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Street Painting The Lion King

By Timitu
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I almost won "The People's Choice" award for this picture. We were given 2 1/2 days to do our street painting. This is a HUGE square compaired to other peoples. And I was the only one with this size of square that did not have any help.

Anyway this was done for the Expressions in Chalk thing put on by the Imadon group in London Ontario Canada. And I am quite proud of it. :) (I did most of it in the last Half a day. I still cant belive how much I got done then.)
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Wow you should have won!! This is great.
Fantastic u should of won!
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you DIDNT win a prize? That is an epic fai on the judges'part!
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amazing and cute :>
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this looks great , I can not believe how could you not have help doing this big scale !
Im attending a street painting fest. in my town , Im both scared and excited lol
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omg this is amazing u should have won it ^^ :+fav:
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Sorry, this ain't great.
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Well your one out of the many that think it is. But perhaps you could explain more why you think it isnt great. But glad you have an opinion that maybe is diffrent from the others. It is also my first so I dont really care what people think cause I learned a lot from this and I can probbly tell you 10 reasons I dont see it like everyone else. But I wont be interested to hear yours.
TwilightxBuddies's avatar's...really..really.....good(i am speechless)
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Amazing!!!! I love it! Awww...but you didn't put Nuka in there XD Ah well! lol
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HOLY CRAP how many separate colors do you HAVE?!
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Hmmm. Good question. I think 36. But a lot of it is blending two or three colours together. I normally have the main colour then mix in a slightly lighter colour and a slightly darker colour over top of it to give it a nicer smooth look and also helps when you go to blend the shadows in, they look more natural if you use more then one colour before. Black is the main colour I don't use much of. Pure black wont get out of anything so once the wind blows it across the picture. It is ruined. So I always have to work fast using that one.
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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! lion king 2 is my all time favorite movie and you made CHILDREN with my favorite couple....i love you....
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LOL. Well this was for :iconbeekay84: and so this was her idea of their kids. So I cant take credit for that part of it. :) I am glad you like it though. :D It is still probably one of the greatest Street Paintings I ever did.
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That is really good, how were you able to smoothe it out so much, nad make it so bright?
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For blending and smoothing I used an old sock and a glove. To get the colours bright they have to be a good kind of chalk. The kids chalks just wont cut it. We use a pastel chalk so it has much brighter colours to begin with and much more choices but you do have to lay enough down that it will get the nice colours otherwise the street will still show through. (And for this one it was hard cause it was really bumpy. I had lots of band aids on after this once from cutting my fingers when the chalk got small.)
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/wow/ THat is VERY impressive! I love it!
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you did win.. In my book... that is one big piccy.. I would never be able to do something like that!!
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LOL. awww thanks. Ya and I am doing it again this year. LOL. I will be sick of street painting when this year is over cause I have so much of it. I better not get artist block. I am haveing a little fun this year, made a contest and the winners get to be fetured in the street painting this year. Thought it would be an interesting and unique prize that most people cant give. LOL.
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wowza! incredible! you should have won
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