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I just want to leave a quick message here. I thought May would start out more calm but it has really been busy each day. I will post my real Journal entry after the holiday next weekend.

One of our busiest days at at work is tomorrow, Mother's Day. I have a really weird shift that leaves me wondering when I will even get home tomorrow. The rest of the week when I am not working is packed with stuff going on. Fun stuff mostly. But the biggest thing that I will have the most news for is on Friday. So I feel making any sort of journal right now as a real "May Update" would be silly since most of the important updates should come on Friday. (It is the long weekend that following weekend but after that is over and settled my schedule gets a bit quieter so I will take some time to catch up on notes, comments, and maybe even post some pictures as I have lots of sketches I made at work lately.)

I am still running the Secret Santa as that is all done though e-mail. So I can check that on breaks and such at work. But other stuff I rather be at the computer for. Only 2 people left to finish the secret santa... Half way there. LOL. If the pictures all get in before the final deadline I will send them out at the next possible time for me to get at the computer. Though don't rush your picture just to get it done.) Below are the members of this mini secret santa.


(UPDATE: All the pictures are in, so instead of waiting til the 27th to send them all out I will be sending them out on May 19th. - All e-mails are out. I forgot to put a link to our secret santa group. If anyone comes here looking for it check it out below.)

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Finally I am getting around to doing this main update. If you follow my journals you probably notice I am posting three at once. This is just the main journal that will be posted last.

My Computer:
So the computer is fixed. I am so happy to have my computer back. But now it is time to start saving up for a new computer because it is getting older and it is just luck each time has only been the hard drive failing. I am hoping I got another two years so I can save up enough to get a new one by the end of those two years. It was nice to get a nice fresh start with a new hard drive but installing everything again took days out of my days off that I had. Not fun. I got a bit of time to play some games and than got the flu.

My health:
I have had some bad sinus problems for a year now. So bad it affects my hearing. I have spent a year without being able to hear properly and that is not fun. I work around the general public and they always question me about it and it is frustrating. Making things worse I have had to start using the strips that go over your nose to help open up my airways. This is all annoying to deal with daily when I am feeling fine, and luckily since this problem started I have not been sick. You can imagine how it is when you now can't breath too well because you are sick. I finally have an appointment with the specialist next month. I am so happy this may actually be the start of getting my hearing back and being able to breath though my nose again. My doctor things it may involve a little surgery but not anything too major. Fingers crossed it is the more simple solution with minor recovery time. :)

Art Trades:
I am 3 art trades right now if people are interested. I have all the information on this journal. Please check out that journal before you ask. At least read the top part. (You don't have to go though all the character stuff before you ask.)

Mini Secret Santa:
Anyone interested in doing a mini secret santa. I really want to do one this year. I picked a theme that I feel most people like that we have done before. I might try a new theme for one in the summer. But right now I will stick with this one. Sign ups start April 14th and will end the end of the day on April 28th. Find out more about it on this journal.

Game Idea:
So I am still going to put this out there. Those who saw my last journal about the game idea I will mention it again at the start of May. I am already feel like I am spamming three journals out today so since this is not a major important one just yet I will bring it up in May's journal with more information. Again if you are interested please let me know.

Also Markimoofan123 has started making a play-though of my game. If you have not played it but still want to see it check out their video. I plan to make one someday and actually had one started when the computer crashed. So for now I share this one. If any of you guys do one and want me to share it let me know. I appreciate it a lot. :)

That is it for now. I will try to get some pictures posted. I do want to try out two different ways of colouring the comic and get you guys to vote on the style you like the best. Of course there will be art trade pictures coming too.
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This journal is for my art trades. If you are interested in doing one with me. I am going to take 3 art trades (well 4 but the 4th spot was reserved for a friend I know in Real life if he is still interested. He should know who he is. :) ) I will see after I finish that one if I want to open that spot back up or not.) When asking leave a comment in this journal. That way I keep everything together. If you ask anywhere else I may miss you. 

1: :iconlily-the-pink: (Their half Finished) Finished
2: :iconlongipenus: Had to redo. Currently in Shading process of the new one. (80% done)
3: CLOSED (For Now)
(If anyone asks for one between April 19th and April 22nd and on April 25th I may be very slow at replying or completely absent. Work is super busy for Easter and on the 25th I am traveling to Toronto for my annual trip to hang out with my dear friend Tabatha. :) You can still ask during that time just keep in mind I may not reply til I get free time online.)

I wont start any till after next weekend I don't think as this week is pretty busy. If no one is done their part I will start from top to bottom after that. Otherwise I will go in order of who finish their part first.

Below is a list of 5 characters that you can pick from. If none of those interest you I have several along the bottom but they have less information for them right on here. You will have to click on them to see more. I picked characters from the game "Levar's Life" and the comic as I feel they probably have the most chance of inspiring people to draw them. I set up the info sort of like how you guys do in the secret santa if you take part though I added character head shots as well to make it easier to perhaps make a quick pick. There is too much writing to read everything for every character. If you want to draw more than one I have put other characters names in bold in their "brief history" so you can see who sort of connects with who and how.

Some "Lore" info if you wish to know:
If you do not know, in the heaven world all characters are cubs. You will never see a adult there. It is sort of the idea that everyone is youthful there. BUT any scars you have got throughout your life remain. So characters (like Antony) for example, in the heavenly world will be a cub but still has the 4 scratches across his eye. Even though those scars happen when he was living and as an adult.
In the heavenly world you need wings to be able to move around in the clouds. If you have done many bad things you will have to wait till you have earned them. Only "The king" can decide who earns them and he is not easy to win over. Those with them do not always need to have them seen. (I did this obviously for my own sanity since I suck and drawing wings.)

To keep things simple for now and not give away too much story for later, lets assume only spirits with favour of Danny can be either solid or spirit. (Obviously living can only be in solid forum.) On earth they can be any age they lived though in the past. So like we saw on the last two pages of chapter 4 Levar can change back into a cub to fight his son fairly. Kailas is also the same way at the end of chapter 3. (There are a few exceptions to this rule that will come out more in Chapters 5 and 6 but in following this rule you will be able to make an accurate drawing.)

