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Sailor Moon Stamp

|D I made another stamp~

This one is for fans of Sailor Moon everywhere! ♥      

I've always loved that show, though sometimes I was ashamed to admit it ^^;
However, since my love for Serena/Usagi and her friends has been rekindled (and I highly doubt it will die this time!), I decided to honor them with a stamp~

It's kinda simple because it's late xD But I think it's effective ^^
Sailor Moon fans everywhere, feel free to use this~!

I'm thinking about making separate ones for each Senshi and some other main characters (Darien, Luna, Artemis, etc.)
What do you think~?

Stamp © me, *timevortex101
Logo&Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi ♥      
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© 2010 - 2021 timevortex101
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i love this stamp! may i use it please?

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I needed this in my life ;w;
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how do i collect these stamps?
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I love that show! : D
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I LOVE sailor moon! I enjoyed it very much when i was little, I got to say that it's much more better than Winx Club, besides it has everything in it that the winx club should have put in. 
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One of my most favorite shows growing up :iconjoyplz:
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Awww... Thank you so very much ~timevortex101!!! I absolutely L:heart:VE this stamp!!! This is the first one I have seen dedicated to the entire series, and not mainly one Sailor Scout in particular. However, I am all for the others as well!!! ;) So, please ~timevortex101, you have done such a splendid job on this stamp, I highly encourage you to make one dedicated to each of the Sailor Scouts, as well as the other characters of Sailor Moon too!!! ;) Super work here feeding the hungry Sailor Moon fans out there something they can as proud to display as they can be for being a fan!!! :tighthug:
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As you can tell by my icon I'm a big fan have been since I was a little girl thank you for making this :iconimhappyplz:
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I wish they actually showed the whole wedding 030
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Could I possibly make a Plz-version of this? If you don't know what that is then go ahead and check this group :iconstamp-haven:
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Who needs the new Animes? Give me good old Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, Monster Rancher and Outlaw Star anytime!
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If Da had an 'Like' option I whould like your comment!
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*I've always loved that show, though sometimes I was ashamed to admit it*
don´t need to feel ashamed
i love this anime since i was 7 [ i´m 17 now ]
and to me, it´s impossible not-like sailor moon [ or any animes ]
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The reason I asked this is because I'm a newbie.
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Can I please use the stamp?
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Of course you can use it ^^ That's what I made it for!
Welcome :3
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I know the english actress that voiced Pluto c:
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Really? .w.
I love Pluto <3
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Ahh I should erally try and draw some sailor moon fanart <33
I've missed the show so much <3
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