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Escaping the Boundaries of Art


This year I did not even know what I was doing till the day before. This almost won runner up for Peoples Choice award. It did not turn out exactly as I planned but it worked out very nice in other ways.

This is made completely using Koss Soft Pastel Chalk. And it was for Expressions in Chalk which is an annual street painting festival in London Ontario.

The two characters, while I normally let the kids decide if they looked like a character they knew, are actually by own designs. Many of my online fans will recognize them right away as Nora (on the right) who is based on myself, and Levar on the left who is her mate.

I am wearing a bag on my head cause that morning when the London Free Press came my art was shown... well Levar anyway, in the paper (along with two of our featured artists... which blew me away alone) but since they must have come around during a bathroom break they never found out my name and listed me in the paper as THE UNKNOWN ARTIST. So it became my new name and alias at the event this year. Which gave it a whole other side to the fun. Many people came just to find out who this unknown artist was.

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uekisan's avatar
WOW Very nice :heart:
Terrakl's avatar
Hah, I saw you there last year. If you're in it again this year I'm definitely taking some photos! Hope you win something!

And don't be bummed out by "THE UNKNOWN ARTIST", it's mysterious, and mysterious = sexy. Well... kinda, but whatev xD
Timitu's avatar
Longest wait ever for a reply. LOL. If you still use your account and ever see this, awesome that you got to see. I could not be in for the 2009 one as I had moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World for their one year program. (Got to play the part of a Canadian... hard stuff. lol. ;) ) I think I took part in 2010 when I got back but ended up getting really sick. I had then moved back to Florida to go to school and work at Disney and Universal Studios for a few years. Then moved back here. I have thought about going back in again, I even have a picture I want to do. Who knows, if I ever catch it on time when they are accepting applications I will send in mine and try again. :)
KamikazeDoodlez's avatar
Hey...not trying to sound crepperish or anything...but I saw you draw that beautiful piece of art work. I was visiting my friend who was drawing the Archie picture. but you got some talent with chalk :P
Timitu's avatar
Thank you... I appreciate that. :) Sorry for the super late reply. Not even sure if you use you account. I was just going though some old pictures and found this. Funny how people from the area also found this picture on here. :)
ManeaEve's avatar
that's some bloody awsome chalk drawin there:thumbsup:most of the people i know usually draw on paper/use photoshop:XD:but not chalk.
KHmonkeylover's avatar
This is so cool. It most of tooken long.
Looks like it was done at some school blacktop?
PALisHERE's avatar
i can't even begin to imagine how long this must have taken you!!
Simba83's avatar
looks awesome!!
Tamarawrz's avatar
that's soooo cool.
Casnewydd-NGD's avatar
Awesome art and ive seen it in real life, great work;)
MutantPiratePrincess's avatar
Wow! This is just awesome! :wow: Too bad you were nothing but "the unknown artist" first.
Kairiku-Kakashi's avatar
It came out fantastic- I loves it.

Sorry you're the Unknown artist, you deserve the reconition...
Timitu's avatar
I was mad at first. But it was great for me. People came and wanted to shake my hand and meet this unknown artist. I had people say they just had to come out and see who the unknown artist was and I was like "Don't you remember who does the lion king on each year." LOL. But it really made my day. I thought it was bad at first but was surprised how popular it actually made me in the community. :P :D
Kairiku-Kakashi's avatar
Oh, well then that's great! LOL they didn't know you were the one doing it every year? >.< Well, at least you are popular now. I think it came out amazing. I'd want to shake your hand, that's for sure. :3
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