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What is there to tell really. I stated posting my artwork online in 2001. My first character I came up with was Timitu so he has stayed my name over the years. (Timitu is not based on myself.) I went to college in 2005 for Tech Theater. In 2008 I got a job for a one year contract to work at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida for the "Cultural Representative Program." (If you ever wanted to work there but don't live in the USA, you should totally look it up. It is still my favourite job and life experience I have had.) In 2011 I decided to move back to Florida for a second round of college and got to work at Disney again and Universal Studios before returning back to Canada. Art is a hobby for me. I don't think I have wanted to be a professional artist since elementary school. I have had professional jobs in it but they tend to suck the creativity out of me. Not saying I will never take commissions or other jobs relating to art but I don't tend to. (I will do art trades from time to time.)

The rest is yet to come I guess.

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Favourite TV Shows
I have not watched TV in years so I don't know.
Favourite Games
King's Quest, Quest for Glory, Broken Sword, Uncharted, Dishonored, Baldur's Gate, The Sims
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC (It is where most of my games are on)
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop and my tablet
Just wanted to give a bit of an update on things. It has been hard getting too much done lately as work is pretty crazy. I hear it is going to calm down for a bit soon but my hours are not cut at all. So not sure if it is just that I will get to go home early some days or what. Work itself has been as crazy as ever. I am counting down the days until things can hopefully get back to normal but even still I have no idea if the date I am counting down to is even a possibility. So the stress is high for now. I am hoping in October or even in September during our quiet time I can get an extra day off or so to re-organize stuff. I will be going away again in October but I still have to work. I will just be working the two jobs instead of one so it will be much harder this time. Work is set up with two short days and three long days. But the three long days are often ones filled with problems as we have a few co-workers trying to make a few of our lives much worse. I am not one to complain
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So, small change in plans, I won't be back until Friday. But I will schedule two pictures to go up over the 4 days I would have normally been here. So you will still see pictures but I can't reply to comments or anything until Friday.
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I am back now.

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So I posted my first picture in months. I have lots more where that came from that I have been working on over the past few months. My time off has been pretty good and I have got a lot done. The comic will still be a bit before I get back to it. I do have a lot going on right now at work and such that is eating my time unfortunately and making me a little stressed and such. But I am going to do my best to keep some pictures coming for a bit. Be sure to check out my scraps too as I do have lots of sketches I did as well while I am gone. They may turn into finished pictures or may be a sneak peek of what is coming soon in my list to post. I did one art trade while I was gone so will get that posted as well. If you have been watching me on YouTube I am hoping to get some more videos up in the next couple of weeks. Work is going to be super rough for me this week. But I got 4 days off next week to help regroup and prepare for the weeks ahead. :) But I will have a gaming video this
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I have been debating about saying this because I am not 100% sure I am fully ready. But I feel most of this year is almost over. I have started drawing again, and have an art trade I took on Discord that I really need to finish up. So I may have some things to post when I do come back. I am not sure exactly a certain day in August. But it is when I am planning at this point. Sometime in August. (I will make a more full journal when I do return along with post some of the pictures I have done while gone.)
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Aww, thank you so much for all the hearts, my friend! :glomp:

Happy Birthday Timitu, yaaaaaaaay!!! С Днем Рожденья!!! Have a great day!! :airborne:

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Спасибо. :happybounce: It was such a wonderful day. Busy but fun. Today I get to have the quiet day to enjoy doing my own things. It is a great birthday weekend. :D

Yay, awesome!! And such quiet days are the best, I always appreciate them so!

Hey my friend, I just felt like awarding you some more badges for some of your comments on my art, since I collected lots of fragments in the past few weeks. ;)

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AHHHH! :love::woohoo: This totally made my day. Thank you so much for all of it. What a wonderful surprise. You have no idea how happy I was to see all the messages. I will have to check it all out later this week when I catch up on everything. Had an intensely busy past few days but after I am all done tomorrow I will have nothing but free time (I hope) for the rest of this week. :w00t: :D :happybounce: