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Levar's Life Game Walkthough by Timitu, literature

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My Bio

What is there to tell really. I stated posting my artwork online in 2001. My first character I came up with was Timitu so he has stayed my name over the years. (Timitu is not based on myself.) I went to college in 2005 for Tech Theater. In 2008 I got a job for a one year contract to work at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida for the "Cultural Representative Program." (If you ever wanted to work there but don't live in the USA, you should totally look it up. It is still my favourite job and life experience I have had.) In 2011 I decided to move back to Florida for a second round of college and got to work at Disney again and Universal Studios before returning back to Canada. Art is a hobby for me. I don't think I have wanted to be a professional artist since elementary school. I have had professional jobs in it but they tend to suck the creativity out of me. Not saying I will never take commissions or other jobs relating to art but I don't tend to. (I will do art trades from time to time.)

The rest is yet to come I guess.

Nora and Levar For Christmas Collab

Favourite TV Shows
I have not watched TV in years so I don't know.
Favourite Games
King's Quest, Quest for Glory, Broken Sword, Uncharted, Dishonored, Baldur's Gate, The Sims
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC (It is where most of my games are on)
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop and my tablet
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I wasn't going to do another journal but had some down time from work to write something and thought I would. Just a little something. :) Some of you may have noticed I have added some recommended pictures in the descriptions of some of my pictures. I am hoping to eventually get around to all of my pictures. But of course I am currently away for work and will be back by the 18th. (The 17th actually but it will probably be way too late to jump on and work on stuff.) If you are new to my art and reading this check out some of my "Lion King Fan Art" as each of those pictures will now have three pictures I think you might like if you click on one. You will often see ones repeated. I am going to do my best to give a bigger variety for them once I am back and have the next week off. :) Here is a three pictures to start you guys off if you want to check out some more art. Work has been going great but I am exhausted. It will be so nice to just relax at home after it is all done. On my
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Who do you think Dealie is? (One answer is correct, answer will be said on Nov.8th on page 22)

11 votes
Antony's Son
Kailas' Son
Danny's Son
Levar and Nora 2013
Levar and Nora 2013
Nora's/Levar's Son
Page 15 - Levar's Life
Page 15 - Levar's Life
Nzuri's/Levar's Son
Ant and Kailas
Ant and Kailas
Antony's/Kailas's Brother
Page 66 - Levar's Life
Page 66 - Levar's Life
Danny's Brother he killed
Levar's Father
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Hey my friend, I just felt like awarding you some more badges for some of your comments on my art, since I collected lots of fragments in the past few weeks. ;)

AHHHH! :love::woohoo: This totally made my day. Thank you so much for all of it. What a wonderful surprise. You have no idea how happy I was to see all the messages. I will have to check it all out later this week when I catch up on everything. Had an intensely busy past few days but after I am all done tomorrow I will have nothing but free time (I hope) for the rest of this week. :w00t: :D :happybounce:

Thank you so much for contributing your art to LionKing-Adventures Group!

Lionking-adventures (2)

Hey! :D Just dropping a quick note to say that, I've been following your work for at least 10 years now (back on TLKFAA before finding you here!) and I am just so awed in how much your iconic style has improved over the years, whilst still being clearly identifiable. I'm so glad to see a lot of your characters have stood the test of time, because at this point some of them seem like old friends.

I remember following your Disney journey, reading your comics etc. as a teenager and I just wanted to leave you a note to let you know (in a non weird way, I hope) that I truly appreciate your artwork.

Keep it up and keep safe!

After a really crazy week I just had this was one of the best things to come back to. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. It always makes me happy to see someone has watched me that long especially though the Disney time as I was not very active during it and changed many of my characters. Only to go back to my original ones after a couple of years. I really appreciate that you still like my stuff even after all these years. It means a lot to me. :D

Thank you for joining the :iconsecret-santa-network: group! :happybounce::heart: