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skull brains

By TimeTurbine
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18 ga.stainless steel cold forged, took 4 hours cause the brains took a while to hammer in.
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Sep 23, 2009, 9:38:06 AM
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So creative! Keep it up!
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In stainless?

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haha, thanks, yea its how i've worked all along because when i first started i didnt have any money or the facility to use heat, so i've just kinda stuck to it. i use heat every once in while when the metals too thick but other wise to get the shapes i want usually i dont. :)
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Do you know what alloy it is?

Stainless and I don't get along. It likes to work harden and crack on me.

I hate the devil ore.
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what ever the alloy is for kitchen counter-tops. but honestly i dont know because it was part of a trade to bring down the price on a piece of armour, i got like 500$ worth of stainless, only have use half and its been like a year since then.
dude just wait till i get the aluminum skulls i started yesterday up on the page, cause that's the metal i hate the most. and I'm makin it work like crazy....well at least we'll see.
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AL is just wierd. Depending on the temper you can do some wild stuff with it, and it'll move like butter.

Some of the other tempers will take absolutely abusive sinking/raising, but you try to put the faintest little crease in it and it cracks.

I mostly hate it because it's just filthy. I get twice as dirty working AL as I do hot working steel.

It polishes and acid etches like a dream though.
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I'll put up the photos today, 16ga. aluminum, it didn't work harden too bad, but i had to use some methods i don't usually,lol great practice tho.
i was looking at some of your helmets, how long have you been armouring? because your stuff is top notch. all of your pieces are VERY clean, do you live in America? and judging from the eyeslot sizing you sell to the SCA crowd a bit like i do. Do you stick to period piece examples usually? I tried, I've made some nice period pieces, but i just cant help myself, i like experimentation. *shrugs*
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Yes to living in the states, and yes to making mostly SCA stuff. It's where I started so... and that was probably some 17 years ago. I've had a few periods of explosive skill growth but mostly get stuck on some plateaus. When I started I mostly tried to copy other peoples copies, and that was... less good. Lately I've been trying to make fairly accurate historical stuff, but still squashing it into SCA rules. Most recently, I've been bitten by my muses, and I'm hoping to start some of my own 'experiments'.
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happy new years man
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hahaha thanks, Armour is what got me into metal working and the snowball has turned into an avalanche and i'm hooked on sculpting faces and allsorts of stuff, what ever pops into the head i guess? :)
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weird!! but looks cool!
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thanks, it was a fun on the spot inspiration, was reading to many comics and had to hammer on something and i wanted brains in it.
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I cant even imagine how you dit it, it is that good!
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thanks so much, i'm about to start some more skull projects too, i just finished a "fine art" face so now its time to loosen up the restrictions on beauty and rip into the skull stuff yeah!
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sounds good to me, mate!!
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