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Page 69 - Levar's Life by Timitu Page 69 - Levar's Life by Timitu
(NOTE: The writing below is a major spoiler to the ending of the game. It is highly suggested you either read the story from the beginning or have played the game before reading the stuff below.)

Page 69:

"I don't know if you are really Levar. I have not seen you in years." Nzuri said backing up as Levar went to approach her.

"But I am."

"But you can't explain anything. How are you so young? Years have passed. You look the same age as you did when you died."

"Like I said, I can't explain it. At least not right now." Levar took a step forward and she took a step back.

"I am sorry... Levar, or whoever you are.  In these troubled times, I can not just trust anyone." She paused a moment to look at him. "You do look so much like him. But, I have a very different life now. It was really nice to meet you. You are a very handsome young lion."

"Nzuri please!"

"I am sorry but I should get going. Perhaps someday we will meet again."

"Your time is up Levar." He heard Danny's voice ring in his ears. "You could not win back your girl. And she is way too old to have cubs with. The deal is over."

"But, I never knew so much time had passed. Please, there must be another way. Let me live till she dies and then you can take me back."

"Rules are rules. You were to be back with Nzuri and have a family. Since that can no longer happen you are mine. If I ever feel pity I may let you try again."
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