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The Creation of Fish
Creation Myth Of My Fish
Every day I would go swimming with The Great Fish of the sea. They were very large and had scales of every color imaginable, but they were the only ones to inhabit the ocean. We would play in the morning before I went to school and every evening after I had finished my homework.
     Once a year the great fish would migrate to the north and I would be left alone to swim in the vast depth, waiting for them to come back. While they were gone I was suddenly aware how empty the ocean was without them, blank coral reefs, wide open plains of white sand and caverns that held only water. The emptiness was a big wake up call, and it got me thinking, what if The Great Fish could create smaller fish that could fill up the space they left behind every year? Then I would have plenty of friends to swim and play with all year round.
When The Great Fish returned I went and asked Manini one of my dearest friends if The Great Fish could do such a task. S
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The Lava Lilly
Chapter 4
I forgot my hunger and sat down on my bed Curiously turning the charm around in my palm, I had read the whole chapter on Amulets and charms in The Sun Stories and I had never seen this type before. It looked So...plain like it had never been touched by a drop of magic.
What good does this do me? Maybe its just the power of positive thinking. That sounds something like Mrs. Fallenda would do. Maybe she thought this would make  a good lesson, since she's always complaining that the world relies too much on magic to solve its problems. She would do anything if she thought it would make a good lesson.
I rolled my eyes, I'm thinking about this little charm too much. I put it in the side pocket that was hidden in the ruffles of my dress and quickly turned back to breakfast.
The rest of the day slipped away like water in a stream, and before I knew it, the sun was slipping behind the mountain and it was time to leave for the nightmares court.
I am prepared, I am prepared,
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"It looks like rain."
I glanced up from the map "hmm...well thats just lovely."
"How are you doing on the directions?"
"I don't know, I've never been lost so easily, normally I have a gift for finding my way."
Marta looked at the map in my hands."Well I guess we can count this as an adventure, right?"
"I guess so, but how do you have adventures on a stretch of road that runs endlessly through nothing but green hills."
"Well thats Ireland for you." Marta stated to walk away down the road leaving me standing in the street. Witch wasn't a problem considering there were no cars or people anywhere.
"Where are you going?"
"Well I'm sure if we just follow this road it has to lead somewhere."
I followed her but keep my eyes on the map. It seemed that the words would not hold still or decide what language they wanted to be.
"Maybe I'm holding it upside down." I turned the map around. All of the landmarks slid off the page leaving it blank.
oh crap! I broke it!
Marta still in the lead called ove
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The Lava Lilly
Chapter 3
Every one was frantic. It wasn't that they weren't ready for this day; the kitchen had been in an uproar for days as the cooks prepared all of the best elfin dishes to bring to the banquet at the ball.  
When I had reached my room I had safely avoided two collisions with maids caring tubs of bath salts and one with the head maid, running about so frantically trying to get everything in order for today, that she forgot look out for the stairs and me climbing up them.
Maids filled a tub for me and I was washed, rubbed down then brought a robe. Three of my mothers maids were arranging multiple clothing choices on my bed and as they did, they argued about what I should wear.
I looked at the hevy, jewel encrusted, over sized white, golden and silver ball gowns with matching golden shoes strewn across my bed.
"White will show her pureness." One said.
"No, No. The gold. It would go lovely with her glowing skin." Said the second.
"What?!" exclaimed the third, "No. The silve
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The Lava Lilly
Chapter 2
The book slowly, as if uncertain, flipped to the royal family tree showing hundreds of generations and descriptions. A female's voice spoke "Since the beginning of the Elf colonies this book has kept record of every royal family and the degrees of ruling. As you can see at the very bottom is the current royal family."
The pictures of us were displayed in oval frames. Golden frames for my mother, my father and my two sisters, but not me.
My picture, although right next to my sisters, was in a silver frame, and it showed me as the adopted one.
It was because of this frame I never visited the page. It made me feel wrong inside. The gnawing reminder in the back of my skull seemed to get louder. You aren't a elf! you're a human! Even though you know the history of the clans, the politics of a kingdom, weaponry and even magic, you're still just a human.
The female's voice continued "As it shows King Joel married his childhood sweetheart Queen Azure and had two daughters named Valen
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The Lava lilly
Chapter 1
I cracked the door open, warm light poured out piercing my dark adjusted eyes.  
"Don't worry," I heard my mother say as I peeked through the door I was hiding behind. I saw my mother leaning against the fireplace mantel. My father sat across from her  in his favorite arm chair, hunched over with his face buried in his hands. The fire was the only light source pulsing fervently throughout the room.  
"But what if she's chosen? What if they chose Ivory and not one of her sisters?" My father said quietly, "oh my poor daughter." His face contorted.
My mother crossed the space between them.  "And what if she is? Would that be such a bad thing?" He didn't look at her.
My mother continued "Ivory, like her sisters, would have the privilege of helping two kingdoms become one, that's a responsibility that every princess holds."
"But not one she should have to bear! What if…what if she is discovered?  The Night Kingdom  w
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The Lava Lilly
Queen Azure shot straight up out of her bed as the lolls from a previous clap of thunder faded out side. Rain assaulted her windows shaking the frames mercilessly. Something was wrong she could feel it. She threw on her robe and bolted from her bed chamber startling the guards on watch.
"My Queen what is wrong?!" they ran after her confused. She gave them no heed as she ran down the corridors with strong urgency. The guards finally caught up with her when she stopped abruptly at the top of the grand staircase at the front entrance of the castle. She was silent as she craned her neck  hearing something the guards didn't. Her eyes narrowed toward the large front doors.
Waiting. Frozen.
The guards looked at each other quizzically, but did not speak, as if afraid of missing something. They waited poised ready to protect their Queen at a moments notice. But nothing happened, minutes passed as the rain continued to rap in waves against the castle.
A large boom that sounde
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