Character Name: Nora
Species: Lion
Reference: (Click Here)
Character Page:…
Extra Pictures: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Personality: Stubborn, Friendly, Brave, Irritable
Brief History: (Super simplified version of her history) Nora gets her scar on her eye as a newborn. She does not even have her eyes open when it happens so chances are she has it. Surprisingly the eye is unharmed. Mo is a close friend of Nora's even though while she is alive he is an adult. Nora runs into Levar while she is a cub, he is a spirit but she sees him as if he is a solid forum. She is the first one to see him in years. When the pride is attacked, Nora is moved to Zee's pride for protection. She does not like being there as much though she does have two good friends. She gets into a fight that leaves her birthmark destroyed with three scars across it. Nora has 4 cubs with Levar. Moson, Leonette, Sprent and and unnamed cub. (Ok yeah some of you know his name but lets wait till chapter 5.) :) Nora dies (if you don't know, don't look up how. Especially if you don't want spoilers for later projects.) Nora wakes up in the heavenly world. Mo is already dead and greets her, of course he is a cub and she only knew him as an adult. Nora does not have wings in this world so relies on Mo and a powerful friend, Aleksander, to get around. There is a strange connection between Nora and Aleksander that has yet to be explained. (Nora will meet Antony in Chapter 5, I guess I can spoil that as there is a sketch shown of the two of them talking about Chapter 5 in my scraps.)
Anything to say: If drawing Nora, keep in mind if she has died her fur colour is the same as her as a teen. If she is alive and she is a cub her fur colour is lighter. But that is only if she is alive. 

Levar by Timitu
Character Name: Levar
Species: Lion / Ghost
Reference: (Click Here)
Character Page:…
Extra Pictures: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Personality: Rebellious, Vindictive, Protective, Self-reliant
Brief History: Levar leaves his pride when he is a young cub with his older brother Randin. It is unknown if his mother is alive or not, but it is mentioned that his father has died a hero. Levar grows up in a pride away from home. Zane (Taka) a prince from the pride he moves into becomes his best friend. Mokuba (Mufasa) the future king as well as the king do not like Levar. Since his first meeting as a young cub, ended up with him scratching Zane (and getting the scratch on his shoulder). Levar's other major enemy is Zee who is about the same age as Levar and grows up with him as well. Levar, Zane and Zee are part of a group of male lions living on the outskirts of two large prides. There they meet Kailas and Antony. Levar is killed as a teen by Zee.
Levar's ghost roams the lands. He is given an opportunity to become a solid forum again if he agrees to give his second cub to Danny, a sort of devil like lion/tiger. He is promised they would never meet, and so the pain of losing them would not be too bad. Levar agreed. (I don't want to spoil too much so I will make that super short.)
Levar eventually finds Nora. The two slowly become friends and soon more than friends. He is the father of her 4 cubs. The second oldest being Leonette. Nora dies shortly after and Levar takes on the father role to his oldest cub Moson. Training him to one day destroy Danny for good.
Anything to say: Levar's original story has him living with Mufasa and Taka/Scar when he is growing up. For the game I had to change up the characters just to stay away from copyright stuff. It also helped because Mokuba is a bit of a jerk to Levar in the game. This may not be who he really is, the game is through the eyes of Levar. You are welcome to put Mufasa or Taka/Scar in place of Mokuba or Zane. But only if you are drawing them with one of my characters of course.

Moson by Timitu
Character Name: Moson
Species: Lion
Reference: (Click Here)
Character Page:…
Extra Pictures: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Personality: Adventurous, Calm, Rational, Neutral
Brief History: Moson is the oldest cub of Nora and Levar. Living with him he has two other siblings. Leonette and Sprent. His mother is killed not long after he is born. He has never seen her. He grew into a cub with Zee as the king of the pride. He is sort of a mentor to Tibu, the future king as he grows up. His father appears to him when he is a young cub. From that day on he looks out for him. Levar is training him to destroy Danny forever. His friend Maria has a crush on him. But Moson is completely clueless to that and even okays her becoming Tibu's future mate.
Anything to say: If drawing him as a teen, do not include the scar on his eye. I would rather wait til that scene has happened where he gets that so you know more where it has come from and perhaps can do it more fitting on him. That is only if you wish to draw him as a teen.

Antony by Timitu
Character Name: Antony
Species: Lion
Reference: (Click Here)
Character Page:…
Extra Pictures: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Personality: Unpredictable, Resentful, Authoritarian, Daring
Brief History: Antony is Kailas' brother. It is unsure who is older. Him or his brother as they were born to two different mothers around the same time. But they have the same father. Because Antony is a runt of his litter, Kailas is chosen to be the next king. When young, Kailas tried to kill Antony. His father saved him. Leaving 4 scars across his left paw as a reminder. Antony is very resentful of his brother who is given everything while he is often in trouble growing up. The biggest mistake his father ever did was teaching Antony how to fight. He excelled greatly at it unlike his brother. His smaller frame helped him with speed and he is rather deadly if you get on his bad side, which is not hard to do. Antony really only cares for Pekee, an orphaned male Hyena. Probably because he has someone he can sort of relate to. Though even Pekee gets more respect than he does sometimes.
Antony's biggest wish is to be respected by Danny, an evil devil like lion/tiger. But his brother is considered "Danny's chosen one." Antony hates it because Kailas also does not wish to be in this position. Antony is part of the small group of male lions that follow him. That group also has Zee, Levar, Zane and Kailas.
When Antony dies he goes up to the heavenly world. But much like Nora, Antony does not have any wings. As one might expect from him he get along just fine breaking the rules and taking up his own Territory in the heavenly cloud lands.
Anything to say: In chapter 5 we will see Nora and Antony meet. I kind of given that away in a sketch I did. So if you want to draw them together at all you can.

Kailas by Timitu
Character Name: Kailas
Species: Lion\ghost
Reference: (Click Here)
Character Page:…
Extra Pictures: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Personality: Loyal, Charismatic, Secretive, Responsible
Brief History: Kailas is the son chosen by his father to be the next king. His half-brother Antony is also about the same age as him. But because of the health of Kailas he is chosen to be the next king. His other Antony is smaller is smaller than him. Kailas is cursed with being "Danny's chosen one." Danny being a devil-like lion/tiger. He is chosen to help bring his return. Kailas on the other hand does not want the responsibility. As a cub he is told all these great things about him and how good this will be. But as he grows up he realizes that a lot of what he was told is lies. Kailas is the leader of a small group of male cubs growing up. Levar, Zane, Zee and Antony being some of them. He always tries to be the responsible one. Kailas is killed later in life, very much possible it was the work of his brother, Antony. Kailas is asked by Levar to watch over his second born, who was promised to Danny. Being good friends Kailas agrees.
Leonette is Levar's second born. Kailas takes his responsibility of protecting her very seriously. Though it is hard. To keep her safe he has to keep Danny happy. So as long as he will not harm her, Kailas is more just watching over her.
Anything to say: Keep in mind, Kailas' scar only shows up in the moonlight. It is more of a marking than an actual scar. There is no indent into his skin with it. After Death Kailas can be drawn with wings.  You can see them in pictures 3 and 4 of his extra pictures.

