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Basic Male Torso Tutorial

Step 1: Skeleton
Sketch your basic structure outline. For the torso we will of course need the vertebrae, ribcage and pelvis. Don't worry about sketching these the -exact- shape of the actual bones.

Step 2: Muscles
Sketch in the general shapes of the different sets of muscles. Check your muscle layout with an anatomy chart or constructive anatomy book.

Step 3: Skin
In this stage, you're making your sketch look like it is a normal, naked torso. Decide which areas should be defined, darkened, or lightened. Good references for this stage would be a fitness magazine, sketches from a life drawing class, or a constructive anatomy book.

For more information on skeletal and muscle structure, please consult your local bookstore. If you can't afford a decent book on anatomy, bring a sketchpad and a pencil with you.
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These tutorials are so helpful! Thank you!

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Thanks for the tutorial! Very helpful!
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Appreciate for such helpful tutorial
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Thank you for sharing this.
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very useful, thank you.
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Thanks for doing these tutorials!  As a newbie, I'm looking for all the help I can get.
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hmm -> that seems more overly fit male torso.
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The title is in reference to the steps and method as opposed to the body type used in the example.
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hey what do know about male hair I am suffering from drawing guys like with long curly hair and some of them always get so creepy...Always drawing then gets to guys and gals is there book I refer to where I can seek help. Maybe I should post it on and see what your take..Dude picture...might take some time. 
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You can probably find some helpful tutorials for this by searching "curly hair tutorial" in DeviantArt.
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The male version is also very nice. Clap I always become desperate when I need to draw muscles.
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This tutorial is great! It's simple yet informative, and it really helped me understand the muscles in detail. Thank you!
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This will be most helpful!
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tnx, this helped me out alot. check my torso sketch here:…
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Absolutely awesome and very helpful! :3
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Step one, do some rough sketches
Step two BAM cry because you'll NEVER be able to draw that
Step three copy tha last drawing every time You have to draw a male's torso
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LoL , try Again Its easy !!;)
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I'm doing better now, since You replied a few montes later... I got confused, i had no IDEA what You We're talins about. 
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