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Sample Commission by TimGoneMad Sample Commission :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 3 4 Commission Information by TimGoneMad Commission Information :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 0 0 WOY5: Still The Greatest by TimGoneMad WOY5: Still The Greatest :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 9 20 Hey Blondie, How's It Going? by TimGoneMad Hey Blondie, How's It Going? :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 3 3 Everyone Loves Angela by TimGoneMad Everyone Loves Angela :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 1 3 Zero Day by TimGoneMad Zero Day :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 4 0 Captain Tim's Galactic Adventure Cover Art by TimGoneMad Captain Tim's Galactic Adventure Cover Art :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 6 9 Summer Chills by TimGoneMad Summer Chills :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 2 0 Happy 100th, Cap! by TimGoneMad Happy 100th, Cap! :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 4 8 Four Seasons Of Tim by TimGoneMad Four Seasons Of Tim :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 5 7 June Unicorns 2018 by TimGoneMad June Unicorns 2018 :icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 6 7
A Family Worth Fixing, Part 6
Captain Tim was flying his ship back to Earth.
“Why didn’t I get to see Mars or Jupiter or anything?” asked Izzy.
“Well, those planets are not inhabitable,” said Tim. “We were well beyond your star system when you woke up. It only took a few hours.”
Izzy was quite surprised. “Only a few hours? Wow, your ship moves really fast!”
“Not on its own. We often have to use black holes to get around really fast.”
“We fly through black holes?”
“Only since I got this ship. Before that, we could only slingshot around them, but now we can actually enter them to use as warp points.”
“Really? It still sounds scary to me.”
“It’ll be the fastest way to get you home.”
Izzy felt a bit sick. “How long will it take to get me home without the black holes?”
“About a month.”
“Oh. Do we really have to go?”
“We went through one in order to get you from
:icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 3 17
A Family Worth Fixing, Part 5
With Georgia and Izzy in tow, Tim flew his ship to a nearby planet that had one of the most popular amusement parks in the galaxy. They got out and had a look, only to discover that it was closed for refurbishment.
“Hmm,” said Tim, “it looks like we’ll have to find some other park.”
They quickly flew to another park on another planet, but this one had been closed permanently due to safety problems.
“Oh, I should’ve known,” said Tim. “They kept getting bad reviews.”
Then they flew to yet another park on yet another planet. Unfortunately, this one was closed due to a major holiday.
“Ugh! I really need to keep more calendars around!”
Izzy felt rather tired of going from one place to another for hours. “Can we do something fun without an amusement park?”
Tim tapped his chin in thought for a few seconds before a light bulb shone in his head. “I got it! I know of a planet with a whole bunch of fun thing
:icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 1 5
A Family Worth Fixing, Part 4
By the time Izzy had finished her story, she was in tears. Georgia sat Izzy on her lap and held her.
“It’ll be okay,” Georgia said. “Don’t take it so hard. We’ll help you any way we can.”
“You can’t help me,” Izzy said between sniffles. “All I want is to see Mom and Dad being nice to each other and paying attention to me. I’ve tried everything. Nothing works.”
Tim got an idea. “Have you tried running away before?”
Izzy looked at Tim in confusion. “No.”
“Well,” Tim replied, “I think that might be just what they needed.”
Izzy felt tears returning to her eyes. “You mean they keep fighting because of me?”
“Oh, no no no no no! It sounds to me like they have been taking you for granted. Up until this morning, you were always there. They assumed you’d be around, and there you were. But now you’re not there. This fact cannot escape their at
:icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 1 12
A Family Worth Fixing, Part 3
After roughly three hours traveling, the ship finally landed just outside a refueling station. The jolt of the landing combined with the stopping engines woke Izzy from her slumber. She looked around and remembered that she was aboard an alien spaceship.
Georgia looked over Tim’s shoulder. “Are you sure we need to fill up already? The tank is still half full.”
Tim replied: “It’s just what I do, Georgia. I like to keep the tank at least half full at all times. It’s important to be prepared.”
“I guess that’s a good habit. I need to stretch my legs anyway.”
“Sure thing.”
With that, Tim and Georgia left the ship.
Now all alone inside the ship, Izzy quietly took one sheet off the bed, wrapped it around herself, and crawled out of the bed. She stayed as far away from the windows as possible, as she did not want to be seen by the ship’s pilot, who was currently handling the fuel pump. He stood there waiting for the
:icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 2 5
A Family Worth Fixing, Part 2
Izzy heard a faint sound of growling in the distance from behind a giant oak tree. She remembered about the ham sandwich she packed and says to herself “Oh no! That sounds like a wolf! It must’ve caught the scent of the sandwich!”
Without taking any chances, she quickly ran in the opposite direction. She ended up tripping and falling into the mud before swiftly getting up and noticing a fallen branch sticking out of the ground had pierced her skirt. She thought nothing of it and continued running, only to end up with an embarrassing tear in the skirt. She was not left with time to think as the growling of the wolf got louder and closer. Without thinking, she quickly threw the sandwich back behind her and kept running, hoping that the “bait” would buy her some time.
Izzy took cover under a large bush. She spotted the wolf in the distance holding Izzy’s lone meal in its mouth. Within seconds, the wolf had bolted out of sight. Izzy breathed a sigh of re
:icontimgonemad:TimGoneMad 1 2


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Tim Stevens
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I have done a few silly little sketches in years gone by, and I am hoping to develop my cartooning skills.
I also enjoy making my own music, and I want to get into doing voice acting.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Gaming Platform: Wii U
Favorite TV Show: May I have a genre please?



Happy My Little Pony Day, everypony! Eight years and still going strong!
I still like Tootsie Rolls. Yes, you read that correctly.
Sample Commission
Here is that sample drawing from my commission sheet. I thought I'd look best as a star nomad for this kind of pitch, and Georgia's puppy eyes make her an ideal plus-one.
Commission Information
Here it is! I finally have the information for commissions. If you are interested, send me a note with the details.


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