These are not the only characters. If you rather draw one of the others feel free. I just wanted to give you 5 ideas and you can go from there. A bunch are linked below. If they do not have an image showing their full bodies feel free to make up how you think their lower half would be. If they have a character sheet it will be linked at the TOP of their character description on the pages below.

Aleksander, Danny, Leonette, Maria, Mo, Nienda, Nzuri, Pekee, Randin, Sprent, Tibu, Timitu, Zane, Zee
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Finally, with my computer fixed. I want to try this out. It is going to be very different. I really need people who actually want to take part in this project. Because it will be more difficult than it was before with lilymud only being viewable by members. But I have a plan and I want to see if it will work. .

If you are a member of Lilymud please use Lilymud to sign up. It is going to be much easier for you and you can  You can go there now:…

Lilymud's Mini Secret Santa Sign Ups


What is the Secret Santa Project? (For New Members):

The secret Santa is very much like an art trade. Except the person drawing for you is a secret. And you have to keep the secret of who you are drawing for. Instead of sending your picture to the person you will send it to me at the e-mail provided. To keep the secret you need to make sure not to post the picture in public until after the project is all over. On the date given below I will e-mail every member who signed up and did their part with the picture that was made for them. (And of course say who it was who did it and the next steps about posting it.) If you have any questions feel free to ask. Obviously, it is very important if you sign up that you complete the picture for the person you are drawing for.


Musically Inspired: This is a very common one I have done so if you have taken part a few times I am sure you already know this one. Basically your picture should be inspired by a song or some music. It is pretty simple. Music can be any kind of music you wish. It is for your inspiration.

Because this is a mini secret santa and we have not had one for so long, I am going to say any species are okay. If you want to do things other than lions though I will suggest that you post a few different species. So also keep in mind you may be trying something new in this secret santa. (Of course lions are still welcome. I am just opening up the option if someone does not wish to post a lion character.)

Rules and Information:

Usual Rules apply still.

You have to do a picture
It must be your own work
And keep it secret.

* Also I am bringing back an old one again. There needs to be at least two colours in the background. Check out previous years if you need inspiration but
don't copy any obviously.
* Real media (pencil crayons, markers, etc) and Digital (Photoshop, Gimp, etc) are all welcome.
* It has to be at least one of the person's characters who you are drawing for. (Kind of obvious right?)
* Picture should be acceptable for all ages for the most part. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
* NEW: If you are new to the project I need to see that you have done an art trade in the past with someone. Just so I know you sort of know what you are getting into. You do not need to show it to me, I will go check out your art but if I don't find any I may ask you about it.


Check out past Secret Santa pictures at the places below -

Pages: Facebook , Deviant Art

Old Videos: Secret Santa YouTube Playlist

Important Dates:

Please make note of the dates below before you sign up. If you are in school and this will conflict with major projects and such you may want to sit this one out or make sure your picture is done earlier. If you use a planner for school or work and sign up you may want to leave a little note for yourself so you make sure you are ready on time.

April 14th, 2019 - Sign Ups Open
April 28th, 2019 - Sign Ups Close (End of the day)
April 29th, 2019 - Names will be e-mailed out
May 19th, 2019 - First Deadline (Check your e-mail if not finished)
May 25th, 2019 - Final Deadline
May 27th, 2019 - Pictures go out (Around 6 AM EST)

EDIT: Everyone has finished before the first deadline. So I am e-mailing all the pictures on May 19th instead.

Sign Up Information:
To sign up please fill out the information below and post it below or e-mail it to me here. timitusanta @ (Without spaces) Specifically for this mini secret santa only (we are going to test this) you can sign up on DA or the LKFAA bulletins.

If you need help understanding what you should put for each category please go here.

Note: Your name will not be added to the list of people signed up till you put in the reference pictures. I will leave a gap if you post the info. If you are signing up on DA or LKFAA please have ALL your info ready. To add anything to your old info please e-mail me.

TIP: You can post between 1 and 5 characters. Before you start, think of how many characters you wish to add. Copy and paste the stuff for the characters that many times and that way you can easily add the information for your characters without getting mixed up.


Artist Name:
Religious Picture:
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?)

Character Name:
Character Page: (Example)
Extra Pictures:
Brief History:
Anything to say:

(I will try my best to get people put in when they have signed up. Sign ups are happening in 3 different places. So I will try to fit you in in an order. If you feel I have missed you please e-mail me at: timitusanta @ (take out the spaces)

(If anyone signs up between April 19th and April 22nd and on April 25th I may be very slow at getting this list updated or completely absent. Work is super busy for Easter and on the 25th I am traveling to Toronto for my annual trip to hang out with my dear friend Tabatha. :) Please still feel free to sign up those days as I will get you added when I get time on.)


On DA I will have to set people up a bit different. There will be categories. The final list of people taking part will be on my May Journal and I will update that with who is done. The list on lilymud will also be updated with the colour coding and such. I just can't change colour on here. :( For now I will add people as they sign up.

:iconlily-the-pink: :iconsukalartoons: :iconscifibeatlesgleek: :icondvd340:

So there is at least 4 people so I think we can pull this off. It is a bit of a small group so wont be a huge surprise who you guys have. But hope we have fun all the same. :) I had a bit of a delay with some internet problems. But we got those fixed so should be good now. I will be e-mailing everyone tonight (could be tomorrow morning depending on your timezone) with who you will be drawing for.

So before I start want to mention to please check the second half of this journal. I have a question.

But to the main computer update stuff. February was a busy month with work and I got a lot more hours than I normally have been getting. So currently I have enough money to get the computer fixed. But March is going to be insane as well. I was originally planning to go away for work in February but it is actually going to be in March now. I have the dates planned and booked so it is pretty much set in stone now that I am going away around the end of the month. So because of this I am going to take my computer in when I am going away so that when I come back home the computer will be ready. I will have to put everything back on it and that will take a few days but I should be able to be back to normal by April 1st. (I will be around before that I am sure but I am going to try to have everything ready to go by then.)

I will be around a bit more this month when I find time. I don't know if I will post much as I will have a very busy work month this month. But if I do I will add it. :)

Also as long as my computer has no problems in it's time getting fixed I would like to do a mini secret santa in April as well as finally take some art trades. Over this month I am going to try to prepare some of that.

I put all my new pictures from February into one picture... here is that one plus the few I posted in scraps recently in case anyone missed them and wants to see them. :)

Feb2019 Doodle Collection by Timitu Chapter 5 by Timitu Chapter 5 Preview by Timitu Antony by Timitu

(Edit - March.16th 2019: Here is two more from March that I have posted. Unfortunately time has just flown by. I leave next week for work stuff. As said above I will be back around the end of the month. Hopefully with a fixed computer. I already have the amount planned to save up and more. I am just doing a quick post of these two pictures. I will reply to comments and all that when I am back. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of March. Also I think I will talk more about the idea below in the April journal or at least have a link for people to go see more about the idea for those interested. If you are just seeing this and interested feel free to comment or something to let me know. It does not hold you to doing it. Just lets me know that it is worth mentioning and perhaps how I will go about doing it.)



I am just wondering if this is even a possibility. I do not have the ability to do polls on here so I have to ask. Would anyone on here be interested in taking part in a collab. I was thinking of getting many different short stories and putting them into a game. They could be a scene or two from a current story, they could be one you make up for this thing. What I am thinking is having many different styles both in art and in writing. (I will do the coding for it.) It would be like "Levar's Life" only your characters, your ideas. The finished game will be a bunch of short stories rather than a long one. (NOTE: It does not have to be about Lions, or even animals. If you rather do it on people you can, or any animals or anthros. Your story is YOUR story. You decide. Only thing is it has to be rating in Teen or All Ages.)

If anyone is interested please let me know. I will not go though with this idea unless there are at least 5 people taking part. (I will add as many people after that that want to take part as well but at least 5.) I will talk more about it next month. By saying you are interested you are not committing to doing it. It just lets me know if it is worth bringing up here again next month with more details. I will be around over this month to answer any questions you may have.
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So now that Chapter 4 is done in the comic I am going to take my traditional break it seems. LOL. (I said it before but it is easier to make a game like "Levar's Life" than it is to do the comic. Just so you guys know. ;) ) This break is mainly due to the computer situation. I do not have a good working computer for online stuff right now. I am also getting more shifts at work. Which is awesome and really helps get money together to get the computer fixed. I may be going away for a week this month or next month for work related stuff. So that will also really help toward getting the computer fixed. Though that is not set in stone.

So I am going to disappear till March 1st at the very earliest. I will try to get back on around that day, especially if I have it off and post an update as well as any pictures I have worked on over February. (That I can show. I am sure I will work on Chapter 5 a bit but cant show that.) I will end today off with a few pictures from chapter 4 that I really liked and thought you guys might like the larger version of. But now I am heading offline till next month. I hope February is good to everyone.

(Just a bit of heads up to everyone. I will very likely be off till the end of March. I will be on and post what I have one day in March but in that journal I will update and say when I will hopefully be back. By that point I should know a lot more when I can get the computer fixed. And unless there is more than what I am thinking is wrong with it, than it should be a quick enough fix to have in back in a few days from when I do that.)

For those interested, below is ALL the pages to all the chapters of the comic. Chapter 1 and 2 have videos if you care to watch them. Chapter 3 and 4 videos should come within the year. I have to get my computer fixed. When they are done I will share them in a journal at that time. :) But for now the pages below are for your enjoyment till March 1st. (I mean they will be on past that date but not in my journal.)

Chapter 1:

Moson's Comic Page 1 Ch.1 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 2 Ch.1 by Timitu Mosons Comic Page 3 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 4 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 5 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 6 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 7 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 8 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 9 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 10 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 11 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 12 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 13 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 14 Ch.1 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 15 Ch.1 by Timitu

Chapter 2:

Moson's Comic Page 1 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 2 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 3 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 4 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 5 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 6 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 7 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 8 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 9 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 10 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 11 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 12 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 13 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 14 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 15 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 16 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 17 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 18 Ch.2 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 19 Ch.2 by Timitu

Chapter 3:

Moson's Comic Page 1 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 2 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 3 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 4 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 5 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 6 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 7 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 8 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 9 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 10 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 11 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 12 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 13 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 14 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 15 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 16 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 17 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 18 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 19 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 20 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 21 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 22 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 23 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 24 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 25 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 26 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 27 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 28 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 29 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 30 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 31 Ch.3 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 32 Ch.3 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 33 Ch.3 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 34 Ch.3 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 35 Ch.3 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 36 Ch.3 by Timitu

Chapter 4:

Moson's Comic Page 1 Ch.4 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 2 Ch.4 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 3 Ch.4 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 4 Ch.4 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 5 Ch.4 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 6 Ch.4 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 7 Ch.4 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 8 Ch.4 by Timitu  Moson's Comic Page 9 Ch.4 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 10 Ch.4 by Timitu Moson's Comic Page 11 Ch.4 - Last Page by Timitu
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    So I am back... sort of. Meaning I have time off. But still do not have my computer fixed. Hopefully in the next month or so. Once it is fixed I will do more art. Hopefully do some art trades if people are interested. I know a few people have asked about them in the past.
    The comic is still going. Since for the most part it is sketched it is easier to do. If you are wondering about Page 8 of Chapter 4. It is coming this week. I will still say Friday but if I get it done sooner I will post it sooner.

    I will also come back and reply to comments and notes, and make comments/faves for the pictures below when I do most of the other stuff, sometime this week. I do not want to promise a day. My birthday is also this week so may wait till after that so I can do everything at once. (It is not as easy to get on the internet with this computer. So I do everything is quick little chucks. Go online, get stuff done, go offline.) :)

    Below are the Secret Santa pictures from 2018. If you have some free time and want something to do, go show these pictures and their artists some love. These are not ALL the secret santa pictures but art the ones that posted to the Secret Santa DA group. (I included the one made for me because it can fit in there too.) I left the one I made out because, well you are already on my DA page. If you want to see it you can already do so. I wanted to maybe introduce you to artists you may not have seen yet. So check them out. :D

2018 Secret Santa

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Just a quick last journal of 2018. Had a great year, I am excited for another one. Anyone who has left comments or notes to me I will get to them in 2019. I really don't get much time off till after January 5th. Then days go back to shorter more normal shifts again. I am surprised my shifts did not get cut as much as normal for January. But I will have more time on my hands then I currently do.

