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a spell
repeat     resurge     renounce
revive     reinvent    reappear
regain     report      reside
restore    record      respire
retain     rename      reassert
revert     rebirth     return
redoubt    retort      resort
refuse     remorse     revise
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 1 1
we--are enclosed in the dark
are enclosed in the dark

      a central warmth pervades
                  this place--our little cave--
               a fire along every inch, among
                            every movement, in the heart (of which)
                    is a storm         a revealing release
                       a shattering of windows and boundaries
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 0 2
crags in cracks
crags in cracks
within the spaces of fire:
  rising spiral mountains tinged
  blue with chemical life staining
  the grassed forest orange
  clothing animal bees with the periphery of light
  along the crawling walls,
stand-ins for moments
for flashes (separate lives) speeding up--
words in the meld--seeds of childhood
within the shells of age
before the hot lightning moment of birth, the spark
spreading out into air preceding
smoke of light life
burning away out and up
into the beyond
into the manifold
of past experience
written into/or/
out of memory locked
out of that sweet storehouse bliss
"warded" against the storm, now
burning down.
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 0 1
2AM and the birds have already begun
to call, to storm about,
trying to reign in the night
and the sun--
orange embers falling
in this dusk,
forming dust
for this new day, these
                                new ways
of living, of leaving behind
new waves and trails
from screws and neighs and bridges and walkways &
all other extended techniques--
a still calm (still combative),
still reflecting, still refracting, refacing,
fracturing 'tween rail and wheel, circuit and byte,
sound and type,
crashing lines and
                         the symbols of this new age:
a natural delay
built into phase
from the out-of-sync plays
of nature and mind, the sequence and grind
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 2 8
markings made...
markings made across the afternoon sun,
the day has come and
begun, wandering across the
walks, waiting for spring, warm
injection of seasonal life
into scenery, soft
late night scent
into back corners of the
throat, a subtle caress of nerves--the lazy afternoon
of mindmade movies and memories. an urge to run
overtaking, accelerating, lost
atmosphere enveloping our
eyes and faces locked in, sewn
to a revolution in the deep
muscle, the inner flesh of reptile
and mind, the meat of
music and faltered attempts at verbalization
around the interruptions of buzzing life, the idle
rearrangement of outside
materials and realizations of
the simple beauty of blue
across every page and pane or frame of sky
and ultimate swirl of eyes
at night.
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 2 1
'a place built into cliffs'
it is a place built into cliffs,
mediterranean lapping at
the tiny circle of a beach, messages scrawled in
sand, multicolored on paper scraps
held grudgingly by locals
moving to other things--we can only be
interrupting; shameful and courteous;
ordering the same things everyday--
make up for this absence in
the coming decades, the loss of
scent and sense of it: the
rooftops level with the street, the
tables hidden in the cool dark, the
moments of confusion at foreign
interactions & the rumbling underneath,
scooting corners on these roads
built straight above the sea.
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 0 0
the city in the rain, _sick_
the  city in the rain, "sick with love"
splattered, the buildings
stretch into depth, rise
from flat floor plans and the dreams
of dead artisans, stained by
the sheets which will never
stop falling.
windows stare
into windows
and everything rings
with the truth, sings
to a metronome of thunder,
punctuated by a chorus
of horns and railways, rising
smoke and knives, feet in puddles
denying the infecting damp
and the song
with a second rising storm built
out of the slams of metal doors
, and the screech of gridlock
, and the explosion of flowers,
the crescendo a slam
of sound merging at the end of the night
into the best kind of midnight yell and
it's a truth everyone knows, from
the cracks in the sidewalk
, to the bolts in the girders
, to the windows reflecting
each other and the rain;
the truth that we will only last the decades in pieces,
fragments of meeting
that can only distract us
from the ultimate meaning and story
of the storm:
a story of us out in the m
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 2 3
a dark dog with a wide face
a dark dog with a wide face
tickle in a leg, shots
hand  above heart & come
hear, see, shoot straight,
sons of empire lost to werewolves
strings are cut but must
pay dues, continue to
tear tags & lay low, sit
, sit,
convince and contribute and put on
a better face, bleed green
if you have to, roll your own
barrels of barley and parley--rest
assured on the park bench he
left, but on the dates we
've set, let out.  Bark.
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 0 5
a early blue morning sky:
a early blue morning sky:
in uproar of light-
grey and blindness
and plain branch sentiments drawn
to far corners; conditions run
with green stars and
hearts, a-
thunder along metal
tracks and first
class bypass of
hidden names in
addition, controlling inner screams
, cracked truth in anti-
cipation of that
sound of
pull up/arrive
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 1 2
a swallow
a swallow
there is a conscription at the center of things a thing of whirling
bats, unfold into the masses the waiting
wings of the light, the tethers, fingers the
centers of that space that
connecting line swirl column gyre that
elusive illusion illuminating
that most terrible of black spaces, the crack between
the fallen void the
black space that world
of dank imagination.
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 0 0
'january is'
january is
a rising altercation our
scene of skin in
this sharp middle you are
a resonat-
-or a ringing thump making
cracks in I--dead
crust--and such
methods taste light again
against bitter other flavors
of metal scream/squeek as
headboards in mid
night bite down
biting down when
shades shift open in
that shuddering of movement
here where
we see alife
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 0 1
last day of
last day of
and where are you you
echoing inside you
all a blur now "you all"
is there anyone an(other
are we one?) where do we
become what
we see among the winter trees
the dead arms, the leaves,
a series a serious
recurrence or a will?
what is there in here?
things are changing
now a little slowly now
a little more skin more smoke so much more
around the block around
these parts we don't trust
no one we expect
what we expect damn
(the) little hypocrisies the
old lies old lines old lives--
there is a rumbling in here.
where is in here?
where are these scents
coming from? is
there a world for us? is
there a line we can follow?
what can we say we--
be true to language other
languages other
words among the pile--
need to be there. there.
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 2 5
Reaching out the backdrifts mind screaming
                      "illegitimate in streetlights in crossing
                                      rivers of lines on maps
               the descendants of goat   paths
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 2 5
we wait in a surge,
we wait in a surge,
skinning ourselves on our
selves our scented central communion
of days and nights and crap and craziness and
shattered beds and cracks just cracks just
moving into the signals you'd mistake
fear for hate, love for disdain,
a brisk step to the side for a sign that
i can no longer stand just there
on the sides, can't
the light do us revelatory favors? can't
we avoids lines and guides and things that are just
and peaceful and ideal and all other things you need
a ruler and a strange sort of focus in order
to define, to stretch out
across our empty landscape, not broken
but wiped bare from
the harshest weather, the heaviest
calamities in the sense
that the ice has come back
for another season, covering over
the rivers and the stone, freezing
the seeds and the last roots and
chilling us with thoughts
of never returning.
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 3 7
spreading sea of red light
a spreading sea of red light (in reflection)
            squeeks beneath glass of window and floor communicating
                       the smell of talk forced outside, its wafts
assenting upwards on air and electrical wave of light
                                      light reflecting back weaker
                                             and so on
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 0 0
carnivorous hall . . .
carnivorous hall of plastic sigils
(waiting for a period of minutes)
years of hope constantly checkin'
for that new package for
        free impossible opportunities
        open new words to the truth
of the passing time the wasted,
the forwards, the striking
movement, and pleadings oh, sorry
wastes and signs waving, chanting, and calling
, and timing and mostly--
silly names and situations breathing close and
loud and other-numbered
cognate combinations other ties
between mixed covers and other facades, too
many connections to be true to be
sentencing such, coming in from bad colds,
canceling bad checks of
        past judgements
        past behavior
and in late night might ideas add ins
with the ideals of the friends
:icontimeturner:Timeturner 0 1

