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a kabuto for a prince

By TimeTurbine
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12gauge dome, 14 ga visor and face, 16 ga shikoro and menpo. the face was the most fun...
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Jun 10, 2011, 9:55:11 AM
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really -looks- wrong, since the samurai's helmet was ENTIRELY decorated... in this case there's a huge clash between the sleek helmet, and mask which is so heavily detailed
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Not all samurai helms where decorated. Most were super simple. Plus this is exactly what my customer asked for...have you even looked at Kabuto's?
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i digress im more opinion than fact and i know it
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That has character!
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Yea I really like this one, I need to snag some better pictures of it sitting on the brow of its rightful owner. He painted it red and it looks pretty cool, not sure how often he uses the mask but It looks nice while on display.
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Is it steel?
The light makes it look like brass or bronze.How many times did you anneal the face?
Lovely work.
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yup its all steel, i didn't anneal the face at all, just started with a nice coldrolled 16ga. mild steel :) thank you :)
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Wow,and no cracks without annealing ?I think you're lucky.
Oh and another compliment;I appreciate that you've chosen different thicknesses for different parts of your helms,as the real deal would have been made...
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thanks man, ya i've done a couple pieces like that mask and know where to tip toe around safly :) but trust me i've cracked enough pieces to know that can be a problem, i'm just lazy :P
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Well,it worked ...this time.LOL
and it IS lovely.
But honestly 5 minutes of torch annealing would mean none of your efforts are EVER wasted.
Believe me when i say,as you get older you will develop more patience.
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Fantastic. You work metal very well indeed.
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Thank you Dragon Armoury for your kind words :)
ps-Thanks for spelling Armour right too :)
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have I showed you this website already? [link]
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No you haven't :) I checked it out, very cool site, i saved it in my references folder. Thanks man.
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thanks :) i've been enjoying watching your bronze owl come to life as well. that was cool :)
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Very impressive work, so mush details, cant hep wonder how much time a piece like that take to make....
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