I have one last picture to post for this year. I will post it today but add it to groups tomorrow before work. I am hoping to get page 8 posted on January 4th but as it says on page 7 it may be as late January 11th. Depending how much I can get done on it with the longer shifts.) After that though pages will come out every week. Minus this computer dying and then the pages will stop. But so far this computer seems pretty good. (super slow, but good.)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. I will return in 2019.
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Electronics and I are not having a good time together. This leaves me with just this computer now for the secret santa, (and almost all other entertainment.) Thank god I have it. Fingers crossed it can make it long enough to get though that project. Just over a week now computer. You got this. LOL.

Still the secret santa will keep going. I may push the comic one more week. I hope no one minds too much. I am sorry I just want the secret santa to get done with no worries and than I can worry about the comic again. With how much has messed up recently I don't want to add it to the mix. This computer is not good for the internet really as it is really old. I can't even watch YouTube on it. Now with my phone gone (I don't use TV) I have no real entertainment besides what games can play on this computer. So probably for the best I just stick to focusing on the Secret Santa project now and work on the comic when that is over. Hopefully in January I can look into getting my computer fixed and things will be easier. (Someday I would love to save up for a new computer. If things would stop needing repairs. LOL.) For the secret santa I will probably stick to a once a day check for e-mail. Please keep any secret santa related questions and such either on Lilymud or on my e-mail. I will not be back to check deviantArt till after December 25th.

Anyway long story short, Secret Santa - Still going. Deadline is 22nd (This Saturday). Only people I have not heard from it looks like are The-North-Star-2014 (aka awesomesauce2014) and Pamuya. Please e-mail me back when you see this. Or if anyone knows them and is talking to them please let them know to check their e-mail. Those not finished, who wrote me back you guys are good, I have heard from you. Of course those that are finished, you can relax (when it comes to this project) till December 25th. You already completed your part. :) (EDIT: I have heard from both of them now.)

The Comic- Delayed. Will start up again on December 28th. Sorry about the extra delay. I do have to redraw one part of the next page as I have the older version of the picture. And I do not want to do that when I am stressed from everything else going on. Other DA art, I am going to try to get the last few pictures from "Levar's Life" posted before the end of the year after Christmas though. If you have not played it, there may be some spoilers coming. I wont put too much in the description and try to stay away from saying too much to spoil things. (If you want to play the game. It is free and you can download it Here. I also have the full story on DA if you rather check out the story here on DA, but it will be more like a picture book and won't have any music, sound effects or allow you to make choices to affect the ending. It takes place WAY before the comic and Nora's story.)

I hope everyone has happy holidays. I will maybe do a journal entry early January so help promote everyone's pics from the secret santa as I normally do. I may have a better idea on when and how I will get my computer fixed. Till then I will hop on mainly to get the comic posted.


Secret Santa 2018 List:

Didn't provide a DA link: Pooky15, Sukala A.P. , Pamuya
:iconsesshomarutaisho: :icontruspiritart: :icontrusfanart: :iconscarla-mcr: :iconorcaowl: :iconyamiokamii: :iconleorgathar: :iconm0rtuum: :iconsirfranpan: :iconjezzkitty: :iconkanutgl: :iconscifibeatlesgleek: :iconwfengs: :iconthenorthstar2014: :iconrobyn-wolf: :iconkaseylsnow: :iconkitchiki: :iconphoenixmystery: :iconkoudoawaiavortex: :iconbudthewolf: :iconkimmorz:
I just want to make a quick journal about this. Yes computer died. No it will not stop the Secret Santa or the comic. But it will affect both of them.

I am going away mid week this week for about two weeks. During that time I will only have my cell phone. (Though I will slip back home to send out e-mails for those not done by the 14th. But that is all I will be home to do.)

If you want to find out how it will affect the two projects see below.

The Secret Santa:
Biggest thing - Please tell me who you are when you e-mail. Tell me who the picture if for too if you can. That will be a huge help because I will not have a list in front of me. Past that it is really minor stuff but if you want I made a post on Lilymud about it is a bit more detail as to what you can expect. If anyone has any major concerns about it try to let me know before Wednesday of this week. See just info post / Full thread for the Secret Santa.

UPDATE December 14th NOTE: Yes I do know about lilymud being sign in only at this moment. This should not affect the project at all. Those not members of lilymud that are not finished their pictures, I have sent the information needed to them.

First deadline is today. If you have not sent in your picture, you have an e-mail waiting for you. If you are already finished your picture and sent it in and heard back from me, you are good. Do not worry, the project is still going. So keep the secret. :) Just a few more days and I will be back home but do not let that stop you from sending your picture in.

The Comic:
This has the biggest impact on the comic as you can probably guess. When the hard drive failed I may not be able to get it running enough to get stuff off of it. If this is the case I will be starting back at sketches for the comic's last few pages. (I do love the last few pages of this chapter but not enough to redo them from sketches... I will do it if I have to but fingers crossed I do not.) The reason we will not get two pages the week I get back (as mentioned on page 5) is because page 8 needs quite a bit done on it. I was going to finish up the last few pages while I was away. But without a computer I can not do that. (This back up computer is not portable. So nothing can be done on the comic till I get home. Leaving me with only a few days to get the pages ready. Making it even worse if the pages are all sketches and I have to start from there.)

Anyway, sorry to bug everyone. It actually makes this time going away a little less fun as there was major plans that involved having my computer for it. But at this point I am just going to go and be happy I get to get away for that time and just enjoy without my computer. I will make another journal probably after the Secret Santa is over at this point.

(Random fun fact, 10 years ago today I moved to work at Walt Disney World. OMG time has flown by. Could not make it down there this year for a 10 year reunion so may just go down next year to celebrate. La la la la Clap Woohooooo! :happybounce: :squee: Dance! I might try to work on a picture to celebrate. So I have a chance to see how this computer handles Photoshop again.)


Secret Santa 2018 List:

Didn't provide a DA link: Pooky15, Sukala A.P. , Pamuya
:iconsesshomarutaisho: :icontruspiritart: :icontrusfanart: :iconscarla-mcr: :iconorcaowl: :iconyamiokamii: :iconleorgathar: :iconm0rtuum: :iconsirfranpan: :iconjezzkitty: :iconkanutgl: :iconscifibeatlesgleek: :iconwfengs: :iconthenorthstar2014: :iconrobyn-wolf: :iconkaseylsnow: :iconkitchiki: :iconphoenixmystery: :iconkoudoawaiavortex: :iconbudthewolf: :iconkimmorz:
Tomorrow (November 19th) is the last day for Secret Santa sign-ups, So I am going to make this post now. If you are interested in taking part but have not signed up yet then you may want to go do so now. Once sign ups close it will be too late. Link for information is here:…

If you are one of the members signed up remember to check your e-mail on Tuesday to find out who you have. I will be doing my best to go through everyone's reference tomorrow to make sure all your links work. If they do not I will e-mail you or PM you on Lilymud. So watch for that. (Don't want one of your characters missing out just because their references are not working.)  If you have the time you can always go check yourself to make sure they work. Saves you from having to worry about getting that e-mail from me about a broken link.

