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Ponysona mark 2 (Fortune's Favour)

Did it again. I like how this one came out better.

Name: Fortune's Favour (British spelling is a must)
Cutie Mark: Stack of Books
Special Talent: The accumulation of knowledge and being a know it all wise ass.

Frighteningly intelligent, but so withdrawn and socially awkward that you could be forgiven for thinking that he's not as smart as he actually is. Tends to be arrogant and aloof, while desperately longing for companionship. However, his personality tends to drive others away more than bring them close. 
Possesses a rather cruel sense of humor and is known for being incredibly cynical and sarcastic, all with a gigantic grin on his face. Is far more interested in being acknowledged for his own strengths and accomplishments (no matter how minor) than actually building a good back forth. Would rather one knows nearly everything about him while being perfectly fine with not knowing anything about his conversation partner.

Unicorn Master Race FTW!
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nice touch  with the book mark
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I thought about what would best determine what I'm good at.
And the accumulation of knowledge is it. Hence the books.
books are freakin awesome :P