :)
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First before I start into anything else. Yes the game is still on schedule. It is one reason I did not give an exact date but rather a quarter of the year you can expect it by. It is most likely going to be the later part of the 2Q of this year but it should still come out in that time. I will let you know if anything changes past that and hopefully in April have a much nicer update. If you want to find out more about the game I am making check out my previous journal here: Levar's Life Game Demo Now Available


Well some may remember my cat from Florida that I rescued... maybe? I don't know if I talked about her too much on here. I did make a YouTube video about catching her. But maybe did not mention her too much on here.

Anyway just before March she started to get sick. She has a breathing problem and chronically got sick because of it. I kept my eye on it but it cleared up unusually fast so I thought nothing more and in reality maybe it is not related at all. One day I got home from a full day at work and noticed she could not walk too well right as I was just getting the flu. And I had just commented on how neither of us had been sick this winter.

We took her to the vet and they could not see anything obviously wrong. Of course I am broke. Seriously broke. They could do an ultrasound on her heart to see, and some blood work but past that they would not know. Seeing as she had started to get better I decided to go with just getting some ear drops to see since her ears seemed to be bothering her.

She had a horrible time the next day but than started to have good day, bad day, good day, bad day. So I decided we would make an appointment and if she was still on this track the following week we would put her down. (We have no idea her age, but the vet is guessing at least 10+) But right after that appointment she started to get a lot better. Each day pushing herself more and more. Till we got to the day of the vet appointment. She was not doing as well, we took her in and the vet checked again. She lost even more weight even though she was eating. Her body temperature was dropping (a sign of organ failure) and her heart was stopping and starting again. This was last Tuesday, I asked if I could keep her till Thursday because she had been doing good and they said yes. When asked if she could wait till my pay day he said he did not think she would even make it that long.

She had a rough day the following day where she was almost in and out of consciousness. I went out to get her easy food to eat and after eating she felt better but no where near her normal self. So the Thursday came and we had to put her down. I don't think much else really could have been done. It was sort of like her time to go. Once organs start failing for an older cat like that... she obviously had more than one problem to solve.

So that was the big event of last week. The week before Shema died though the lady I lived with when I went to college the first time passed away fairly suddenly. Just went in for a check up and next thing she knew she was at the hospital and found out she had aggressive cancer and only a few days left to live. She passed away the week before Shema.

So March has been a not so fun month. Hopefully April does not follow in the path of deaths that it has had in previous years in my life. Maybe good times to come... a new job maybe. ;) ;) ;) That would do wonders for me.

As said, despite this setback the game is still scheduled to come out on time. If anything major happens I will let people know. Glad you guys have been enjoying it. And I know it will bring me joy when I can get myself back to working on it. (Taking this week off just to get used to living completely alone again. Hopefully by next week I will be ready to jump back into stuff.)

Also if anyone comments on something and I do not reply I will try to do so when I get back to it next week. I think this week I will stay away from art and such. Just for the week. Oh and if anyone wants to see pictures of Shema there is some below. I posted them when I thought I was going to be making a better post about her starting to get better. So if in the description it sounds like she is still alive... that is because she was when they were posted.

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Banner by Timitu

Levar's Life Demo

The demo is finally ready to share for anyone wanting to give it a try. If you do give it a try, consider passing on some feedback to me. Did you like it? Not like it? (Also why... You are more than welcome to say you like it or hate it but if you can tell me why it will help improve the finished game.) Is there something you really want to see in the game? Especially if you have been reading Moson's Comic. Is there something you felt could be more explained about Levar's Life? The full game is written out but things can be tweaked, added or removed if feedback suggests it.

The demo is free to download at the link below. The demo really consists of two parts. One part will not at all be in the finished game (Moson's intro) and the part that will be in the finished game (the game play itself.)

Moson1 by Timitu Demo1 by Timitu Moson2 by Timitu

Moson's Intro:

Moson makes an appearance at the start to help you with some things. He will be your guide for the tutorial, meeting some of the characters, and giving a little "behind-the-scenes" look at some of the early pictures from the game as well as some game ideas. Of course you can skip all this any time the menu shows up and head straight into the demo itself.
 Demo Screenshot by Timitu

The Game:
If you watched my little YouTube video I made back in January you will recognize the first scene right away. If you didn't see it, well it is one of the first scenes in the finished game. Levar is a young cub and playing with his lizard friend Squishy while his brother is looking for him. When you encounter his brother it will be up to you now what choice you would like Levar to do.
The second scene is one you have not seen yet. You will get to make a choice in that scene as well.

The end of the game you will return to Moson who will talk to you about how you played, and let you know what kind of ending you would be heading toward by making those two choices in the finished game.


It is a short little demo, but hope it is somewhat enjoyable to people. I hope it is able to give a small taste of what is to come. I am hoping to have the finished game done for sometime in Q2 2018. (So between the start of April and end of June.)

(Note: I have not got anyone with a mac to test the game yet. If you have a mac and try it please let me know if there is any problems with it. I have tested it on a few computers for PC. But again if it is not working properly for someone please let me know so I can have any issues fixed when the game comes out. The finished game may look quite a bit different. I am purposely keeping things back from this game so the finished game has a better layout and will actually have a little intro movie thing.) :)
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First of all, thank you to the people who said "Happy Birthday" to me. I don't always check here on my birthday so it is nice to see when I come back and see them. I appreciate it. Thank you. HugIt helps spread my birthday out. I rarely get on here to wish people a happy birthday. I would say I should but I always say that and do it for 2 days and than a month later remember there was something I was doing on DA each day but can't remember. LOL. Best I can really do is at least say thank you to those that do it. 

Second, Feb.8th 2018 is when I plan to release the demo of the game. I am looking forward to it and have been working extra hard on it to polish it up over the last two weeks. It is finished and currently being tested on a few computers. I have some more torture testing of it tomorrow to see if I can break it or cause it to mess up tomorrow but after that it will be getting ready to go public.
(I know Feb. 8th is such a strange day to have a game released... on a Thursday. I did it because it would have been my best friend's 32nd birthday. She loved Levar, the game is about him. I was never going to make a story or such about him because she passed away before we could get all the story down together. But decided upon this game to help take away the strict story-line of a linear story.)

I will be posting an actual journal on Feb. 8th when the game comes out. (It may be Feb. 9th if you are in a timezone ahead of most other timezones. But I will try to stick to as early as I can on Feb.8th so most people will be able to get it that day.) As said before it will be 100% free so anyone is welcome to play and wont have to pay money to play it. (The full game will also be free. Seeing as it is my first game and it is not overly complex.)

Anyway that is all for now. If you are interested in playing the demo watch for my journal on Feb.8th for the link and more info. :)

Oh... here check out the new character for the game. I don't know why but he is now easily the cutest character in the game. I love him. Something about his eyes maybe. Anyway this is part of a screenshot from the game. Just a small taste of the second scene you will get to play in the demo.
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So the day has finally come and a few people have seen on my Facebook page last night but now it is time to officially announce what I have been working on since May 2016. By now you have probably already skipped to the title below so let's get started.

Levar's Life

the Visual Novel Video Game

You get to read Levar's story, in a visual "choose your own adventure" style graphic  novel game. You will control some of Levar's choices as he goes though his life from a young cub to a teen. The choices you make will lead you to a Good, Bad or Neutral ending.  See some of the characters you already enjoy in my comics when they were younger. Like Levar, Zee and Nienda.
Currently the game has 21,556 words, 12 menu choice times, 96 images, and 23 backgrounds/scenes. (this will change as editing and testing happens, as well as there is two scenes I am adding in today to help boost good or evil choices right near the last choice.) Playing the game in it's current state at the speed that the video below goes (so... slower than probably most people read) it takes 2 hours, 44 minutes and 17 seconds roughly to get to the end. In that timing I got the neutral end. That time is very rough as some choices come with longer parts before you get back to the main plot again.

This is my first game, so it will be 100% free to download when it comes out so you really have nothing to lose to try it. It will be available on PC. I will do a play though for my YouTube Channel about a month after it comes out following only one path. Possibly after that I may do a little DA version of it so you guys can play it without downloading it. (Though there will be no movement on the screen or music.) But I would suggest people download it to get a good experience.

I am hoping on Feb. 8th I will release a demo. It will allow you to play a small part of the game as well as introduce the characters a little and tell a bit about the game. So you can see how it runs for you.

Check out a part of the game played by me for you guys in the video below.

CONTEST:  Design some characters for the game
There is still a contest going on if anyone is interested. All the info is on the Lion King Fanart Archive. If you do not have an account you can submit to this journal here. There is a little something extra for the winner of the votes on the LKFAA. (If you can not see the contest because you do not have an account let me know. I can put all the info somewhere else and put it in.) Link to Contest:…
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I hope everyone has been or will be enjoying the holidays this holiday season. This is my last journal of 2017. My next journal will announce the secret project I have been working on and it will happen sometime early January. (Within the first week.) Those who follow my art on facebook [link]  may get a sneak peek the night before I announce it on here.
I have not been feeling too well lately. I think I am on the verge of getting the flu that everyone else is getting but somehow not getting the full thing. I feel crummy, weak/tired, achy, etc. But not getting sick to my stomach or a sore throat or anything else overly telling of the flu. (Doesn't help work has thrown off my schedule a lot lately. I appreciate the extra hours but it is just bad timing.) So during my free time I am doing a lot of resting and sleeping so hopefully I can get over this cold and not have to worry about anything. So if I have been quiet lately that is why.


Well the Secret Santa is officially all done for 2017. I hope to have a couple of mini secret santa's next year before the main one again. If you missed out sign ups are in early November. Maybe put it on your cullender for 2018 when you put it up on your wall to check it out. (Or put it on your phone.) There is also our facebook group as well as the group here on DA. I always announce mini secret santa's as well as the main one when sign ups are open. I also wanted to say another thank you to the artists who took part in the project. If you have posted your picture on DA do not forget about our group on here. Feel free to add your picture to it. :)


A list of all the Lilymud Secret Santa 2017 members.

:icontheprotobabe: :iconsukalaap: :iconserge-stiles: :iconlionobsession: :iconorcaowl: :iconm-wingedlioness: :iconkanutgl: :icontartii: :iconkitchiki: :iconlemurcat: :icontimba: :iconpamuya-blucat: :iconkaseylsnow: :icontruspiritart: :icontrusfanart: :iconwfengs: :iconterratimberwolf: :iconrobyn-wolf: :iconblazingblackmage: :iconkimmorz: :iconsirfranpan: :iconkoudoawaia: :iconkoudoawaiavortex: :iconm0rtuum: :iconjezzkitty: :iconjwalsshop: :iconasterbun: :iconleorgathar: :iconpooniefox: :iconelijahtrevelyan: :iconbudthewolf: :iconkiire: :iconphoenixmystery:

Check out their pictures for the project this year. (More will be added over time. I will only add up till new years though so anyone who posts after that will probably not be featured here but be sure to add it to our group linked above.) :) If you see ones you like check them out, give them a fav, comment and/or watch. I am sure the artist will appreciate it.

(EDIT Jan.3rd.2018: This is now all the pictures I will add for this journal. Most people who post on DA have posted theirs by now anyway. Anyone who posts now will not make it for this journal. But remember to add yours to the DA group above. In a couple of days I will be adding a new journal entry here anyway. :) So check out some of the pictures below if you have not yet.)

<da:thumb id="721891498"/> Lilymud Secret Santa 2017 for Lemur-Cat by Serge-Stiles Secret Santa 2017 by lionobsession  Lilymud Secret Santa 2017 by OrcaOwl Colours and Lights by KanuTGL Secret Santa by lemurcat Lilymud Secret Santa 2017-Asterbun by TrusFanart Stargazers by BlazingBlackMage Spirit and West - Lilymud Secret Santa 2017 by Leorgathar Fly Me to the Moon by Kiire Dancing lights by PhoenixMystery Nirani and Kyseart Secret Santa 2017 by KoudoawaiaVortex Secret Santa 2017 by Tartii Like Old Times by TheProtobabe  OrcaOwl secret santa by Asterbun Secret Santa 2017 by Kitchiki Lilymud Secret Santa by timba Secret Santa 2017 by Kimmorz catching snowflakes by m0rtuum Lilymud Secret Santa - For Leorgathar by JezzKitty
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Somehow I always forget about this journal when I make the secret santa one. I just want an easy list for people to see of the secret santa stuff for those who do not frequent Lilymud. Final deadline to have the pics in by is Friday December 22nd. Less than 48 hours from now. Below I have the list of those who are currently finished and those who are not finished but I have heard from... as well as the list of people I have not heard from. I need that last list to have no names on it soon. You don't have to hand in your picture right away but at least let me know what is up so I know you are okay and are still taking part.

An Extra day extension needs a WIP picture to be sent in by the final deadline. (So everyone should have something in by Friday.)

People Finished:

:icontheprotobabe: :iconsukalaap: :iconserge-stiles: :iconlionobsession: :iconorcaowl: :iconm-wingedlioness: :iconkanutgl: :icontartii: :iconkitchiki: :iconlemurcat: :icontimba: :iconpamuya-blucat: :iconkaseylsnow: :icontruspiritart: :icontrusfanart: :iconwfengs: :iconterratimberwolf: :iconrobyn-wolf: :iconblazingblackmage: :iconkimmorz: :iconsirfranpan: :iconkoudoawaia: :iconm0rtuum: :iconjezzkitty: :iconjwalsshop: :iconasterbun: :iconleorgathar: :iconpooniefox: :iconelijahtrevelyan: :iconbudthewolf: :iconkiire: :iconphoenixmystery:

People not finished but I have heard from:


People I have not heard from: (If you are talking to them let them know to write me back. I need no names to appear under this list.)

 NONE :)
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Well December is here and the secret santa is going great. As of posting this journal we have 4 members already with their pictures in. So we are off to a great start. (This number of course will rise. I will not edit it though each time someone hands one in. So make note of when this journal was posted before you freak out if you happen to see this on Dec. 24th lol.)  Of course if you want to see a current/updated list of who has their pictures in you can always check out the list on Lilymud. Names written in bold have theirs in already. Check it out!

Below are the members of the 2017 secret santa. If you have time and want to check out new artists give them a look. You may like what you find. :)

:icontheprotobabe: :iconsukalaap: :iconserge-stiles: :iconlionobsession: :iconorcaowl: :iconm-wingedlioness: :iconkanutgl: :icontartii: :iconkitchiki: :iconlemurcat: :icontimba: :iconpamuya-blucat: :iconkaseylsnow: :icontruspiritart: :icontrusfanart: :iconwfengs: :iconterratimberwolf: :iconrobyn-wolf: :iconblazingblackmage: :iconkimmorz: :iconsirfranpan: :iconkoudoawaia: :iconm0rtuum: :iconjezzkitty: :iconjwalsshop: :iconasterbun: :iconleorgathar: :iconpooniefox: :iconelijahtrevelyan: :iconbudthewolf: :iconkiire: :iconphoenixmystery:


December of course will be a very busy month for me. But what I am most excited about is the announcement of that secret project I have been working on. I have decided it is best to wait till the first week of January. Just to let the secret santa stuff sort of die down as I do not want to take away from that. But the time is coming closer and I have started finalizing artwork for the finished project. So it is becoming more exciting for me.

I do have a little "contest" if anyone is bored and wants to check it out. If you can't see it let me know. I have it up on the LKFAA. If you do not have an account there you can send submissions to this journal itself or the one where I announce the project. It is a character design contest. It is my little way to let you guys have a part in it a bit I guess. Unlike in Moson's comic I wont have any appearances of peoples characters taking part in the project. But by designing a character for it you will see that character put to good use I feel. :) If you want to check out more about it you can do so on the LKFAA HERE!

Anyway that is about all from me. I have tons of work to do today so time to get at it. My next journal will come after Christmas so I hope everyone who is celebrating one of the holidays this month (or early next month) that you have a wonderful and safe time.
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Only a couple of days left to sign up for the lilymud secret santa if you are interested. We have a much smaller but great group of people taking part this year. If you would like to join them click on the link below.  Sign ups will close sometime on November 20th. (For some places in the world that could be November 21st) Names will be e-mailed out within 24 hours of the sign ups closing.

Those on DA who are already signed up are:

:icontheprotobabe: :iconsukalaap: :iconserge-stiles: :iconlionobsession: :iconorcaowl: :iconm-wingedlioness: :iconkanutgl: :icontartii: :iconkitchiki: :iconlemurcat: :icontimba: :iconpamuya-blucat: :iconkaseylsnow: :icontruspiritart: :icontrusfanart: :iconwfengs: :iconterratimberwolf: :iconrobyn-wolf: :iconblazingblackmage: :iconkimmorz: :iconsirfranpan: :iconkoudoawaia: :iconm0rtuum: :iconjezzkitty: :iconjwalsshop: :iconasterbun: :iconleorgathar: :iconpooniefox: :iconelijahtrevelyan: :iconbudthewolf: :iconkiire: :iconphoenixmystery:

(UPDATE: The sign ups are now officially over. It is a small group but that is okay with me this year as I am bogged down with a ton of work. It is nice to be able to still run it. I was afraid it would be twice as many and I may need extra help from Auntie Chaos or something. But this should work well. If you missed out and you wish you didn't make sure to either join our facebook group or our DA group and watch for journals or status updates from them to help never miss another one. I am thinking to do a mini project with sign ups in mid January so if you wish to take part in that keep your eyes out for it. I will always announce it on here as well.)

