Blinx Crossovers: Fall of The Time Factory

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Walking through the dark ally way of rubble, Blinx was making his way through, when a transparent figure, about eight feet tall, grabbed something from a holster and it burst into twin oval shaped blades, then swung at him in an ark...

...One Hour Earlier...

Since it was storming outside as usual, it was recommended to stay indoors. Strolling through the main hall, Blinx found the other team leaders talking to each other in a group. He walked up to them and casually asked "Any thing new?" It was Necoji to respond, saying "Not really. I was gona stop by to see Catherine since she has the night shift till Jimmy gets back." "Where did run off to again?" Blinx asked. "Don't you remember? He was going to-" Just then, the Mother Computer's main alarm sounded, saying" Mother Computer Alert: Space portal opening one mile south of Time Factory entrance" Hearing this, Blinx saw what looked like the entire Time Factory herd towards the entrance. Despite the rain and wind, Blinx could see well enough. Knowing that only Tom-Toms could control space, that's exactly what he was bracing for when one giant space portal the size of a town opened what the Mother Computer said was one mile away. It hung there for a moment before a gargantuan sleek silver ship pulled it's self from the hole. As soon as it came out, the portal closed. After a minute, Blinx could make out thousands of dots slowly growing larger when coming into view. A second later, he could tell that they were drop ships of some sort that looked like purple beetles wit glowing blue lights with a pivoting turret on its chin. As soon as Blinx realized what those turrets were for, they opened fire.

Every one was screaming and yelling as the cats who survived the barrage  ran for their lives to the safety of the Time Factory. As the drop ships settled down, some of them droped off what resembled hovering tanks, sleek and metallic blue/gray. As they turned and glided towards the Time Factory, they started launching blue mortars which slammed and exploded against the Factory's ceiling. Peering around the corner of an opened door, Blinx saw their invaders. They consisted of varying species and ranks. There were tall eight foot tall monsters dawning blue, red, and gold armor with legs that bent backwards and mandibles on their mouths. Then there were shorter, five foot tall ones with gray skin, orange or green backpacks, and gas masks covering their faces. They all spoke foreign languages that weren't any he had heard before. Just then, another sweeper jumped out from behind a bulkhead and launched a larg rock at one of the blue ones. It broke and crumbled against it's chest and it fell on it's back. Almost immediately, it jumped to it's feet and took a large blue gun from it's side and shot a bolt of blue energy searing into his chest. He fell to the ground, curled up a little, then lay still. Never had he watched another sweeper die in front of him and done nothing to stop it.

The Mother Computers alarm blared again, indicating another space portal opening, then he heard a loud explosion followed by gun fire. All the monsters rushed outside and disappeared in the crowd of enemies and new arrivals. Blinx ran out and saw humans Firefighting the entrance to the Factory. In the distance, a larger steel black ship hovered with the name "INFINITY" etches along the hull in white letters. What were humans doing in the time dimension? It didn't matter though. They were here now, helping, winning against the invaders, or so he thought. Then A rather tall and heavily armored human rushed up to him and yelled "We need to evacuate!" "What are they!?!" He yelled back. "I'll explain later, but now we have to get out of here!" Blinx nodded and ran through the nearly destroyed Factory until he came to a ally made of rubble...

He dodged the swing and smashed his sweeper to pieces against it's head. It fell to the ground and became transparent for him to see that it was another blue one. He then made his way to the control room where everyone was hiding. He came in and strode right up to the CEO, then explained what was going on. After hearing enough, the CEO agreed to the humans plan and commanded every one to make for the front entrance. A minute later, they were there when a whole fleet of green drop ships landed in front of them and sweepers started pouring in. After they took off, all Blinx could do is stare at the Time Factory ablaze in the distance. Every thing he knew and loved was gone, but they had lived to fight another day. Oh and what a day that will be...
This is my cross over of Blinx The Time Sweeper and Halo.
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Dude nice, This almost sounds just like the Fall out mode story were working on, but nice. We need to get a team of animators and animate this, It would be epic.