Names will be going out on Tuesday. So everyone who is signed up will get an e-mail letting you know who you will be drawing for. So keep watch for that. If it is your first year it will have a bit more instructions in it on how things are done with this particular secret santa.

Anyway, hope everyone is as excited as I am about it. Below is the list of people currently signed up. People who did not provide a DA link when signing up I just left as their name below. If they want their icon added to the list below let me know. :)

Didn't provide a DA link: Pooky15, Sukala A.P. , Pamuya
:iconsesshomarutaisho: :icontruspiritart: :icontrusfanart: :iconscarla-mcr: :iconorcaowl: :iconyamiokamii: :iconleorgathar: :iconm0rtuum: :iconsirfranpan: :iconjezzkitty: :iconkanutgl: :iconscifibeatlesgleek: :iconwfengs: :iconthenorthstar2014: :iconrobyn-wolf: :iconkaseylsnow: :iconkitchiki: :iconphoenixmystery: :iconkoudoawaiavortex: :iconbudthewolf: :iconkimmorz:

Also this is my last journal till after the 25th of December. So if anyone is celebrating any holidays inbetween now and then, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. :D
It's that time of year again. Just so you know it is not a "gift giving" Secret Santa. It is more like an "Art Trade" Secret Santa. This is our 17th year. Can you believe it?

Because I have to rewrite this I am going to keep it short. Before you really go much more into reading about this, it is a "Lion King Fan Art community" Secret Santa. It is not really a canon one, so OC characters are the main focus for this project. You will need to be able to create a picture for another member within the time given. All dates are in the link below. You get just over a month to finish your picture. You will need a feline character of some kind or be willing to use a canon one from any movie/book/tv show/game/ etc.

A quick version of how this project works is, you sign up giving information someone may need about between 1 and 5 characters of yours. On the given day I will e-mail you with the name of who you are drawing for. You keep that a secret, check out the information they have provided and draw them a picture. Once you are done you continue to keep that secret and e-mail me the finished picture before the deadline. On December 25th I e-mail all the pictures out together so everyone gets theirs fairly close together. Everyone who signs up and hands in a picture will get a picture from another member in return.

You can view past pictures to get a better idea at the DA group we have below.


If this seems like something you are interested in check out the link below for more details. Sign-ups will close at the end of the day on November 19th. Unfortunately due to the nature of this project I can not take any late sign-ups into the actual project.  We do have a facebook group if you wish to be notified early for when projects are happening. You can find that in the link below too. (If you are not a member of lilymud, just e-mail me with your sign up information and please put "Secret Santa" in the subject so I do not delete you.)…

If you have any questions feel free to comment below. Also, this is my only journal to remind anyone about sign-ups. I will update again when sign up's close.
I am back. The three weeks I off were fantastic. I really enjoyed my new job a lot but unfortunately, it was only a temp job. Though I am going to keep my eye out for more temp jobs from them. So I may be going back in the future. (Though don't worry, projects like the Secret Santa won't be affected by this. Though going back could slow down art things like other games or the comics.)

Anyway, I am here to talk about two major things.

First being "Chapter 4" of Moson's Comic. It will be out the end of this month with the first two pages being posted on the last week of October heading into November. There are only 11 pages and I would like to finish it by the end of this year so some weeks may have two pages on it. Chapter 4 is basically a bridge chapter between Chapter 3 and Chapter 5. So Chapter 5 will be longer. (Hopefully not as long as Chapter 3 though, that was a bit too long. Took almost a year to post.)  :) Chapter 5 will be starting hopefully early next year. Depends how much I can get done as fast. (Chapter 4 is almost done now so once that is done I will fully get into Chapter 5.) So yeah, those who have been wondering, you can expect the first page on October 29th and the second page on November 2nd. After that pages will go out MOSTLY on the Friday of each week. (I say mostly as that is the main day that should always have an upload, but some weeks may get two uploads. So just always check the description to see when the next page should be out. If any changes to it have to be made they will be made in the favour of you guys. So maybe instead of Friday, I would post it Thursday or something like that.) 

A second thing I want to say, I have FINALLY posted the video for Chapter 2 of the comic. I was having problems with getting it right and gave up on it a while back. I was bored today so I tried again and found a way around my problems. So if you enjoyed the first video of Chapter 1, maybe you will enjoy Chapter 2. I will try to get Chapter 3 up sometime before Chapter 4 starts. But if not then for sure before Chapter 4 is finished being posted. 

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

If you are newer to my art, possibly came from seeing or playing the game "Levar's Life" that I made, you may be interested in Moson's Comic. It takes place quite a bit after the game. There is another story in-between for you but the updated version to the story is not fully done. So, for now, it is probably best to just move to the comic. It follows Moson, Levar's oldest cub, for the most part. There are some side stories in there too. 
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First let me start with the one question that I have heard, more so from friends on facebook but I have heard it here too. Where is Chapter 4 coming out? And are you going to continue the comic?

Yes, of course, I am continuing the comic. The game is actually just something to help add to the lives of the characters. An experience you can have rather than just a long written story about Levar. Since his story is not told very much. Yes, there are three different endings. I won't say what is the "Correct" ending to the game because the idea of the game was to let you guys decide. The main idea is still there and it will never fully be said in the comic or Nora's story exactly what Levar did. There are rumors about it but are they true or not. That is up to you. (I do this because my friend, who helped in creating his story back when I first created him, had a different idea then I did. That is one big reason it is never officially said anywhere already. When she passed away I could no longer talk to her about what should be the official story for him so I left a lot up to you guys.
So next major question is, WHEN is the chapter 4 coming out? The best answer I have right now is sometime this year. Chapter 4 is completely sketched out. The first 3 pages are inked and two pictures in it I put a bit of extra time into it are done completely. Because Chapter 4 is only 11 pages it won't take that long to get through them. As long as nothing bad happens they should easily be ready to be posted later this year. (I will try to update my journal between October 1st and October 5th to give an exact date. By then I should easily know.) Yes, it is very likely it will start in 2018 and end in 2019.  Chapter 5 should still come out in 2019. I am sketching it at times I am not on the computer.