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Z. R. C.
United States
Utopian. Trollcom. Ex-pseudo-activist. Philosopher. Invader from Jersey. Wannabe Marx. Queer as in FUCK YOU. Drunk. Used to be a poet, wants to be again, among other things
the username's timeturner. it shares an amusing coincidental existence with a magical artifact in the third Harry Potter book, but aside from that it has little meaning, being derived from a simplified image of an hourglass that cropped up frequently in high school notebook marginal doodles a few years ago.

i'm a poet. i started out writing prose, but quickly abandoned it due to a perceived lack of talent and drive to actually create something worthwhile (at least by the standards of prose). the one piece of prose in my gallery i think is worth anything you can find here.

as a poet i am unconcerned with traditional standards of coherence and comprehensibility. paradoxically one of the things that i have been most interested in in my writing is condensed meaning, which is a nice term i just invented for the ability of language to convey meaning even when gramatically what is being said may be nonsensical, by removing or eschewing many "linking" parts of our language. you can take this paradox to be a sign of my own massive failures in these experiments. if, after reading any of my stuff, you wish to comment, i ask that you first simply describe what the poem conveyed to you--beyond that, feel free to say whatever the hell you like. =)

art interests me primarily as forms of a) experimentation and 2) catharsis. i am not particularly or categorically interested with creating entertainment, beauty, scene, sense, meaning, emotion, thought, or smiles, but as you might imagine this is more of a disclaimer than a general statement about the work you can find here.

i do not write poetry for anyone but myself, both due to my own use of poetry as catharsis (see above) and due to the fact that one is frequently one's harshest critic. that said, poetry is inevitably a form/play/cipher of language, and language is inevitably about communication. as you can probably tell, i am a fan of contradiction and paradox. one of the most interesting qualities of language is that it has no fundamental truth quality--it can lie. poetry, like most art, being unconcerned with morality, is full of lies, hopes, dreams, falsehoods, observations, and the occasional reality.

in short:

i write stuff, and my name is zak. what's yours?
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  • Reading: The Gay Science; Here Comes Everybody; etc.
  • Watching: The Wire (season 4)
  • Playing: Mass Effect, Red Faction: Guerilla, Guitar Hero


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