Everyone who is signed up, while you wait for names to be given out now is also a great time to make sure all your character links work and everything is correct. Once names go out your secret santa could be already gathering the information to make your picture. (I have had pictures handed in the day the names go out even.) So you want to make sure everything is all ready to go before the names go out and any updates or adds are done now.
Also spread the word to those you know may be interested. You do not need to be a member of Lilymud to take part. Information on how to sign up if you are not a member is linked above. This project is just for people who enjoy the lion king fan art community and would like to a sort of secret art trade. (Basically you secretly do a picture for someone, while a different member is also secretly doing a picture for you. Everyone sends their pictures to me and does not post them. On Dec. 25th everyone gets an e-mail revealing who drew for them as well as getting to see the picture made for them. After that point each member can post the pictures they made. You can actually see some of the pictures done in past years at the DA group below.)



If anyone saw my previous journal and wanted to see the video for the new recreation of my first picture, you can do so below. Every 4 years I recreate my very first picture. In 2013 (the last time I did it) I made a video to go along with it. So this year I thought I would do the same too. I will post the whole picture probably sometime tomorrow. This picture was insane to do because I have horrible artist block right now. I think in the video you can see the struggle. LOL. :D

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Lets get the most important thing out of the way first. The Lilymud Secret Santa sign ups are now open. I am finally getting over here to tell you guys. Sign ups will close on the 20th of November. (It is a Monday) If you want to take part you will need to sign up before that date. If you wait till the last minute you could forget so just keep that in mind. I can not take any new people after that day as names will be e-mailed out the next day.

All information on the project itself and how to sign up is in the link below. If you do not have an account on Lilymud please E-MAIL me your sign up information and put "Secret Santa Sign Up" in the subject. (All no subject or "Hi"s will be deleted before being opened.) If you have questions you can ask them on here but please send your sign up info in an e-mail or post directly to Lilymud.

Also please spread the word. If you know others that you think may enjoy it send them the link. If a close friend is taking part and you don't want to get them let me know. I accommodate people who are close friends/dating/family so they do not get each other since it is hard to keep a secret like that from someone you are so close with.

Secret Santa Sign Ups OPEN

Also check out our DA group to see past secret santa pictures. :)



I do not want to make a big story out if this since my personal life is a little insane right now. But my personal life is insane right now. A small preview of that is how I have been waiting to start a job (a job I REALLY REALLY WANT) since August 10th. Every time I feel like giving up and just getting a quick easy job for some money they contact me and start conversation going. Only to disappear when I can feel the job at my finger tips. Since August 10th I have not don't much in plans for anything because I do not know if I will be working the next week. Well winter is coming. So I am handing in my resume to work at a factory with a friend of mine. I need some money and need to work more than 2 days a week (like I currently do at my restaurant job.) Fingers crossed.

Anyway because of this I have had horrible artist block. Not only that but I actually have not enjoyed drawing. This has been super bad for my other project I am working on. All my creativity is out the window. I am quite a bit behind (after being so far ahead the starting of October) but I do not want to lose track of my original announcing time frame. So I need to get back on track and get working hard on it in November so that it is simple stuff in November. My goal is between Christmas and my birthday (Jan. 8th) to finally give the announcement for it.

Anyway speaking of artist block, here is a video from about 4 years ago. Every 4 years I redo the first picture I made of Timitu. So you know what that means. Another 4 years has passed before the end of this year, to keep tradition going I need to redo this picture. So enjoy this video if you wish, hopefully before the end of the month I will have the remake for 2017 done. :)

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Sorry about the extra time I took off. I was not planning to go as long as I did. Those that saw my newest picture (in my scraps) already probably know but I will quickly re-explain.
The last week of September when I was planning to come back I had a lot going on. Picked up some extra shifts, had a job fair and really spent every day out doing stuff. The first week of October my mom got the flu really bad. So that kind of kept me from being in the mood to go online or do any art.
So here I am, second week of October and I am finally back a bit more. I do not have as much art as I normally do after a break because well... I never really took a break.

