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Cave scene from Levar's Life by Timitu Cave scene from Levar's Life by Timitu
Seems every time I posted something in the past from my game I felt like I did not have a lot of choices. But not this time. WOW. I got a lot done on the game the past two weeks. I have lots I could share but I am picking this one for a few reasons.

One of those reasons being I like this picture. I like the scene it comes from. It is a scene you will only get if you make a certain choice. So a little bit of an Easter Egg. Not hard to get though. It is not like you have to have made a chin of choices to get it. One specific one will lead you to this.  Two of these five characters some of you may recognize from my characters. One has been seen quite a bit having a role in my comic. But the other one I have not drawn for a very long time. Two of the characters I got my mom to colour because she has actually been awesome for helping out with the game.

So anyway... I do encourage people to check out my journal update. I added two background pictures I am quite pleased with as well as a teen Levar picture for the game. The full game will be available early July. (I am really doing NOTHING else till the game is done. So far that plan is working really well.) :)

Demo is still available if people want to play it. Otherwise by this point you may just want to wait for the full game. ;)
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protvscar Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Yup, we're waiting! :)
Timitu Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
So close. Currently as I am writing this the PC version is uploaded but before I can save the page the Mac one has to upload too. I am so happy it is actually finished. Mainly because I never thought I could learn coding enough to make a game like this. My next game will be much better. There was a lot in the early stages of this one that I did that made it harder to make it as good later. :D But I think it will still be some fun. :)
protvscar Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Sure! This game has unique charm of your stories, it's the main thing!
Hurraaaaaaaaaay! Just a little more to wait! La la la la 
Yesterday I've told my friend rudwolf about your upcoming game, she wants to see it too! :)
Timitu Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww I remember rudwolf. That is awesome. :D I hope to do one of Nora's story eventually. It will probably be much better but wont have the choices that Levar's Life had. Nora's story was always meant to be sort of a picture book. That is why the first versions of it are written in little bits as that was supposed to be each page. So it would fit. But it will take time to do so wont be for a couple of years I think.
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