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By timemit

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I meant to go on with where I left last time but instead got caught up in the short History of the mandelbulb here on dA..

Mandelbulb3D and to a lesser extent Mandelbulber have been all the rage over the past year or so giving us a whole new way to experience some of our favourite fractal forms
and showing us new realms of fractal pleasure as infinite vistas from alien worlds open up before us.

Mandelbulb3D was brought to us by the tireless work of Jesse and friends over at Fractal Forums www.fractalforums.com/ Taurus66, cKleinhuis :iconbib993: along with
the numerous (no pun intended) formulas made by the likes of luca :icondark-beam: and :iconfractkali:  . These guys really deserve a whole lot of praise for bringing the world such a brilliant set of tools for free .. yes for free www.fractalforums.com/index.ph…
Mandelbulber by :iconkrzysztofmarczak: www.mandelbulber.com/ is a comparable program

I am no mathematician infact I totally flunked math at school and really strugle to get to grips with the language of numbers despite being a self confessed fractal junkie,
What I really want to point out is just how very very good the creme de la creme of the Bulb world are both mathematically and artistically which are two disciplines not usually set side by side.

To illustrate this point, I started out with mandelbulb back in september 2010 and was quickly enticed by its wonders.. to date I have only posted around 70 bulb images and only a handful I really
feel are achievements.
Ok I didn't just focus on bulb work , I beaver away in all my other programs as well and although you might not believe it I do have a life,wife and family to attend to as well :)

Now if I look through my hard drive, just since October this year my mandelbulb folder has 40.25gb of saved parameters and thumbs as well as 9.85gb of renders, out of that I might if I am lucky get 10 images
I really feel have any value at all and in no way will they match up to the masters of the genre.

So maybe I'm just crap at bulbing... or then again I would prefer to think that some of these individuals showcased below are truly skilled at their art and deserve real recognition for what they are doing.

Take a look at a tiny representation of what i'm on about and go give them the :dalove: they deserve ...

At the borders of the imaginary by bib993

:iconmarkjaybee: C.A.T arriving at Vavatch Orbital by MarkJayBee

:icondainbramage1: :thumb264600925:  :iconmarkjaybee: MolecularMainframe by MarkJayBee

:iconkr0mat1k: Continuum by kr0mat1k  :iconhaltenny: Sphere Inside by HalTenny

:iconhaltenny: Power Flowers by HalTenny :iconlen1: House Rules:Games of the Gods II by Len1

:iconandrea1981g: seashell bulbs by Andrea1981G :iconrowratty: :thumb282208141:

:iconvickym72: Quaternion Over Hawaii by VickyM72 :iconkrzysztofmarczak: Menger sponge with reflections by KrzysztofMarczak

:icontheli-at: Dots by Theli-at :iconbib993: Underwater amazing object by bib993

:icontheli-at: Kleinian drops by Theli-at :iconaureliuscat: Sleestak by AureliusCat

:iconsuicidebysafetypin: Color Dome by SuicideBySafetyPin :iconjim373: Project X by jim373

:iconfractkali: Against the Machine by FractKali :icontahyon: Evil Duck Empire by Tahyon

:iconlove1008: MACROMAGMA FRACTAL by love1008 :iconjunkdogap: The Preannual Eggcorn Farm by junkdogAP

:icongnarly-one: Magnetism by gnarly-one  :iconco99a5: Structural Dynamism by CO99A5

:icontomwilcox: Beyond Reality 4 by TomWilcox :iconbib993: 3D burning ship by bib993

:iconvidom: Fire Plains of Raal at dusk by Vidom :icon0encrypted0: MB3D_0376_hd by 0Encrypted0

:iconmario837: Swine Flue by mario837 :iconmetamodernism: :thumb272015949:

:icongypsyh: The Wreckage by GypsyH :iconartisticlicensenow: :thumb172218769:

:iconxantipa2: MB10 Islands in Sky by Xantipa2 :iconvickym72: Time Out of Mind by VickyM72

:iconfractal-kiss: Tree Planet by Fractal-Kiss :iconulliroyal: Ship of Foools by ulliroyal

:iconleoniezurakowsky: Ordinem Fenestrae 01 by LeonieZurakowsky :iconegehlin: :thumb188336045:

:iconoppenheimer: the core by oppenheimer :icondirect2brain: Precious by Direct2Brain

:icongrahamsym: Boldly Go by GrahamSym :iconmandelwerk: Triassic Deoxyribonucleic Superstrings by MANDELWERK

:iconphoenixkeyblack: Self Assembly by phoenixkeyblack :icondark-beam: The eternal dance by dark-beam

:iconmandelwerk: In the Hall of the Fractal King by MANDELWERK :icongrahamsym: Man of War by GrahamSym

:icongypsyh: The Bots of Andoan by GypsyH  :iconskyzyk: Harmonious Existence by skyzyk

:iconkaeltyk: Automn Tree by Kaeltyk :iconbo-dion: INFLAMES by bo-dion

:iconschmiegel: Stinger's Lair by Schmiegel :icondorianoart: TALIXIA by DorianoArt

:iconchaoticatmospheres: Mandelocular - 28 by ChaoticAtmospheres :iconkrzysztofmarczak: Roots by KrzysztofMarczak

:icondainbramage1: Desert Flower of Barsoom by dainbramage1 :iconmarkjaybee: CopperCloisters by MarkJayBee

:iconnic022: Madame Irma by nic022 :icontahyon: Alien Waters by Tahyon

:iconfiery-fire: Solaris by Fiery-Fire  :iconegehlin: :thumb188334911:

:icondsynegrafix: On Track by DsyneGrafix :iconkrzysztofmarczak: Balls 2 by KrzysztofMarczak

   :iconlen1: The Prize by Len1

Bioluminescence III by FractKali

© 2012 - 2021 timemit
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Topas2012's avatar
Amazing works :)
LeonieZurakowsky's avatar
Thanks so much for featuring [link] !!! :D
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TomWilcox's avatar
Thanks so much for the Feature, well done display. I am proud to be in the company of these terrific fractalists.

timemit's avatar
my pleasure Tom, you do some wicked bulbwork
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Amazing feature !!! Thanks so much for including me. :iconbugplz:
timemit's avatar
My pleasure Sherry, hope you guys are well :hug:
GypsyH's avatar
We are great !! Couldn't be better
timemit's avatar
excellent, glad to hear that, say Hey to Tex for me :)
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Great feature!
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egehlin's avatar
Many thanks for including my work in this feature. It is a great honor to be included among so many amazing artists.
Very Best Regards,
timemit's avatar
my pleasure, you have some outstanding pieces :)
kr0mat1k's avatar
Hey buddy
Very cool selection of works and thanks for including one of mine.
But you're kinda too hard with yourself, Mandelbulb is a vicious chick to tame sometimes, even for the best users, my guess :p
timemit's avatar
thanks kr0ma :)pleasure to include you.. yeah I know what you mean.. really I guess I am just trying to find my own things in it rather than tweaking others work (not that there is anything wrong with that and there is a lot to learn by looking at what others do and great things to find journeying on from others places) and so with little mathematical knowledge I struggle to find the right direction. I do have loads of cool things but they are just not quite cool enough ,,, I will keep at it and I do have a few things to post :)
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Great gallery picks Tim! :highfive:
Thanks again for including my work.
timemit's avatar
Cheers Kevin , glad to include you :D
skyzyk's avatar
WOW WHat a collection Thank you.
timemit's avatar
:D thanks Gary :highfive:
mario837's avatar
Excellent collection Tim!
Thanks for including one of my works. :thanks:
timemit's avatar
Thanks Mario ..glad to include your lovely work :D
Vidom's avatar
What an awesome collection you put together! :clap:
Thank you very much for including my work! :highfive:
timemit's avatar
an absolute pleasure... glad you like it :)
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