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Black Widow and Daredevil

Made this for fun. Enjoy!
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black widow was so sexy with her red hair and slightly deep voice. would love to make love to her

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These two did hook up a few times in the comics, didn't they?
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They did! It was a big thing but sadly underrated

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Yeah, that's right.

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Holy fu..... this is a masterpiece!
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Now that's good photoshopping! Clap 
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My dick needed this.
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Hey man! Love your work. I run a YouTube channel with over 75,000 subscribers were we make Fan Made movie trailers! I was wondering if I could possibly use a piece of your work in a thumbnail image? I always ask artists/digital artists before using their work in thumbnails, we would of course fully credit you with all of your links! This would also attract a lot of deserved attention to your amazing work, deviant art, and other social medias! Hope to hear back, Thanks a lot! Rob
Timetravel6000v2's avatar
Absolutely!! Can you link me to the video afterwards. Just curious :)
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Hey dude!!

Thanks a lot, the video is live now, it's my 3rd MCU Tribute Trailer of a series I do of them. Be sure to check it out!
Would be awesome to use some of your amazing art again another time!

Video link!!:…

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This HAS to happen. I hope Netflix can convince ScarJo to guest star in Daredevil, and make Daredevil appear in the movies.
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Outstanding... I'm old school and THIS WORKS!!!
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This is such a good couple, ya know aside from the whole "Papa Spank" lol but srsly I would love to see some sparks fly in the MCU
Skeith-Skeith-Skeith's avatar
why couple? He is holding her arm with some force. Why ship everything.
Looks like a shot from a trailer of new movie if they decided to put Netflix Daredevil into MCU.
TMR-Arts's avatar
In the comics they had a relationship, that's what EpicKoolAdeFilms is referring to.
Skeith-Skeith-Skeith's avatar
That is interesting, will have to catch up on comics.

But still hate when people ship everything they see.
Next thing People ship Breaking Bad's Walter White x Jesse Pinkman. :(
EpicKoolAdeFilms's avatar
Its from a good long while ago man
TexPool's avatar
Charlie Cox himself wants this to happen!
Thorberg22's avatar
Where did you hear that? But if it's true, has Scarlett given it any thought?
TexPool's avatar
I think he said that in an interview
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Awesome, I'd love to see more of these two.
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