The game, not a whole lot to say other than that the story is fully finished on DA now. So if you do not want to download the game, but still want to read it and find out about it you can do so. Only it will take you through one pathway through the game. There will be no choices and you get the ending I felt did not give away as much during the final pictures as the other two do when looking at the picture alone. If you are interested in reading it on DA, it is 70 pages and can be read at the link right here:… (If you have not downloaded the game and would like to you can do so here: )

Time for a quick update on life. I have been offered a new temp job of 40 hours a week till October 5th. This means I am a lot busier lately. But it is only temporary. So time to get all those hours in that I can and then go back to my other job. (Which I am currently also working but since it is only one shift a week it is easy to just fit that in.) Anyway, things are REALLY slipping my mind with everything. So if you do not hear from me for a bit, well that is totally normal. But now I guess you will know what I will be doing.

Random side note: I am really looking forward to getting back into the Secret Santa this year! Anyone else excited? Or is it just me? I know I have been distant the past year but the Secret Santa is still a go. Even if I am busy I have help on the side to run things if I end up getting a permanent spot on my new job. Just a little friendly reminder in case I forget in October. If you are taking part and your character sheets need updating, you may want to start planning it so you are not rushed at the last minute. Sign-ups should open around the end of October. :) And yes I will let the facebook group know a day or two before as well as the day the sign-ups open.
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Spoilers will be coming as I will be posting for a neutral run of the game. If you are not able to download the game but would like to read the story of it you will soon be able to. Now there is about 60 pages by the looks of it so far. (Still working it out so do not fully know all the pages and how it will be set up.) So I do not want to suddenly post 60 pictures in here. So I will do about 10 a day. (Minus maybe this weekend as Saturday August 18th I will have no internet and Sunday I will be working/moving for two weeks away from my place... but I am bringing my computer so I will continue on Monday.)

Only the special images will go in my main folder over the next few days. The rest will go into scraps. If you do not follow my scraps you can see all the pages posted HERE. Note, there WILL be spoilers to the game as the whole game will be posted. (Minus a few scenes outside the choices that are made in this story. I would do a "choose your own adventure" style like the game is but the problem with that is there is programing in the game that allows your choices to effect the ending. Something I can't really do on DA. Special pictures not shown here be posted at some point, maybe before the end of the year.) I will post the special pictures to the groups I am a part of. But only ones I have never shared anything like that before.

Also there is a new update for the game just to fix some wording issues, spelling and such. Nothing too major. If you downloaded it and played it and enjoyed it you do not need to re-download it if you do not wish. But if you have not downloaded it or downloaded it but have not played it yet you can get the updated version here. (The story will be written out the way this version is.) The place to download the game is here: Levar's Life. But you will also see a link on every page from the game.
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I took a random time off from a lot of online stuff for the past few weeks after the game came out. I truly needed it. I got several games with the steam sale that I wanted to play, plus work has been giving me extra hours (ooooo a whole extra day... still not enough to survive but better than nothing.) My classes and job hunting have taken up a lot of time and I was feeling super drained by the time the game came out. So I took a bit of time for just me and whatever I felt like doing. You have no idea how good that has felt. No deadlines to worry about or anything.

August will be very much the same for me I think. I am actually going away for the last two weeks of August. Not super far, but I won't be at my apartment. I am just super excited to get out of the apartment. And where I am going they have 4 dogs I can love and just be around. (I am a dog person to if I can pet dogs for days on end I am going to be happy about that.) The first two weeks in August I may be around. I would like to do some art if I have some time. I took off my time at class for three weeks. That will help a lot. They still want me to job hunt which I feel may be silly since I won't be home for two weeks to get any calls and I am not sure how well my cell will work where I am going as it will be my first time there. But I do understand, no time like right now to find a job since the college and high school kids go back to school. We will see what comes up.

Anyway that is all for now I think. I have been thinking about art trades... But let's wait to open them till I am either gone away and know how much free time I will have there, or after I fully am back in Mid September. But I would like to take a few before this year is over because I haven't this year.

Before I end this journal... if you are interested in getting my game, check out my previous journal for more information linked here: Levar's Life Available NowWell the day has finally come. The full version of the game up and ready for download for anyone interested in downloading it. Once downloaded unzip it and play, it is that simple. It is a pretty basic story. I do feel I could really expand on it much more and I might in the future. If there is no major bugs than I may expand on this game a bit more just to fill it out. Feedback is welcome, even if you didn't enjoy it. (Though I would like to know why you didn't. :) ) The game is free to download. So if you enjoy my characters you will probably enjoy it to some extent. (Also if/when you play till the end, let me know what ending you got. It will be interesting to see. :) )
Download the game here: UPDATE: PC and Mac version are back up. 
(Just make sure if you want the full game you do not download the Demo as it is still available in case people want it. ;) )

What is Levar's Life:
It is a visual novel game. Much like a "cho

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Well the day has finally come. The full version of the game up and ready for download for anyone interested in downloading it. Once downloaded unzip it and play, it is that simple. It is a pretty basic story. I do feel I could really expand on it much more and I might in the future. If there is no major bugs than I may expand on this game a bit more just to fill it out. Feedback is welcome, even if you didn't enjoy it. (Though I would like to know why you didn't. :) ) The game is free to download. So if you enjoy my characters you will probably enjoy it to some extent. (Also if/when you play till the end, let me know what ending you got. It will be interesting to see. :) )

Download the game here: UPDATE: PC and Mac version are back up. 
(Just make sure if you want the full game you do not download the Demo as it is still available in case people want it. ;) )

What is Levar's Life:
It is a visual novel game. Much like a "choose your own adventure" novel you get choices throughout the game. No choice will send you off on a totally different route. Because Levar's life HAS to follow some sort of story no matter what choices you make main events happen either way. There is 3 different versions of the ending. Good, Neutral and Evil. A good chunk of choices will effect that ending. (But not all choices have an impact on the ending.) Those who try for a strong good or a strong evil will notice some things different than a neutral play though though. Some lines will be different. Some choices just branch off for a quick part to the story, others will give you a different scene and sometimes even a different special scene. I recommend you play it however you like first rather than worrying about the endings.

Found a bug:
I actually only have two testers on older (crappier) Pcs. Mac it has not been tested for though I have had no complaints for the demo so hopefully that goes though into this game as well. If you do find a bug let me know. On here or on the website. I am going to keep watch and try to fix things as soon as I can.

