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Page 42 - Levar's Life by Timitu Page 42 - Levar's Life by Timitu
Page 42:

Kailas moved into the moonlight and turned to look back at his friend letting the light hit his face. He had four scars across his left eye.

"What is that on your face?" Levar jumped back. "Kailas are you okay?"

"Yeah, I have had this for a while. It only shows up at night. When the moon comes out."

"What happened?"

"It is the mark of Danny! I am his chosen one." Levar said nothing so Kailas continued. "It has been this way since as far back as I can remember. I was tormented by haunting visions and strange noises. Everything seemed to happen in waves. Loud and demanding things then to soft and gentle. One minute I would see the world full of everything I could ever want. All the food and all the followers. Everyone loved me. But the next I would feel myself being eaten by them. The pain of my flesh being torn from my bones. The noises would be the same from kind whispers and soft birds, to roars and screams. My paws would burn at the touch of the ground as I would see myself standing in fire. A dark figure would stand with me. The only two things I could make out about him were his yellow eyes, and 4 scars across his one eye. Through dreams I was told I would be the leader and have many pride members. If I did not take on this job I would be eaten alive. So of course that is how our group started."

"That is crazy." Levar finally spoke.

"I kept everything to myself. Only my brother and you know now. I stayed in shadows around my family after the scars started to appear on my face. There is a reason I do not like to go out too often at night."

"What does Antony think of this?"

"Antony is probably the most devoted to Danny that I know. As a cub I thought he just liked him. Hearing the stories and such. I think it helps him feel powerful."

"I know he will never harm me, I am the closest he has to Danny. Though as he gets older I can not deny the fear I have that he will be like him one day."

"Like him one day. Don't you want to be like him too? If he chose you he must have had a reason."

"I don't yet know what that reason is. Perhaps he has a big plan for me. He saved his family you know. My father told me once I was a descendant of his. Yet at the same time from the stories I hear he has had no cubs. So I am not sure how that works. Not long after I heard the stories I saw these marks. They started out faint at first at night, then showed more and more till they are like they are now."

"Does it hurt?"

"No, I find it hard to even remember they are there. This group we have is followers of Danny. As a cub I saw it as good, but the older I get the more I wonder if his stories are a bit... tainted."

"What do you mean?"

"It is said as a cub he saved his whole pride. He was special from birth. His mother a lion, his father a tiger. His younger brother died while he was trying to save him..." Kailas stopped for a second.

"And you..." Levar paused unsure if he should continue.

"That scar on Antony's paw, was because of me."

"Yeah, Antony told us you gave it to him."

"No, I did not give it to him. Our father did. You see I pushed him into a fast moving river when he was very young. Our father jumped in to save him. The only way to get a hold of a slippery wet cub was to... To grab his paw with his teeth and pull him out. It gave him a cut on his paw a reminder of what I had done. Levar I do not believe Danny tried to save his brother. I believe he killed him. Before I tried to kill Antony I had my first vision of him. He told me to do it. I did not act of my own will that day."

"Danny wanted you to kill Antony?"

"Ever since that day I knew he felt betrayed. I am not good enough for him. Instead I am mocked and tortured by visions each night. Horrible ones. I often wish I would die and be done with it. But I know death will only bring about those visions every moment of my existence. So instead I choose to live with it. Till he finds someone else to bother and hopefully leaves me alone. If he really saved his pride where are any signs that they still exist. So often I hear cries in my sleep of those that had died and I believe it to be at his claws that they died."

"Kailas, I am sorry you are going through that so often. But now you have told me. Your secret is safe with me. If you ever need to talk about this I am here. I know talking to Antony may not be the best option." Kailas turned back toward the entrance to the party. "Speaking of Antony, we should get back to the party before anyone notices we are gone. I do best in the shadows anyway. Would not want anyone to see me up here." Kailas smiled over to Levar. "You are a good friend to have Levar."

"Can I ask you something about your brother?"

"Perhaps we can get back before his speech is over. You can ask me on the way."

"He seems very different from you..."

Kailas chuckled. "We are half brothers. We share the same father. It is not fully known who is older. Him or I. But I was born to father's favourable mate, so I am to rule the lands one day."

"Ummm it is more than just looks. He is much more-"

"Intense? Yeah. He is smaller. Father thinks it is because he has to make up for what he does not have in size. Between us though, he is an excellent fighter. I really would like to keep him on my side as I get older. He may be small but I am sure he could take down any intruder. He is fast and agile. If there is a fight I would be a fool to bet against him."


"But as I said. He won't cause me harm. Not because he cares about me, but because he cares about Danny."

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Note: I may have to put off the last few pages till I get home. When I planed to go out here I did not realize how much of a full time job this would be. (Don't get me wrong I love it... but it has been a lot of work and I get very little peace to really sit and go online to do this.) So I will go to page 50 today and I will finish up the story the first part of September when I get back. (I get back home on August 31st but not till late at night. I will try to start back for September 1st.) This note will also go on the last page of today.
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