One Year Anniversary with some great kids !

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By TimEstiloz
One year ago, I walked into Boston Children's Hospital asking them is they ever thought about using an artist to entertain the kids. It's funny how life works out so perfectly sometimes. Turns out, they were starting to move forward with such a program.  

This month, it's been exactly one year that I've been freelance drawing for the young patients there in the ICU units and elsewhere in the facility. Many of these children are very ill, but they have come to one of the best facilities in the nation and receive truly the best care possible. Over the past year, I've been blessed to draw for these wonderful little children whatever their little hearts and huge imaginations can create. They've been my creative muse that have fueled my passion to draw in ways I never could have imagined one year ago.

More importantly, the smiles I get when I draw something as simple as Dora the Explorer, or Spongebob Squarepants, or a Hobbit fighting a dragon... or any number of other wondrous, more complex and uniquely imaginative suggestions they give me

... those cute little smiles are priceless.  I feel blessed to draw for these little kids and their beautiful smiles of gratitude are an invaluable and unforgettable gift to me.
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