I have been hard at work on the secret project. I am happy to say it is on schedule and going very well. I also want to say the project will be 100% free to enjoy once it is done. :) I do not want to say much more though just yet. As long as things keep going as smooth as they are now, I will be announcing it around the end of the year.

So just wanted to say I am back. I will post art when of course I have art to post. It will not be scheduled since my life is not scheduled at all. Some weeks I have more days off and some I have almost no days off. Some days I feel like art, some days I feel like video games... But unlike over the past few months where art was only for my project, I will be free to do any artwork over the next bit. I will not be taking any art trades or such for the rest of this year. In November I may set up to do some commissions. I had a few people ask and one person did manage to slip in but I need to get a better price sheet done up. My old one sucks. Especially since there is more going on in my pictures now.

Here is a video of mine I feel needs some love. Speed paint of a scene from Chapter 3 almost a year before people knew it was going to be a scene in the comic. A scene from the fight between Zee and Levar. Watch it go from a white screen to a finished picture. (I do skip the line-art work. I have videos on my channel that do show it. But it is just as boring to watch in fast as it is to do in RL.)

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Chapter 3 is done:

Yes finally after over a year of working on it / remembering to post it. The last page has gone up today and I am happy to finally have it done. I enjoyed it but it was a ton of work especially when in May of this past year I started to take on another large project.

If you are new to my art/characters and want to read the whole now 70 page comic I have them all posted at the bottom of this journal. Any page you start at you can move forward or back one page at a time or jump all the way to the beginning from. I just went though to make sure it is perfect for every page.

Chapter 4? - Yes of course there will be a chapter 4. It will come after my other project is complete though. So I am thinking late 2018. No date is set yet to start but when I know I will let you guys know. May not be till next year at this time though that I can announce an actual date.

Also random side note... Here is the video of the eclipse I got. Nothing overly amazing. But it was fun to film. (Secretly I am a space nut so this was fun to watch. Yeah I will get a better one in a few years but partial or full it does not matter. It was fun to see, so I thought I would share it with you guys if anyone wishes to watch.) :)


Taking a break:

I am also going to take a short, one month break from online stuff. Those who know me personally may see a bit less of me on Facebook even over the next few weeks. It is for a mix of reasons. 1: being I have not had much time to myself over the past year and a few months. Even if I did I was always thinking about the comic or recently the secret santa. Now that those two things are out of the way part of this month off I want to just do my own thing. Maybe get out of town and visit family. Maybe sit and play some video games and relax. 2: Being I am working on a big secret project right now. While it is not announced I have freedom to relax but at the same time I want to take some time to finish up a good chunk of it before I come back. 3: Hopefully I will be getting a new job. It is hard to explain but I am really just waiting for an opening and I got my spot at a new job that will hopefully give me more hours and be more exciting than any of the two I have had recently. LOL. :)

So I don't want to give an exact date for when I will be back. Sometime late September I am thinking. So if you are new, don't run away just yet. I am not leaving for good. Just taking a short break. I will be back and more energized when I come back.


Well below are the chapters and their pages. If you wish to check them out please do.

Chapter 1:

Moson's Comic Page 1 Ch.1 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 2 Ch.1 by Timitu Mosons Comic Page 3 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 4 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 5 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 6 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 7 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 8 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 9 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 10 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 11 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 12 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 13 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 14 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 15 Ch.1 by Timitu

Chapter 2:

Moson's Comic Page 1 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 2 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 3 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 4 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 5 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 6 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 7 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 8 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 9 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 10 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 11 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 12 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 13 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 14 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 15 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 16 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 17 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 18 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 19 Ch.2 by Timitu

Chapter 3:

Moson's Comic Page 1 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 2 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 3 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 4 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 5 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 6 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 7 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 8 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 9 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 10 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 11 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 12 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 13 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 14 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 15 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 16 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 17 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 18 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 19 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 20 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 21 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 22 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 23 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 24 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 25 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 26 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 27 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 28 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 29 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 30 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 31 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 32 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 33 Ch.3 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 34 Ch.3 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 35 Ch.3 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 36 Ch.3 by Timitu