I do plan to do more games. This game is really a first game for me and I feel it shows. The more I have grown in learning about it the more I feel I could do that I didn't when I first started. And without really scrapping it and starting over. As I said above the story is pretty basic. Partly because of the way it was written, and partly because I wanted choices to help effect the ending but at the same time needed it to stay on somewhat of a linear path seeing as Levar already has a full future after this game in Nora's Story and Moson's comic.
I do plan to redo Nora's Story in something like this but it won't have choices I don't think. Making it less of a game and more of a new way to read and enjoy Nora's story. Moson's comic will not get this at all till at least all the comic chapters are done. When either of these is happening is unknown.

Moson's Comic:
Fans of the comic rejoice. Other than a bit of a break I am going to take now that this is finally done, Chapter 4 will start getting worked on and will start being posted before the end of this year. So if you are not a fan of the game and have been missing the comic it is coming back. I have most of the next chapter sketched out.

Anyway that is all from me for a little bit. I am going to take a few days off from stuff unless there is a major concern I need to deal with, and come back next week more refreshed, maybe with some new art, maybe not. But I will go and catch myself up on replying to comments. (Past few weeks have been hard core game stuff. FINALLY I can play a game that is not my game and I got a ton of games on the summer sale so other than working the next three days as well that is where I want to lose myself for a little bit. :) )
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If anyone got the notice that the game is coming out early next week. I am sorry about this new information. But July 12th will be the official release date. As you can see below I am ALMOST done. Only two things stand in my way. My main editor was going to come over yesterday or today to get some editing done on the last part of the game (when things start to go down two or three different paths.) Yesterday we canceled because my parking lot was getting work done on it and it is shaking my building. Not really a good environment to read and edit. The workers also got held up because of a Thunderstorm we got last night meaning they are back at it again today. In a few hours I am leaving for a couple of day, a trip I was hoping would be my "relaxing because the game is done trip." I do not want any rushed stuff for the game so I decided to make the release date July 12th. Since it is just a couple of sound clips missing and some editing I may save a "finished" copy of the game now so it can be tested while I am gone so I do not waste too much time. I rather have extra time to test the game than not enough time. I do not have THAT many people testing.

Character Pictures - DONE
Backgrounds - DONE
Special Pictures - DONE
Script/Programing 98%

Anyway I am not going to post any new pictures for it. I want to leave SOME surprises. I did post a new one in my gallery of a happy teen Zee. If you are interested and want to check it out. Other than that watch on July 12th for a journal from me where you can get a link to the game if you are interested in playing the finished version. :)

(If you have not already and want to play the little demo you can here: )
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This is my last journal before I announce the finished game. While I am sure I can get the game done for July 1st I am very busy that week with work and need to allow those testing it a chance to really play though it a few times. (July 1st is a holiday here though at my work July 4th is also going to be super busy.)

Most of the game is finished at this point. It is fun looking though it now because a huge chunk of it got finished in the past week. I will try to post a "trailer" for the game around July 1st. But if not I will post it on the day it is released.

Character Pictures 63/90
Backgrounds 18/18
Special Pictures 18/21
Script/Programing 90%

As you can see above it is getting close. Only 3 more special pictures need to be finished. One is half done. The other two have the sketched characters and finished backgrounds. The character pictures are the only things that appear far behind. But It will maybe take two days next week to finished them all up. Than it will just be the final programing stuff.

Below, as usual is three pictures that were recently completed for the game. There was lots to choose from this time around. But I don't want to give away anything too big. I am going to post at least one picture in the next little bit of a fully done scene that you may see in the game. But below is two backgrounds (very different ones I just noticed. One so light and cheery. The other dark and gloomy.) And one character picture, Levar as a teen from the game.
Anyway this is my last journal update for the game till the game is out. I hope everyone celebrating early next month as a safe and fun time.

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FIRST: If you wish to download and play the demo you can at the link below. It was released back on Feb. 8th 2018. With the game coming out soon if you want to play it you can. But if you wish to wait till the finished game too that is fine.


The game is doing well. Below is a rough estimate of "what needs to be done"/"total number of them in game" (Only things FULLY done are marked as done. There is plenty of things that are almost done or started, I won't make them as done if I do not see the image of it in the image folder for the game.)

Character Pictures 56/90
Backgrounds 8/18
Special Pictures 9/21
Script/Programing 80%

Character pictures honestly do not take too long to do. Once the base is set for many characters it is just changing the expressions. Some characters have a large collection of expressions, some only have two, or one even. So often I can use the same base and just change the expression of them. Also there are a few that are close to being done that maybe I just need to shade, or colour the lineart. Backgrounds are not going to be anything too amazing. I am not the best at backgrounds but I will do what I can. But they do rely on me being in an artistic mood. Getting 10 more done by the end of the month wont be too bad. Special Pictures take the most time. Though some included in "All that needs to be done" are almost doubles so that makes it easier. (Special pictures are ones like the one of Danny below. Or Levar and his brother walking together, or Levar in love. They just have a little extra to them that is not the normal game play. Almost like a cut scene.) If the game is held up this is where it may be held up. Everything else is easy to get done by the end of the month. But special pictures are a bit more time and can take up to 4 or 5 hours each. But I have been inking their lineart over the past month so like some of the stuff above it won't take too long to do. The Script, as far as the game itself is concerned it runs from beginning to end. I could release the game now and you could play it with the story and crappy placeholder art. My editor is going to be hard at work over the next few days making sure the spelling and such is correct. Than I have a group of people check that over and make sure things look okay. Other than that, as character pictures are finished it will be me making sure their placements are perfect on the screen for each other. Lions are a bit harder to do this for than people may be, but I do want to make sure it does not get TOO crowded on screen.

Anyway below is a bit of a sneak peek to a few more things. You can see Zane grown up into a teen. I am liking his look for that. In the middle we have Danny, that I posted in the previous journal. I wanted to have a special picture to show for this journal. It is the least spoiler filled of them. I had another one in mind but unfortunately it is not quite done yet. I will work on it today. Maybe a mid month Journal I can show it off or something. :) At the far side we have Zane's older brother. Any ideas for a name for him.

Along with this update I did post a new picture for the main title screen. If you played the demo and was like "WTF is this title screen" LOL that is a placeholder. The real one is now ready to show. To go with it there is also a speedpaint video on YouTube if you wish to watch it. (Sort of a teaser of what is to come. ;) )

This is all for now. I will try to update in the mid month this month if anyone is interested to hear more. I will update the info above in that journal so you will see how much progress was made in that time. I am getting excited to share the full game with you guys. It has been a lot of fun to create.
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